Signs a Guy is Not Attracted to You

There are more than 15 unique signs to tell when a guy doesn’t like you. In many cases, it’s easy to take the signs of when he does and just completely reverse those. But some signs, like not showing eye contact—can be both a sign that he does and doesn’t like you. Making it awfully confusing for those who are seeking help.

Key takeaways

  • Top signs include: not listening to what you say, not texting you back very quickly, avoiding eye contact with you, and making excuses to avoid hanging out with you.
  • Rejection can cause real problems, including anxiety, jealousy, and sadness or anger.

According to a study published by Dialogues Clin Neurosci, it examined the emotional responses of getting rejected. Unsurprisingly, the study found that rejection can lead to drastic doubts of self-esteem. With jealousy, anger, sadness, and future social anxiety issues arising for those who go through this.

With those repercussions, it’s no wonder why some of us would rather try to identify signals of likes and dislikes from another person (whether friendly or romantic) so we don’t feel that same damaging and serious rejection.

Top signs that he isn’t attracted to you

Here are top signs a guy doesn’t like you:

  1. He talks about other women: If he’s discussing other people that he’s interested in, that’s a strong sign that he’s not that interested in you.
  2. He never laughs around you: Someone who naturally laughs around you shows that they are feeling chemistry. Without it, is chemistry existent?
  3. He avoids eye contact with you: Avoiding eye contact with you is his way of saying that he’s not that interested.
  4. There are plans made without you: If he’s not considering you, your feelings, or wanting you to be around—that’s a strong signal that he’s not thinking about you.
  5. He’ll bring up other girlfriends: Bringing up other girlfriends (usually ex-girlfriends) is a sure sign that he’s thinking of you as someone in the friendzone.
  6. He fails to follow through on plans with you: If he flakes out on you when the two of you make plans, that’s a way to tell that he’s not considerate of you.
  7. He doesn’t text you back very quickly: If you text him and then there’s complete radio silence, that’s a strong signal that he’s not really making you a top priority in his life.
  8. There’s a feeling of emotional “unavailability”: Emotional unavailability, like everything is closed for business, is a real way to tell he’s just completely “stand off.”
  9. He’ll disregard your opinions or thoughts: If you say something important, does he remember? Does he not really listen to your thoughts or opinions? That’s a way to tell that he doesn’t have that romantic respect for you.
  10. He’ll not listen to you when you speak: You should have someone listen, remember, and be able to repeat what you said. That’s a form of active-listening. If he’s not doing that for you, you’re not special in his regard.
  11. He forgets things that you say: Did you tell him plans? Or something that’s happening in your life? If he forgot, then he’s really not considering you very heavily.
  12. He’ll never give you gifts: Gift giving is one way that people tend to develop and feel love. If he’s never doing that for you, then it could be a sign that he’s not attempting to earn your love.
  13. He avoids being around you: Avoiding being in the same space as you is a way of him trying to send the “friend zone” signals.
  14. He’ll compare you with other women: Is he openly comparing you to other women in his life? If he’s doing that, that’s his way of saying that he’s not interested in your feelings. It’s best to move on from that.
  15. There’s never any ounce of jealousy: Jealousy can be a good thing. Like when you’re around other men and he might show small signs of jealousy. If he’s not doing that, that would be a sure-way to tell he has no romantic feelings.

5 really unique signs that he’s not romantically interested in you

Here are some really unique ways to tell:

1. You always have to ask him to text you back

If someone is “ghosting” you—that’s a great way to tell that he’s simply not interested. Ghosting happens extremely often. Especially when using online dating applications. If you have to ask him to respond to you, that means he’s not having you “top of mind.”

2. He treats you like a friend

If he says things like “bro” or “dude” to you—then he’s treating you like one of his guy friends. Being in the friend zone can be a really bad thing—here are some tips and ways to get out of it.

3. He sends you pictures that aren’t flattering

Sending you pictures of him sleeping. Or him drinking, would all be signs that he’s not interested in showing you that he is a great suitor. This is another form of him putting you into the “friend zone.”

4. He doesn’t ask you questions about yourself

There’s a big difference between listening and then “zoning out.” If a guy is looking like he’s listening to you but then doesn’t ask any questions—like to dig further into the discussion or topic the two of you are discussing—then this is a sure sign that he’s not listening at all.

5. He lies to you

Did you find out that he wasn’t telling the complete truth? Like if he was going out on a date but decided to lie to you and say something else? If that’s the case, his lies might be a way of protecting you from getting hurt. And he’s surely not interested in moving forward with you—so he’s doing it with someone else.

This can hurt. If that’s happening, try to take a step back and examine the situation. And decide (usually) that it’s best to move on.



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