Why I Hate Working in an Office! (10 Reasons – Feel Free To Vent Here!)

I Hate Working in an Office

In this post, I wanted to cover the top reasons why I hate working in an office, and how it broke me over the years.

I’m fortunate enough not to work in an office anymore, and I can tell you it did my mental health a world of good!

If any (all) of these points resonate with you, you should seriously consider getting out of the office at all costs!

10 Reasons Why I Hate Working in an Office!

1. The Same Daily Commute

Everything about the commute to work annoyed me; the traffic, going the same way, the cost, being stuck in my car, knowing that I was going to the office…

I started going into complete autopilot mode and not even remembering the drive-in, and that was when I knew something had to change.

I started driving different ways to work, even though it would take 20-30 minutes longer just to try and make it more interesting and keep my brain stimulated.

But ultimately nothing helped, I always dreaded getting in my car and heading off for the daily commute.

How about you?

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2. Office Politics

Ugh, office politics, one of the most toxic elements of the workplace that covers a wide range of levels.

We all know we shouldn’t get involved in it, but it’s almost impossible to escape – and sometimes you have to navigate it for your own safety.

Whether you get involved or not, office politics is bad for morale and productivity, and it took a toll on my sanity during my time in the office.

3. That Groundhog Day Feeling

No matter how hard I tried to stay positive, being in the office made me feel like every day was Groundhog Day.

I would go into the same office, sit in the same chair, hear the same conversations, see the same faces, and do pretty much the same thing over and over.

It felt like I was stuck in a rut, because I was!

It always amazed me how this didn’t seem to bother some people, and a little part of me was envious.

But at the end of the day, my disdain for the mundane, repetitive nature of my work made me break free and do something better with my life.

So, I have to look back and pat myself on the back for that.

4. Annoying Coworkers

I think this is one of – if not the – main reasons why people hate working in an office – being trapped with annoying coworkers.

Whether it’s their loud talking, bad jokes, smelly lunch, or just general obnoxiousness – annoying coworkers can make work unbearable.

I’m not going to point fingers here or start unloading some of the pain I’ve carried from dealing with unbearable coworkers, but trust me, it was bad.

I sympathize with anyone who dreads going to work because they know they’ll have to see people they dislike or who are making their lives difficult.

5. The Office Layout

I don’t know who invented office layouts and I’m not sure I know of a better way of doing it, but I hate everything about office layouts.

From cubicles (seriously, who likes these), to open-plan desks, to offices coming off corridors, it all grates on me.

I guess it’s more to do with the broader picture of just being in an office that annoys me and nothing would make that better.

Although, saying that, some of the tech companies like Google are famous for having comfy lounge areas, meditation pods, slides, and more.

But I’d still rather not work in an office environment at all!

6. I Miss My Kids (and Pets)

This is a reason I know resonates with most parents all over the world (I say ‘most’ as I know there are some who go to work to get away from the kids!).

It hurts not being able to see young kids grow up, be there for them when something happens and only a parent can soothe them, and generally be involved in their lives.

Little things like dropping my kids off at school and being there when they go home mean the world to me.

The same goes for my dog and cat. I love having them around and seeing them, a lot more than I ever liked seeing my coworkers.

It doesn’t even feel harsh to say this, I bet most of you reading this feel the same!

7. The Added Costs

Let’s not mince words here, we go to work for money and the more of that we can keep the better, right?

After I started my own business from home and stopped commuting to an office every day I didn’t just save money on fuel, lunches, and other expenses, I was actually able to sell my car.

I’m literally saving thousands of dollars a year, it makes a noticeable difference to my bank account.

It’s better for the environment, too, and we can’t forget I’m getting hours of my life back every week not stuck in my car.

These are all things people who have been working from home for the first time due to the pandemic have been noticing and is one of the main arguments office workers have for not going back into the office.

8. Having People Watching and Judging Me

People in offices are nosy, and the nature of office politics means a certain number of coworkers are always going to want to know what you’re up to.

I hated that, I just wanted to be left alone to get on with my work. I didn’t even like the feeling of prying eyes, which also happens.

I can’t tell you the relief I feel with the freedom I have now to do what I want, when I want, and not have the feeling that eyes are watching me and someone is judging me.

9. It Brings out The Worst in People

Something that has always been apparent to me, and I can’t quite put my finger on why is that the office environment just brings out the worst in people.

For some, it’s being trapped in a building with other people they don’t see eye to eye with, hating the work, boredom, being competitive, the list is endless.

In a nutshell, it’s just the environment that being in a workplace fosters. It’s a culture of everyone being out for themselves and wanting to one-up others.

I hated it. I really did.

10. The Lack of Freedom

It’s been scientifically proven that freedom is strongly correlated to happiness, and I absolutely believe this.

That is why I can’t stand working in an office. It’s not just the lack of physical space, but also mental freedom.

Having flexible hours and being able to make my own decisions about when I’m working and how I use my time was something I wanted more than anything else.

The office environment took this away from me and made me feel trapped and restricted which contributed to my depression.

All of that went away when I started my own business and worked for myself.

Even though I was supposed to be more ‘stressed’ due to starting a business, working more, and there was loads of uncertainty around how much I was going to earn – I was happier.

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Is It Normal to Hate Working in An Office?

As sad as it is, and I know this doesn’t help you, but the short answer is yes, it’s the norm to hate working in an office.

I say this because the majority of office workers hate it!

Depending on which stats you pay attention to, it’s estimated that around 85% of office workers hate their job… That’s a huge number!

So, if you’re one of these people I’m sure you can relate to what I’ve written here, and if you don’t hate working in an office that’s awesome!

At the end of the day, I don’t want you feeling even more down on yourself like you’re all alone when you’re at work all day wishing you were somewhere else.

I also want you to know that you have options. If I was able to escape the office and the rat race, you can too!

What Should You Do if You Hate Office Culture?

If you hate the office culture where you work you really have two options;

  • Try and fix the toxic environment or at least make it tolerable for you, or
  • Start looking for a new job and possibly a change of career!

Changing the culture and how you feel about a job is certainly more difficult than leaving, so that’s something to think about.

I wish everyone happiness and want anyone suffering at work to break free, so I hope you find a way to make it more bearable and if not, get out!

The world is full of opportunities – you just need to find the right one for you.

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