4 Things to Tell Yourself If You’re Struggling with Your Job Search

4 Things to Tell Yourself If You're Struggling with Your Job Search

The prospect of looking for a new job is a daunting one for most. It’s time-consuming, painful, distressing, and can be a source of disappointment.

After sending dozens of applications only to not receive a reply, or get those dreaded, ‘sorry, but we don’t think you are suitable for the position at this time’, replies.

I’ve been there myself. I understand completely. I have transitioned several times to different jobs. I’ve applied to more than I care to remember, and had my fair share of rejections.

One thing I didn’t do is give up. Or even get disheartened by the process. It’s not in my nature, in fact, the harder something gets the more it spurs me on to try harder.

This isn’t to say I didn’t get annoyed though, because I did. I hate seeing people feel discouraged and give up. They end up giving less than 100% and it damages their chances of getting that job they want.

So here are 4 things to tell yourself if you’re struggling with your job search. They should help reassure you that it will all work out ok in the end.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Anyone Else, You’re Unique

If you see someone else land their dream job with little effort or time, you’re going to feel discouraged. You will probably wonder what they have that you don’t, or what you’re doing wrong.

Well, firstly you are probably not doing anything wrong. These things happen, and that’s just a matter of the right time and place meeting. Also, you don’t know what they went through to get to that point. It could have been hell.

Even if you do know they landed there easily. It doesn’t have any bearing on you or what your job search is like. You are both two completely different people, in different places, at different times.

Don’t compare, there is nothing to compare. Just focus on your own search, that’s where your energy needs to be.

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Never, Ever, Doubt Yourself

It’s easy to doubt or question yourself when you are met with knockback after knockback. But if you get into the mindset that you are not good enough, you will start to believe it. You absolutely cannot let these doubts creep in.

Look at your resume, there are lots of positive things on there. You have listed your achievements, skills, and reasons why you are suited for certain jobs. That’s what you need to remind yourself.

If you have been searching for a while it’s easy to lose that pep in your step. But those who keep their heads up and spirits high are more likely to succeed.

Never Take Your Eye off the Goal

The saying, ‘if you don’t try you’ll never know’, rings true with a job search. Never take your eye off the end goal, keep applying for jobs you know you can do.

You may get ‘lucky’ and have an agency set you up and help you secure that dream job. But you can’t rely on anyone else, get out there and do the hard work yourself. You need to make your own luck.

You can look at the process as a numbers game. The more jobs you apply for the higher your chance of success. This doesn’t devalue the process, quite the opposite. You deserve to be rewarded for your hard work.

Don’t Let the Process Become All You Do

This is the problem I most commonly see with my friends. They get so involved with the process they start to neglect other parts of their lives. While you need to go in 100%, you don’t have to forget about the rest of your life.

There is a point of negative returns. If you are submitting applications all day and night, you’re going to make mistakes. Not to mention you will drive yourself crazy and become horrible to be around.

Learn how to recognize for yourself that you are too deep and need to take a break. You will get a job at some point, so take a break and detach yourself when it’s getting all too much. The jobs, applications and processes will still be there after.

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