Signs a Guy Has a Crush on You

There are more than 5 truly unique ways to tell that guy might have a crush on you. The most common way to tell is that he might change how he behaves around you when compared to how he behaves around others.

Key takeaways

  • Top signs include: making very long and almost “staring” eye contact with you. Behaving slightly more “nervous” around you than others. And attempting to keep your attention or keep the conversation moving forward. 

According to a study published by Sarah K. McKenzie (Phd), it found that men tend to play more emphasis on social connections (including romantic connections) than women do. The great news about this is that it makes it far easier to tell when a guy might be interested in you. They’re a little more “revealing” than women.

Top signs that a guy has a crush on you

Here are top signs that a guy has a crush on you:

  1. He acts “different” around you: Do you notice that he acts kind of “odd” around you? If that’s the case, it might mean that he’s hiding some emotional feelings about you.
  2. He wants to be near you: Trying to get within your proximity is one way he wants to show that he’s genuinely interested in you.
  3. They’ll stare at you: Do you catch him making long and staring eye-contact with you? If you do, that’s a sure-sign that he’s interested.
  4. They keep the conversation going: Does he try to make sure that all of the conversation that you have is really engaging and unique? If so, that’s his way of trying to get your attention.
  5. He looks at you often: Do you see him trying to sneak a look at you all the time? This is a great way to tell he might be developing feelings.
  6. He acts nervous when he’s around you: That nervous tick or that little extra amount of sweat. If he’s showing this, it could mean that he’s interested!
  7. He’s curious about you and your life: What types of questions is he asking? Questions about your friends or family would indicate he wants something more than just friendship.
  8. He wants to meet your friends or family: If he suggests that he wants to meet your family or meet your friends—this is his way of trying to show you that he could be boyfriend material.
  9. He cares what you think about him: Is he going out of his way to earn your trust or earn your respect? If so, that means that he cares more about you than just friends do.
  10. He might show signs of blushing when he’s around you: Small physical alterations to his appearance when you’re around could indicate he’s getting feelings.

5 really unique signs that he’s crushing on you

Here are some really unique ways to tell:

1. He texts you at really unique times

A great way to tell that he’s crushing on you is when and how he texts you. Most communication is happening on our phones these days. Most people will text you after their work day has started. Or maybe right before dinner. But if he texts you before bed or when you wake up, this could mean that he’s thinking about you at unique times of the day.

2. He might try to make you jealous

One immature but common method to show that he has a crush on you is to see whether you respond to him hanging out with other women. If you show signs of jealousy, then that tells him that you’re interested. If he’s playing this game, it might indicate that he cares more than friends do.

3. He wants to know where you’re going

If he’s asking things like, “Where are you going this weekend?” Or “Who are you hanging out with?” Then that might indicate that he doesn’t want you to be around other guys. This is his way of being slightly jealous.

4. He texts you really long messages

A really long message (like one that’s over 200 characters) could really indicate that he wants your attention or that there’s something more behind the text message. His emotions are coming through.

5. He might stand closer to you than other people

Proximity is a great way to tell that someone likes you. They could either stand really far away from you if they’re extra nervous. Or maybe even get really close to you. Either way, you’re going to want to compare the “distance” they’re standing next to you at with other people and how closely they stand next to you.



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