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Daily Habits Checklist for 2017

Having good habits is essential to personal growth, living healthily, being productive, and staying organized. For me, habits start daily. I had some productive habits in 2016 and I’m using this as a daily habits checklist for 2017. Having good habits is vital to being the best

Prosperity Affirmations That Work

Prosperity – ‘A successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune.’ Having prosperity is life is important to many of us. Being successful and having wealth is what motivates most of the population to study, work hard, and work on themselves. This is where

How to Beat the January Blues

This is a question I hear being thrown around at the beginning of every year. ‘How to beat the January blues’? Let’s be realistic. As exciting as it is to be entering a new year, and having all these new ambitions and goals. It’s depressing to go

Daily Habits Checklist for 2016

  Having good habits that you carry out daily helps us combine being productive, and being organized. This is of course a lot easier with a daily habits checklist for 2016 in place. If you are interesting in becoming more organized. Then setting some key habits in

Goal Ideas for 2016

With New Year now just around the corner I can almost hear all of you discussing goal ideas for 2016. Making New Year’s 2016 resolutions can fun. It can also be tough to set a good goal that’s going to make a worthwhile difference to your life.