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6 Signs You’re Too Busy to Enjoy Life

Has it hit you that you’re too busy to enjoy life? Are you missing out on stuff and regretting it? Here are some of the signs that this is you, and what you should do about it. In today’s fast-moving modern world, it can easily feel like

Goal Ideas for 2017

2016 is fast coming to an end and before we know it 2017 will be well under way. It’s time to start thinking about goal ideas for 2017 and setting some resolutions – that will stick. Setting goals isn’t easy. Sure, it’s easy to think of a

7 Ways to Unwind Effectively after Work

The working day can be long and incredibly draining both mentally and physically. Whether you are sitting at a desk all day, or doing heavy physical activity on a building site. When you arrive home in the evening you need to unwind to switch off and really

Hatha Yoga Benefits

I have written about the therapeutic and physical benefits to yoga before. I love practicing yoga, it’s one of the single best decisions I ever made to start doing so. It’s not just my opinion either. There is no shortage of scientific evidence to show how yoga

How to Beat the January Blues

This is a question I hear being thrown around at the beginning of every year. ‘How to beat the January blues’? Let’s be realistic. As exciting as it is to be entering a new year, and having all these new ambitions and goals. It’s depressing to go

8 Common Life Regrets You Don’t Have to Make

I have always been interested to read what the older generation regret, if anything, about their lives. I think the first thing that surprised me was that almost everyone always had regrets. Which is why I’ve put together these 8 common life regrets you don’t have to