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ESTP Jobs to Avoid

ESTPs are energetic, enthusiastic, and full of life. In the right career, they are motivated and their social skills make them great team players. You need to be aware of the ESTP jobs to avoid however as going down a career path that doesn’t align with your

INFJ Jobs to Avoid

When looking for a career that will be a good fit with your education, training, strengths, and weaknesses, you also need to look at your personality type. As an INFJ, knowing which INFJ jobs to avoid will save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration. INFJ

ESTJ Jobs to Avoid

Your personality type will have an impact on how much you get our of your chosen career path. If you’re an ESTJ as identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I will take you through some ESTJ jobs to avoid, famous personalities, and ideal careers in this

INFP Jobs to Avoid

Our personality type has a huge impact on how and why we choose a career. Or more so, how well we fit with our chosen career. INFPs are passionate, creative, and look for meaning in what they do. So, being aware of INFP jobs to avoid is

ESFP Jobs to Avoid

Our personality type is one of the elements, along with education, skillset, desire, and more, that helps determine what career is best for us. ESFPs like to be in a career that allows them to achieve quick and tangible results. Knowing which ESFP jobs to avoid and

ISTP Jobs to Avoid

If you’re still searching for a career to makes you want to get up in the morning. Or a job that you enjoy and feel like aligns with your skills and personality, you may need to take note of the ISTP jobs to avoid. Being in the

ISFP Jobs to Avoid

ISFPs are not the best at making decisions when it comes to their careers. Being aware of ISFP jobs to avoid and careers that are not suitable can help to direct their focus in the right direction. Making smart career-related decisions means looking at your skills, strengths,

INTP Jobs to Avoid

Knowing your personality and being able to use your strengths and identify your weaknesses is important. Working on your weaknesses and entering a career that lines up with these traits might be the difference between a successful and happy career, or a disaster. There are some INTP

INTJ Jobs to Avoid

If you’re an INTJ or manage people with this personality type you’re probably wondering what the typical INTJ jobs to avoid are. Starting off in a career that works to a person’s strengths is incredibly important if they are to feel motivated and bring the best out

ESFJ Jobs to Avoid

Are you an ESFJ personality type? If so, you need to know which ESFJ jobs to avoid to make finding the perfect career a lot easier. It’s not just tough finding a career you can enjoy and grow as a person in, it’s important for your mental