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28 Good Comebacks for Jerks That Work!

Looking for some good comebacks for jerks? Unfortunately, we all have to deal with jerks from time-to-time. Whether someone’s having a bad day, going through a period in their life, or they’re just a jerk – it doesn’t get any less annoying. The worst thing you can

How to Deal with Embarrassment

We all get embarrassed from time-to-time, nobody is perfect and we’re going to trip up here and there.It’s how you handle the embarrassment that counts. There are ways how to deal with embarrassment that can help you move on It’s how you handle the embarrassment that counts.

Freemind: A Confidence Building Game

Confidence is being aware of what you’re good at and knowing how to use your skills to your advantage. It’s behaving in a way that makes a difference to yourself and others. It’s believing in yourself, and being able to achieve what you want to – because

Tips for Overcoming Shyness

Do you shudder at the thought of going to a public event? Do you get anxious and nervous when you know you’re going to have to meet someone? Could you benefit from some tips for overcoming shyness? Sure, we all get a little nervous and feel trepidation

10 Strategies to Work on Your Level of Self-Confidence

Do you consider yourself to be a confident person? Do you say “sometimes”? Confidence is an intangible essence that is the difference between being scared, and feeling authoritative and able to tackle anything. When you feel confident, you don’t see challenges as something that you can’t overcome.