INTP Jobs to Avoid Administration and Clerical Work

INTP Jobs to Avoid

Knowing your personality and being able to use your strengths and identify your weaknesses is important. Working on your weaknesses and entering a career that lines up with these traits might be the difference between a successful and happy career, or a disaster. There are some INTP jobs to avoid that are completely unsuitable. Likewise, …

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INTJ Jobs to Avoid Waiter Waitress

INTJ Jobs to Avoid

If you’re an INTJ or manage people with this personality type you’re probably wondering what the typical INTJ jobs to avoid are. Starting off in a career that works to a person’s strengths is incredibly important if they are to feel motivated and bring the best out of themselves. INTJs are great at implementing creative …

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ENTP Jobs to Avoid Accountant

ENTP Jobs to Avoid

When choosing a career path it’s as important to take into account your personality type as it is your skillset, education, and training. Knowing which ENTP jobs to avoid or careers that will gel with your personality makes your choice so much more rewarding. A Gallup Poll in 2014 showed that around of 70% of …

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ISFJ Jobs to Avoid

ISFJ Jobs to Avoid

Knowing what the ISFJ jobs to avoid are can save you time and frustration if you know this is your personality type and you’re in the job hunt or looking for a career you will enjoy. Choosing the right career is very important. Investing your time and energy into a career that doesn’t suit your …

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