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4 Easy to Action Goal Setting Ideas for 2016

For me, setting New Year’s resolutions has always reminded me of sitting in traffic. As you’re in your car, you’re focus on one thing – getting to where you want to be. Yet you will see others pass you by. You will stop at red lights and

How to Set Goals and Stick to Them the Right Way

We would all like to be more productive. Well, at least most of us would, and I’m sure this includes you if you’re reading this post. Are you struggling to find ways to channel yourself in the right direction and stick to it? After all, it shouldn’t

5 Warning Signs That You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

The importance of getting enough sleep on a regular basis can not be overstated. I wrote about how to incorporate good sleeping habits to help if you’re not sleeping well. But often it’s not until the cracks start to show that you realize you are sleep-deprived. Lack

6 Ways to Change Your Eating Habits and Eat Healthier

It’s seems like everywhere we turn nowadays there is some quick fix advice on controlling our weight. Diets, personal trainers, new food fads, pills, you name it, and it’s being advertised and sold. I have had my own weight fluctuations over the years. I’m happy to say

15 Ways You Can Avoid Negative Energy

Negative energy is a massive problem. It can bring down the most positive person and seriously damage their outlook on life. Unless you’re consciously aware of ways to avoid negative energy, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to these external forces. If you take the time to

Quit Overthinking Everything: 8 Easy to Learn Habits

How to Stop Overthinking Everything: 9 Simple Habits Overtinking is a problem that holds many people back in life. It can completely stifle your creativity, freedom, achievements, and more. Are you an overthinker? Do you double check things, or triple check things? If so you need to