Daily Habits Checklist for 2016


Daily Habits Checklist for 2016

Having good habits that you carry out daily helps us combine being productive, and being organized. This is of course a lot easier with a daily habits checklist for 2016 in place.

If you are interesting in becoming more organized. Then setting some key habits in place daily to find greater happiness and success is the place to start.

I cannot emphasis just how powerful it is to get your life in order and set good habits in place. We are creatures of habit after all. So why not have good habits, and live a productive and happy life.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Most of which I incorporate into my daily routine and am much more organized for it.

Here is a daily habits checklist for 2016 that I will be using.

Wake up Early

This is the first and possibly the most important habit to hard-code into your daily routine. If you need to form better sleeping habits to get a good night’s sleep. Work on that first.

Then set a schedule to wake up early. You can get more done in the early hours of the morning that the rest of the day if you get disturbed a lot.

Do Some Exercise

With a routine of daily exercise you will feel better both physically and mentally. Just 30 minutes on an exercise bike. Or take a jog if you have no equipment at home. There are no excuses here.

Plan Your Day

Being organized and planning your day ahead can improve your productivity and efficiency ten times over.

Set clear, actionable goals for the day ahead and stick to them. Your chance of getting everything done will improve drastically.

Read Something Motivational

Well, being here reading this is a good place to start! But seriously, start reading or listening to something motivational each day and you will notice a difference to your mindset.

I listen to podcasts while driving or taking a jog. It’s a great way to multi-task and tick off two of these habits at the same time. Motivational quotes are always a winner.

Visualize a Successful Day

Don’t underestimate the power of visualization. I covered techniques to help with visualization here if it’s a new concept to you.

Just take a few quiet minutes to visualize what you want from the day ahead. It’s amazing how often it works out and feels exactly how you visualized it.

Look Good and Feel Good

Take a little time to work on your appearance. I’m not talking about being overly concerned or being vain of course.

Buy yourself some nice clothes and look your best. If you look good and take care of yourself you will feel good about yourself.

Make Time for Others

I’m sure you are busy. So is everyone else. But wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all made time for each other?

Do your bit for the world and make a little time for others where necessary. It will make a huge difference to the other person, and will probably come back to you.

Stick to Your Plan

You made a plan earlier in the day. This can include daily, weekly, and longer-term goals. You should have put some sort of timeline to the goals on there. The important thing now is sticking to them.

Sometimes it’s not possible. But if you can’t stick to the plan you need to question why you’re setting it and how you can set your goals differently.

Always Give 110%

Doing the basic minimum, or even just the expected amount isn’t going to set you apart from the crowd.

Always go the extra mile and give more than 100%. It’s amazing how shifting it up a gear will make a massive difference to the success in your work and personal life.

Be Proactive Not Reactive

Being proactive means you are taking the driving seat, showing initiative and taking action first. If you want results you need to make them happen.

Being reactive means you are reacting to what’s happening or happened. This puts you behind the front line and means you can miss out on those opportunities.

Eat Healthy

Swap those unhealthy snacks for healthy alternatives. Being busy is the number one excuse. Yet this isn’t an excuse, it’s just as easy to eat some fruit as it is a chocolate bar.

What you really need to the mental fortitude and desire to make a change. Set this as your New Year’s goals and stick to it.

Drop a Friend a Note

There are few things more pleasant than hearing from a friend when it’s unexpected. Drop a friend a quick email or text who you have not spoken to recently. Simple, quick, and rewarding.

You may end up reconnecting with an old friend and rekindling that friendship. You never know where it will lead. There is no downside though, so put it on the to-do list.

Make Quality Family Time

We all spend most of our days at work. This can easily lead into the evening if you are able to work from home too.

Make some quality time to catch up with all the family members you live with. This shouldn’t be compromised on.

Make Quality Alone Time

We all need alone time. Even if you are a social, gregarious, people person. You will feel alot better giving yourself some quality alone time to reflect on the day.

This time is best spent meditating, being mindful, and disconnecting from the world for a few moments.

Do Chores and Tidy Up

Living in a cluttered house makes people more clutter minded. Having chores outstanding can start to become stressful if they build up.

Have a sweep up of chores and get things in order. Consider being more minimalist if you find it difficult keeping on top of all your possessions.

Set an Outline for Tomorrow

One of the best habits I can recommend it setting an outline for a to-do list for the following day.

Waking up and knowing what you are going to be doing is a huge time saver. Not to mention you can forget some things overnight.

Wind down before Sleeping

Going to bed all wound up and thinking about a million different things is a bad idea. You will not sleep well and everything else will suffer as a result.

Get those sleeping habits in order. Being sleep deprived has some serious consequences.

If you can incorporate some, or all of these daily habits into your day you are going to be a more productive person.

After a long day, the feeling of achievement you get from getting an incredible amount done is incredibly satisfying.

This article is just an outline of the habits that have worked wonders for me. If you have anything to add I’d love to hear it and I will add it to this daily habits checklist for 2016.

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