ENFP Relationships

ENFP Relationships

When it comes to understanding ENFP personality types and ENFP relationships there can be a deep and meaningful understanding.

ENFPs love the mental fortitude side of other people and situations. They are true thinkers, and provoke thought for themselves and others. It allows them to show their quick thinking and sharp wit, as well as display their knowledge.

This mindset means they enjoy being seen as the underdog. So they can come out on top and impress people. ENFPs find themselves in this position because they come across as quiet and unassuming.

But they are always thinking big and thinking of ways to do better. While not actually implementing their ideas themselves, or at least not doing the hard hands-on work.

They can find it difficult to get along with other quiet and sensitive personality types. This is because they have an edgy side that likes to debate and be challenged by others.

The key to an ENFP unlocking their potential is having the ability to honestly evaluate themselves. They do rely on others to help bring their ideas to life, and once they embrace this and develop their team skills they will flourish.

ENFP Personality Traits

The ENFP personality is often referred to simply as ‘inspiring’. They are great in certain areas, such as;

Being enthusiastic and passionate about things they are interested in.

Intelligent and full of creative ideas.

Have good people skills and love a good mentally stimulating debate.

Charismatic and engaging with others.

Willing to learn and adapt to situations through self-development.

ENFP Strengths

ENFPs have a good collection of strengths that complement each other well. Let’s take a look at some of their notable strengths.

Original Thinkers

One thing ENFPs are not is traditional. They love implementing their own ideas and being innovative and creative. They bring original ideas and plans to others, and with a little help can implement them.

Charismatic and Likeable

It’s such a nice strength to have, right? Being charismatic and likeable is definitely a strength, but it can have its drawbacks. A lot is expected from them, and they are not allowed many off days.

Quick Thinkers

They are quick off the mark and process thoughts quickly. Sometimes speaking before they think, but always being quick to think.


Often old before their time, ENFPs are knowledgeable and great at retaining information. They love learning new things and having new experiences, it’s just in their nature.

Problem Solving

They are great at problem solving. Relishing the opportunity to get involved in working out a solution to help others, and glee in sharing what they have worked out. They are a key part of any team when it comes to brainstorming sessions.

ENFP Weaknesses

When it comes to weaknesses of course they are not void of any areas in need of work. Here are their most notable weaknesses.


There is always a thin line between challenging others mentally, and arguing. They fall on the wrong side of this line often when putting their point across. It’s not the end of the world, but can be very frustrating for others.

Lack Tolerance

Tied in with the argumentative point there is a lack of tolerance. If they are not seeing eye-to-eye with someone they will be intolerant to their point of view.


Being thinkers and having such a rational outlook on life ENFPs can be insensitive to other people’s feelings. They don’t work on emotions, and can misread emotional signals easily.

Have Trouble Focusing

With a constant stream of new and creative ideas comes trouble focusing and following plans though to the end. They can pull a team in one direction, only to change course shortly after.

Stubborn to Practical Solutions

With their own ideas flowing they can be stubborn and resistant to practical solutions. Instead preferring to try their own creative solution, much to the dismay of others.

ENFP Relationships with Others

Being good with creative ideas translates over into being creative in their relationships with others and bringing surprises and fun to others. ENFP relationships with others are certainly not boring.

Even before finding a romantic partner, ENFPs will be well prepared. Their brains are always working overtime, and they will run through scenarios of what life can be like with a partner.

It requires a certain type of person to meet this head on and not be overwhelmed. But when it works it works well. Ideas, surprises, gifts, these are all welcome traits to a partner in a relationship.

They can be a little pushy with their ideals. Self-development is a progressive lifestyle, and it’s normal for people who life like this to want the same for their partners.

The obvious pros to this being that they are willing to work at relationships and not just abandon them. If there are areas they need to improve in, they will put in the time and effort.

If they find sensitive and caring partners this is the best match up. What they lack in emotional understanding they make up for with their charismatic and caring nature.

Do ENFPs Make Good Friends

They do make good friends – for those who like to be challenged and will stimulate them mentally back.

ENFPs are quick witted, smart, creative, and will be a little pushy with these traits. So a friend who is quiet and passive can get pushed over, while people who are aggressive and confrontational will push them away.

They are great at not taking anything personally and letting it roll off their shoulders. But don’t expect them to back down from an argument. A lot depends on the friends willingness to compromise.

They score high on the fun factor too. Being social and energetic, they can have as much fun as the best of them. Although this doesn’t mean drinking and clubbing as much as it does a good intellectual debate.

So in a nutshell, as long as their friends are willing to engage in a good debate, not be offended by anything that’s said, and compromise when the conversation gets heated – ENFPs make great friends, you can sure do a lot worse.

Do ENFPs Make Good Parents

Given how much has been written about ENFPs being a little difficult to get along with and always challenging people, you would be forgiven in thinking they would find adulthood a challenge.

These personality traits actually translate over really well into parenthood, making them great parents. They take on the role of parent very seriously and apply their learning principles to the role.

Much like their relationships, being fun and creative works well as a parent. They work tirelessly at their weaknesses, almost to a fault. They will come up with some unusual and creative ways to teach their children, but all within the bounds of their best interests.

They have a strong desire to see their children grow into a similar mold as theirs. Complemented by their willingness to learn and work on their weaknesses, this is a recipe for a great parent.

Am I an ENFP

Are you a creative thinker?

Do you love the brainstorming process more than the execution of your ideas?

Do you find yourself arguing your point, sometimes to a point way further than you realised?

Do you match up with the strengths and weaknesses highlighted in this article?

These are some of the questions to ask yourself. Obviously there is a lot more to narrowing down and understanding your personality type. We will cover this in more detail in this article, so read on and see how much resonates with you.

ENFP means Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perception on the Myers-Briggs type indicator.

ENFP Career Choices

When it comes to careers ENFPs are driven and proactive. But driven by their own ideas and ways of doing things. They find it hard to conform to strict corporate policies and procedures.

They absolutely love getting to use their brains and thrive in new and fast environments. So a workplace that is very forward thinking, modern, and adaptable is the best place for them to be a part of.

Your run-of-the-mill office position will not allow this kind of creativity. So they often find they need to run their own businesses. Being entrepreneurial and likeable by nature, they attract others and become natural leaders.

They operate better with people working under them than they do being managed by others. They are not the first to get their hands dirty, but are always the first to think and speak.

They have some truly exceptional qualities and a lot to offer to any team. While not being the best team players, they will pull their weight and be proactive. They have a creative and laid back management style.


With a blend of intelligence, creativity, quick wit and a charismatic personality, ENFPs have a lot to offer. They do fall short in rigid, rational situations, but with a creative flare to make special things happen they make up for this in other areas.

ENFP relationships can be fun, fulfilling and interesting. If you are this personality type or know someone that is, any comments below are more than welcome.

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