How to Tell a Guy Likes You Over Text

There are more than 30 unique ways to determine if a guy is showing signs of romantic interest in you over text messaging. In particular, all of these signs embody a unique way of texting you when compared to them texting others. They are simply “going outside their common behaviors” to display romantic interest.

Key takeaways

  • Top signs include: long text messages, sending you good morning text messages, asking where you are if you’re not responding, and trying to be flirtatious by using pictures or emojis.
  • A key way to tell if someone is interested in you romantically is to see how quickly they respond to you and whether you’re their top priority when texting.

According to, recent studies have found that nearly 23 billion text messages are sent per day. The ways that text messaging has changed communication and relationships is still widely unknown. A study by Minnesota State University was performed “to find if text messages displaced face-to-face communication. The results of this study suggest text messages do have a displacing effect on face-to-face communication.”

Without face-to-face communication, it can be far more challenging to determine if someone has romantic feelings toward you. The body language cues completely disappear.

Top signs a guy likes you over text

Here are top signs a guy likes you over text:

  1. He’ll text you first: Someone who starts conversations with you is someone who is initiating the conversation. This is a sign that you’re on his mind.
  2. He responds quickly: If he texts you back right away, that’s a strong sign that he wants you to know you’re his top priority.
  3. He’ll use emojis and pictures: Using pictures and emojis are great ways to put emotion into bland text messages. This is his way of involving you in his life.
  4. He’ll try to make you laugh: Making you laugh is a key way to get to your heart. If he’s interested in showing you his humor, he’s romantically interested in more.
  5. Texts will contain a lot of compliments: Complimenting you is a way of trying to be flirtatious.
  6. He’ll try to keep the conversation going: Keeping the conversation going means asking you questions, digging deeper into topics you care about, and generally trying to be that “lending ear.”
  7. He hints at making plans together: If he’s hinting at getting together and making plans—this could be a strong sign he’s romantically interested.
  8. He’ll remember things about your life: Did you share your class schedule? Or something that’s bothering you? If he’s showing interest in this, that’s a strong sign of what’s to come.
  9. He says he wants to help you: Are you moving? Or in need of studying? If he says he wants to help you with these things—that’s a way of him showing initiative to make a connection with you.
  10. He texts you back immediately: Is it not just quickly but almost immediate? If that’s the case, it’s not desperation—it’s his way of saying you’re important.
  11. He’ll ask you questions about your day: Asking questions about how your day went is a wonderful way to engage with you.
  12. He’ll send good morning and good night texts: A cute good morning or good night text may be the way to your heart.
  13. He might give you a flirty nickname: A flirty nickname like “babe” or “darling” is his way of showing that he wants to be more than just friends.
  14. He tells you he likes you: There’s potential he might just say, “I really like you.” If he’s forward about his feelings, take it to heart.
  15. He’ll share inside jokes: An inside joke is something that you and him share together. Something funny that the two of you care about.

Most unique ways to tell that he likes you over text

Sometimes, lists of signs like the one above might not be enough. If you’re feeling really confused, here are some more unique ways to tell:

1. A large number of repeated text messages

If you’re seeing text after text, that could be a sign that he’s thinking more emotionally about what he wants to say to you. Small texts that come in waves (like large numbers of text messages) might indicate that the person gets emotional when they text with you. This is a sign that he’s having some type of anxious, nervous, or even overwhelming feeling when he engages with you.

The way to tell: You’ll see 3-5 or more text messages all come in at the same time.

2. There’s an extra sense of emotion in the text messages

When you see almost a “too much” use of emojis or pictures or even text reactions (like a heart or a “haha” reaction), that’s a strong sign that they’re trying to send signals of how they feel about you. It’s like trying to “brute force” or “jam in” as much emotion in the text messaging experience as he can.

The way to tell: You’ll see far more emojis or reactions used in conversations with him than what you see with other people.

3. There’s extremely long text messages sent to you

Even though this was covered in our top signs list, it’s worthy of mentioning again. A really long text message (say it’s so long that you actually need to scroll in order to read the entire thing) is a very strong sign that he’s feeling emotional about you.

The way to tell: There are more than 100 words in the text message. He’s almost reaching the character limit on how long texts can be sent. There may even be more than 1 of these extremely long messages sent to you.

4. He’ll text you at odd hours

A really unique and easy way to tell that he likes you is to look at what time he texts you. Do you wake up in the morning and see a message from him? If that’s the case, it means that you’re on his mind at all hours. This is someone who is surely romantically interested in you.

The way to tell: You get text messages late at night, really early in the morning, or when you don’t typically see text messages come in from anyone else.

5. If you don’t respond, he keeps texting you anyway

This is someone’s way of trying to be persistent with you. Friends who text each other don’t do this. They might ask, “Hey, what’s going on? You didn’t get back to me.” But they wouldn’t try to continue the conversation and make it so that you feel like you need to respond back. A tactic might be to send you a picture. An emoji. Or just simply try to get an emotional response from you so you text back. This is a type of gameplay when you aren’t engaging with him.

The way to tell: If you didn’t text back, he’ll try to make you laugh, send you a picture, or do something out of the ordinary.



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