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How Consciously Aware Communication Improves Relationships

Good, effective communication is essential to any long-term relationship. Friends, loved ones, work colleagues, whatever the relationship, it’s always important. There are various ways to work on communication, and often each individual situation needs to be looked at. But there are definitely some constants that can help

9 Ways to Maintain Your Integrity in Trying Situations

Integrity – ‘The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.’ Anyone who has lived, has some interesting stories to tell. I’ve not lived the most thrilling of lives. But I still have my integrity questioned when recalling interesting stories. This has probably happened to you.

6 Reasons People Use Passive Aggressive Behavior

Passive aggressive behavior can take many forms. Generally speaking it’s best described as a non-verbal aggression, that will manifest in negative behaviors. It’s present when someone is angry at someone else, but will not or cannot tell them. Communication always has a good chance of resolving any

Email Etiquette in the Workplace

Have you noticed there is a new wave of email language and behavior developing around us? When email first became the norm, there were rules to keep email etiquette in the workplace. But the rules have relaxed to say the least. Ok, it’s not new news. It’s been

What Are Great Conversation Starters?

Ever noticed how some people are great conversation starters? This is because they have some topics and techniques at starting conversations in a way that makes others feel comfortable. To some it comes naturally, others require practice, and some of us just need a bit more confidence.

10 Good Communication Skills You Absolutely Must Know

Every interaction, relationship and involvement you have with someone can only be successful with good communication skills. There needs to be a clear understanding between parties involved. There have been many miscommunications throughout history causing disruption from issues and disagreements on the global scale, all the way

Therapeutic Communication Techniques

We all know about the importance of communication, and how good communication can enhance relationships, working arrangements, help form bonds, and make drastic changes for the better in our lives. Typically we associate communication with the spoken word foremost, and maybe written communication. But there are of