5 Strategies to Help You Maintain the Post 2016 Resolution Lifestyle

5 Strategies to Help You Maintain the Post 2016 Resolution Lifestyle

How many years running have you set goals? The same goals, similar goals, different goals?

It’s common knowledge that most people fail to keep their resolutions. And, those who do keep them, how many do you think go back to their old ways?

A lot. Unfortunately.

Weight loss is the best example because it’s one of the most common goals. You commit to losing 10 lbs – and you’re ecstatic when you finally do it after months of suffering.

Only to return to your old eating habits and start putting the weight back on. Another years comes to an end and you set the same goal.

But what if you set aside some conditions to help you not only achieve your goals, but keep up the results?

It’s easily done in fact. You need to approach your new goal more as a lifestyle choice than a means to an end.

What’s the point of running that first marathon then stopping there? Why not join a weekly running club, make some new friends with similar interests, get in great shape, run that marathon and prepare to beat your time the following year.

So, if you can see the end to your goal but want to change your lifestyle I have put together some advice to help you achieve this.

Here Are 5 Strategies to Help You Maintain the Post 2016 Resolution Lifestyle;

Look Far beyond Completing the Goal

I have covered how to set goals and complete them in great detail. But what happens after you complete your goal? If you have been dieting and you lose those 20 lbs, do you then revert back to your old lifestyle?

Not if you want to keep that weight off. The goal should is not only a point A to B. It’s a learning curve and a change in lifestyle. Once you have learned how to eat cleaner, and exercise regularly it needs to become part of your lifestyle.

This won’t happen by itself. You need to have this is mind throughout the process. So whatever your goal is, look far beyond the completion point.

Find and Harness That Motivation

There is something motivating you to keep your resolution. It goes beyond just wanting it, otherwise you would be one of the 99% ish of people who give up.

So ask yourself what it is deep inside you that’s driving you to succeed. Then learn how to use this motivation to carry on living the new lifestyle or with the new rules.

For example, set further goals for personal satisfaction after. Not just for a New Year’s resolution or a target. If you want to keep exercising, join clubs and involve other hobbies at the same time like learning a martial art.

Take a Good Hard Look at How It’s Improved You

When you have achieved that goal you set, take a look at the results. If you are not happy with the results then you need to go back to square one and see where the goal setting went wrong. But I have no doubt that you will see some improvement.

How much do you like the improvement? Did you do better than you thought or are you surprised with the results? I bet it feels good, so why would you not carry on.

The first steps are always the hardest. Any future goals along the same lines are going to be a lot easier.

Don’t Try so Hard You Suffer in Other Areas

If you have set a goal of learning a new set of skills for example and it’s dominated your life for a year you aren’t going to feel great at the end. Sure, you will learn the skills you wanted and benefit from this, but at what cost?

If you feel you are risking burnout it’s ok to take a step back. Otherwise you are going to feel like it’s a chore and will be sick of it by time you meet your goal. A well planned goal complements the other areas of your life.

Look at It as a Lifestyle Not a Series of Goals

There will come a time when you need to take off the stabilizers and go it hand-free. Setting goals is great to get you started from a standing start. But eventually you need to look at it as a lifestyle.

Whether it’s exercise, weight loss, learning new skills, going out more, live it like it’s your life. Goals will become restrictive and give you those up and down moments, a lifestyle is much more freeing.

With these strategies in mind. I know you can carry on long after you reach your New Year’s goals with your new lifestyle.

Don’t let short term goals rule your life and dictate how live, with the end of the goals feeling like a relief.

Learn how to live a healthier, happier life. Goals are put in place to help and motivate us. Use them to your advantage.

Look past goals. Look to the future. If there is something you want to implement into your lifestyle, the advice in this article should help empower you to do that.

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