Goal Ideas for 2016

Goal Ideas for 2016

With New Year now just around the corner I can almost hear all of you discussing goal ideas for 2016.

Making New Year’s 2016 resolutions can fun. It can also be tough to set a good goal that’s going to make a worthwhile difference to your life.

You need to find that perfect balance of; interesting, achievable, fun, different, and motivating. Most people fall into the trap of trying to set too many goals, make it too hard to achieve, or something they just aren’t interested in.

But, the hardest part is probably thinking of goal ideas for 2016 in the first place. If you can’t think of something you want to set as a resolution, you might not do anything at all.

So here are some ideas to get you started if you’re scratching your head for good New Year’s resolutions and ideas for goals in 2016;

Goal Ideas for 2016

Do Something outside of Your Comfort Zone

The most memorable and fun moments in life are often those times you step outside of your comfort zone and do something unusual. If you have ever backed out of that bungee jump, or public speaking gig, book it in,

2016 is the year you take risks and enjoy the rewards. Book something in with a friend if you need that extra little boost, you’ll have the memories to enjoy for ever.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

Looking back at 2015 were you a little too passive? Did you settle for second best, both in your output and what you received from others?

Set yourself the goal of being better. It’s a general goal in some respects, but you may have some specific examples in mind. Like changing your job or removing toxic friends.

Move Home to Somewhere You Will Enjoy More

If you are not happy where you live, set a goal to more somewhere you will be much happier. It’s important we all feel safe and happy in our own homes. If you can’t be happy at home, how can you be happy with your life?

This could be an opportunity to up and move to a different country too. If you want to go all out and set a big goal, and you’ve always wanted to live in another country. Do it, make 2016 a year to remember!

Work on Your Health

Ever heard the saying, ‘health is wealth’? It’s true, without good health what else do you have? Most New Year’s resolutions revolve around losing weight, doing more exercise, and getting in better shape. And, most end in failure.

You’re not going to fail however, you are going to succeed. Check these 10 reasons why most new years resolutions fail. Set realistic, sensible goals and you’ll succeed.

Become a Volunteer

There are few experiences more humbling and life changing than being a volunteer for an organization helping those who are less privileged. You may be reading this thinking you either don’t have the time, or you are poor youself.

Let’s be realistic. You are not poor compared to some of the less fortunate, regardless how much money you have in your pocket or bank account. We all take what we have for granted at times. Volunteering is a real eye opener.

Follow a Passion of Yours

We all have passions and interests on the back burner. What’s your excuse? Too busy, not enough money, don’t know where to get started?

Well 2016 is the year you follow your passions and quit making excuses not to. Sometimes spending 10 minutes doing something you really love and make a world of difference.

Read at Least One Book a Month

When was the last time you read a book? Reading books keep our minds sharp and the knowledge flowing. They spark our creative side, and there are few feelings like getting lost in a good book.

A book will give you some new conversation starting material. Some thought provoking ideas, and I’m almost certain will become a new hobby.

Write up Your Bucket List

If you don’t have a bucket list this should be one of your New Year’s goals. It’s fun and exciting writing down on paper all the things you want to experience in your lifetime.

Sometimes, the only way you are going to do something is to have it written down in front of you. Visualize the experience, make some enquiries into how you are going to do it and it will become a much more realistic goal.

Start Meditating

You only need a few minutes a day to start meditating. But these few minutes will fast become the most important part of your day. Meditating is refreshing, relaxing, and a habit I always preach to my friends and family.

If you don’t currently make time for yourself to relax and reflect, this is your opportunity. You will wonder why you didn’t start doing this sooner.

Find a Better Work-Life Balance

Looking back over 2015 did you work or play too much? Finding the perfect work-life balance is an ongoing struggle, but making it a goal for next year will at least make you take notice and put some effort in to find a happier balance.

There is more to life than working all the hours you can find. Expand your social circles outside of work, enjoy the company of friends and family. Find a balance that works for you.

Make More Time for Yourself

It’s essential to your sanity and mental well being to make time for yourself. If you are running around full-speed all day every day you are going to burn out.

It’s a scary thought for some people to spend an evening in alone. But put this on your list for the New Year and give it a try. You will feel recharged and a lot better for it.

Start a Journal or Blog

I know dozens of people who journal or write on a blog – and none of them regret it. Sure, a lot of people abandon their blogs and journals after a while. But there are some valuable lessons learned along the way.

You will have a keepsake to look back on, which is great. If you start a blog yo will learn a range of practical skills about running a blog. And, you will learn a lot about your feelings and thoughts by putting pen to paper.

Find That Special Someone (If Applicable)

If you’re single and ready to mingle add finding that special someone to your list of goals for 2016. Life has so much more to offer when experiencing it with a loved one or soul mate.

This fits in nicely with some of the other goals such as stepping outside of your comfort zone, and working on your work-life balance. You will never know if where that special someone is if you don’t try. So add this to the list, it’s going to be fun.

Reconnect with Someone You’ve Lost Touch With

We all lose touch with friends over the years. Sometimes family too, it’s a normal part of growing older. But what better surprise for someone in the New Year than to hear from an old friend?

You could pick up where you left off and start having some crazy times again. It might even spark that special something I mentioned in the last point. Either way, it’s a win-win, and the only way to find out how it will go is to reach out.

Work on Your Confidence and Self Esteem

We all have awkward moments, fears, and things that shake our confidence. Through self-development and patience we can work on our confidence. This will build our self-esteem and help us face our fears.

If you feel awkward about approaching someone, just do it. We have all felt awkward at some time, and most people understand. If they don’t, boo to them.

I hope there are some useful ideas in this list to help you with your own goal ideas for 2016.

I’m going to make it the best year yet, I hope you do too.

Happy holidays and Happy New Year! Good luck!

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