30 Weird Signs He’s Cheating! (How to Prove It!)

Weird Signs He’s Cheating

If you have a feeling your man is cheating on you but you can’t spot any of the classic signs of infidelity, you need to think outside of the box.

Some guys are just great at hiding the fact that they’re cheating and covering their tracks.

But there are always clues.

To help you catch out your man (or clear him) here are 30 weird signs he’s cheating to consider:

30 Weird Signs He’s Cheating

1. He’s Always Looking Sorry for Something

If your man suddenly starts apologizing for everything or just has a sorry look on his face, even though there is no reason, it might be because he feels guilty about something.

He could be sorry for cheating on you or he could be feeling guilty for something, but either way, it’s worth paying attention to.

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2. He Calls You by Someone Else’s Name

This one is always a big oops.

If your man starts calling you by someone else’s name, even once, it might be because he’s thinking about them when he’s with you.

It could just be a slip of the tongue but if it happens more than once, there might be something going on.

3. He Acts Like He Has No Friends at All

If your man suddenly starts acting like he has no friends at all, it could be because he’s overreacting and trying to make out like he doesn’t see anyone else.

When in reality he might not want you to see his friends because they know about the cheating and because he’s worried that if you meet them, they’ll spill the beans.

4. His Excuses for Coming Home Late Suck

If your man’s excuses for coming home late start to suck, it might be because he’s making them up as he goes along.

He could be cheating and then trying to cover his tracks by making up a story about why he was late.

If he’s not good at lying (which is good for you) he just may not be very convincing.

5. He Literally Can’t Come up With an Excuse for Staying out Late

Some guys are so bad at covering their tracks that they get tongue-tied and literally cannot come up with a good reason on the spot for why they’re staying out late.

It’s one of the weirder signs that a guy is cheating, but it happens.

6. He Doesn’t Answer His Phone When It Rings

If your man starts ignoring his phone when it rings, or if he takes a long time to answer it, it might be because he doesn’t want you to know who is calling.

He could be cheating and avoiding calls from his mistress or he could just be hiding something else from you.

Either way, it’s weird for someone to just not answer their phone, isn’t it?

7. His Friends Say He’s Acting Weird

If you notice that your man’s friends are acting weird around you or if they say he’s been acting weird, it might be because he’s told them about the cheating and they feel guilty.

They could also just be trying to protect him and not want to get involved.

But either way, it’s another weird sign that something is up and one that a lot of women ignore.

8. He Stares Into Space Sometimes

If your man stares into space sometimes, it might be because he has a lot on his mind.

It could be that he’s cheating or it could just be that he’s daydreaming, but it’s definitely something to pay attention to.

9. He Compares You to Other Women

If your man starts comparing you to other women, it might be because he’s not happy with you or because he’s thinking about someone else.

It could also just be that he’s a douche, but if he’s never done it before and suddenly starts doing it, something is definitely up.

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10. He’s Started Going to The Gym

When guys who have never worked out start going to the gym, it’s usually because they want to improve their appearance for someone else.

It could also be that he’s just trying to get in better shape, but if he’s never been interested in working out before and suddenly starts doing it, you’re right to be suspicious.

11. He Asks You Weird Questions Like if He’s Attractive

This is definitely a weird one but I’d take notice if your man is asking you questions about how attractive he is and other self-conscious things.

It’s more likely he’s gauging what other women will think about him than it is about you.

12. He Has Weird New Hobbies

Weird new hobbies don’t just come out of nowhere. If your boyfriend or husband has new hobbies, you should figure out where from.

He might have picked them up from his new mistress or he could just be trying to impress someone.

13. He Doesn’t Want to Be Seen in Certain Places

If your man starts avoiding being seen in certain places with you, it might be because he’s cheating and doesn’t want to get caught by his mistress.

This is a sign that the walls are closing in around him and it’s only going to get worse for him!

14. He Asks You What You Would Do if He Was to Cheat

This is a classic thing some guys who are cheating will do as a way of testing what your reaction might be if they were to come clean.

The one thing they never realize is that there is a big difference between hypothetically answering the question and actually

15. You Suspect or Know He Has Fake Social Media Accounts

Having fake social accounts – and trying to keep it secret from you – is definitely some suspicious behavior.

