Other Ways to Say Beautiful

My favorite alternatives for the word “beautiful” include “gorgeous,” “pretty,” “stunning,” and “breathtaking.” These are wonderful word alternatives when trying to describe something as being “pleasing to the senses.” The word beautiful in itself is often a very beautiful thing. It embodies a polite compliment, something that’s aesthetically pleasing, and usually brings joy and happiness to those who receive the words.

Key takeaways

  • Try my favorite synonyms like “gorgeous,” “pretty,” stunning,” or “breathtaking.”
  • The word beautiful can get used in formal and informal settings to help describe something that’s pleasing to your senses.
  • There are roughly 22 other formal and informal synonyms to use for the word “beautiful” in the English language.

Other ways to say the word “beautiful”

Synonyms for the word “beautiful” include:

  1. Stunning
  2. Gorgeous
  3. Breathtaking
  4. Absolutely gorgeous
  5. Pretty
  6. Nice-looking
  7. Appealing
  8. Alluring
  9. Prepossessing
  10. Good-looking
  11. Attractive
  12. Heavenly
  13. Knockout
  14. Glamorous
  15. Ravishing
  16. Lovely
  17. Charming
  18. Foxy
  19. Cute
  20. Smashing
  21. Divine
  22. Magnificent
  23. Dreamy
  24. Smoking

Absolutely stunning (formal)

Let’s presume the situation is that you’re getting presented work on behalf of another colleague. And the work is something creative. Let’s call it an advertising campaign. It’s a short video that they’re asking for your feedback on.

If you don’t want to use the word beautiful, you can say absolutely stunning as a polite and charming alternative.


I wasn’t really expecting this work to come out this good. When you initially told me about the campaign, I was concerned we wouldn’t be following the brand guidelines for the client. I was wrong. This is absolutely stunning work and you all have done a fantastic job.

Breathtaking (formal)

The concept behind the word “breathtaking” is that something is so alluring and so magnificent that it stops a person from remembering to breathe. This is also a very playful way of using a synonym for the word beautiful.

The synonym “breathtaking” can be used in formal settings, very similar to the phrase “absolutely stunning.” Let’s assume a situation where two people are exchanging an email about a work event. And asking each other how the work event went.


The event was wonderful. The settings and venue were absolutely breathtaking. When I walked in, I wasn’t prepared to see those vaulted ceilings and the artwork on the walls. Whomever decided to choose this venue really needs a raise!

Knockout (informal)

The word beautiful is frequently used in informal settings, where one person might be complimenting another. Most commonly, a man complimenting a woman about her appearance. Let’s presume she’s walking down the stairs in a brand new dress. And she looks fantastic, here’s how we might use the synonym of beautiful (knockout) to compliment her.

Example one:

Wow. Seeing you walk down the stairs right now, in that new dress. I don’t have any words. All I can think is how much of a knockout you are.

Example two:

Darling, in that dress, you are a knockout. I can’t believe how good you look right now.

Smoking (informal)

The English language can be slightly mysterious. Words like “smoking” can refer to the act of lighting a cigarette. And taking part in the act of smoking one. Informally, almost like “slang,” the word “smoking” can also refer to someone paying a compliment about someone’s appearance.

In a similar example as the use of the informal word “knockout,” the word “smoking” can be used in a playful manner when trying to compliment a man or a woman. Let’s assume the situation is two people who are meeting each other online. And they’re exchanging their first text messages to each other. Here is what the use of the synonym may look like:


When I joined an online dating application, I didn’t think I would be talking to a smoking hot babe! Wowza! 🙂

Example two:

Gosh, you look smoking in that second picture of you. Is that somewhere in the Maldives? Where did you go?

In both examples, we can see how the informal use of the synonym smoking can be playful, light, and flirtatious—depending on the way it gets used.


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