There really isn’t a good excuse for it, and it’s likely because he’s cheating or messing around with fake personas online.

16. He’s Becoming Unpredictable

If you feel like your man is generally becoming unpredictable, it might be because he’s feeling guilty about something or juggling some things you don’t know about.

It could also just be that he’s feeling stressed in general, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

17. He’s Stopped Posting Pictures of You Both on Social Media

If your partner suddenly stops posting pictures of you both on social media, it might be because he’s cheating and trying to phase you out of his online persona.

It’s certainly a weird behavior and something to question if you can see it happening.

18. He’s Changed His Phone and Computer Passwords

If your man changes his passwords and starts hiding his phone and computer from you, it’s a classic sign that he’s up to no good.

You shouldn’t be snooping on him, but at the same time, he shouldn’t be blocking you.

19. He Overreacts to Normal Questions

Another sign of guilt is when a guy totally overreacts to a normal question and makes the conversation weird.

Like if you asked him where he went and he was to reply with something like, “What? Why are you asking? Where do you think I went? I’m not up to anything!”

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20. He Can’t Explain His Finances Going Down

If you notice your partner’s finances going down and he can’t explain it, it might be because he’s spending money on someone else.

Again, it’s weird if he just can’t explain it rather than coming up with at least some kind of excuse.

21. He Keeps Accusing You of Cheating

This is a weird way of trying to make you feel guilty about something he’s doing.

He might start accusing you of cheating or looking at other guys as a way of deflecting any attention on him, even though you’re not doing anything.

22. He’s More Energetic than He Used to Be

If you feel like your partner has more energy than he used to, it might be because he’s found a new lease on life.

The problem is that this usually means he’s finding it from somewhere or someone else other than you.

23. He’s Removed Any Tracking Apps from His Phone

If you notice that your partner has removed any tracking apps from his phone, like Find My Phone, he doesn’t want to be tracked.

This is going to come back and bite him if he ever loses his phone, but that’s the least of his worries if he’s sneaking around cheating.

24. He’s Willing to Try New Things

If your partner was always resistant to trying new things or going outside of their comfort zone but has suddenly changed, something has spurred that.

For men, this is often the desire to impress someone and is often one of the strange or odd ways that indicate some guys are playing away from home.

25. He Completely Changes the Way He Looks

If you’ve been with your partner for a while, you’ll know what they look like and their grooming schedule, etc.

So, if they come home one day looking completely different, from new hair to tattoos and piercings, it might be because they’re trying to impress someone else.

26. He Keeps on Letting You Down

This is a classic sign that someone is cheating, but the ways in which he lets you down might be strange or unusual.

It might be that he suddenly cancels plans a lot or flakes on you more often than before, it’s not how someone in a committed relationship should behave.

27. He Says Things Are Boring Between the Two of You

If your partner starts complaining that things are boring or he’s not happy, it might be because he’s found someone else that is exciting him.

It’s usually that things aren’t boring, and it’s nothing you’ve done, this is a way of him trying to put the blame elsewhere than firmly on himself where it belongs.

28. He Tries to Make You Change the Way You Look

Another of the weird signs that a guy might be cheating is when he starts trying to change the way you look.

He might comment on your clothes or hair or even pressure you to get a surgical procedure.

Whatever it is, he has no right to make you change – and it’s likely a result of him comparing you to someone else he’s interested in.

29. He Says He Has Something to Tell You, but Never Does

If your partner starts saying that he has something to tell you but never actually gets around to it, he might be trying to find a way to tell you he’s cheating.

It shows that he feels some guilt for his actions, for what it’s worth – but needs help to come out and admit what he’s been doing.

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30. You Feel Like You Just Don’t Know Him Anymore

If you feel like your partner has completely changed and you feel although you just don’t know him anymore, that’s one of the most significant signs he could be cheating.

Sometimes we just know.

It might be a gut feeling, a combination of weird – or not so weird signs – intuition, or something else.

Whatever it is, you are right to listen to your gut and start to look for signs and evidence that he’s cheating if something doesn’t feel right.

I hope you get to the bottom of it, and I hope that he’s not cheating on you.

But whatever happens, as long as the truth comes out that’s the best anyone can ask for!

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