Should I Take a Job I’m Not Excited About? (Here Are the Pros and Cons)

Should I Take a Job I’m Not Excited About

If you’ve been offered a job you’re not excited about but need the money, or just a job, you’re facing a tough decision.

You need to weigh up the pros and cons and it’s not always as easy as simply turning down a job when you’re in need.

But at the same time, accepting a job you’re not excited about can be a motivation killer and hold you back professionally.

Here are some of the pros and cons to consider. I hope I can help you make the best, most informed decision that’ll make you happiest in the long run!

Should I Take a Job I’m Not Excited About? 5 Pros and Cons to Consider!

Pro #1 – The Pay Is Awesome

Let’s not avoid the obvious here, the salary is a huge factor to consider when deciding if you should take a job or not.

If the salary is substantially higher than other jobs you’re considering and the pay is enough to help you get ahead financially, it may be worth considering the offer even if you’re not excited about the work.

You could use the extra money to build up a savings buffer, study, or do anything that makes you happy and that goes a long way to combat the lack of excitement.

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Pro #2 – There Are Great Career Progression Opportunities

Sometimes the job you’re applying for may not be as exciting as you’d like but it can provide solid career progression opportunities.

If the job at hand offers a clear path to tackle more exciting projects and roles, it might be worth taking it as a springboard to more exciting things.

Pro #3 – You Can Work from Home or It’s a Short Commute

Since the pandemic and due to the advancement of remote technology, it’s easier than ever for a lot of people to work from home.

It still comes down to company policy and some other factors, but it’s seen as a perk when you can work from home.

The same goes for short commutes, you should take this as a benefit as it saves time and money.

So if the job on offer offers the flexibility to work from home or it’s a nice short commute, then it could be worth taking the job.

Pro #4 – The Benefits Are Awesome

Many companies offer a range of benefits such as medical insurance, flexible hours, training programs, and more.

These benefits can add up to great savings and make a real difference to your overall salary.

So, if you’re offered a job with great benefits, it may be worth considering even if you’re not excited about the work.

Pro #5 – You’re Desperate for A Job

I think the number one reason why people take a job they’re not excited about is because they’re in a bind and need a job to pay the bills.

This isn’t always the best reason to take a job you don’t want as you can end up stuck there for a while, but I can understand it.

If you’ve been out of work for a while or you need to bring in money fast and there’s nothing else available, then you might have no option.

The important thing is that you don’t get complacent or feel like you don’t have any other options.

Use this job as a stopgap and carry on searching for your dream job in the meantime!

Con #1 – You Don’t Feel Good About the Offer

If something does feel right about the offer, you need to seriously think about what you’re getting into if you accept a job you’re already not excited about.

You should take into account the possible impact on your mental health and well-being if you end up in a job that makes you unhappy.

As well as the impact of taking a job with a salary that’ll make it hard to pay the bills, a stressful commute, and so on.

Con #2 – You Didn’t Get a Good Feeling About the Company

Not feeling thrilled about your role is one thing, if you also didn’t get a good feeling about the company when you had your interview this is a huge red flag.

It’s important that you fit in with the culture in a workplace, otherwise, you’ll never feel like you belong and that can lead to bigger problems down the line.

Con #3 – There Is Little or No Opportunity to Progress

If you’re not excited about a role, the last thing you want is to also be stuck in that role with little or no opportunities to progress.

You should always try to find out as much as you can about the company’s structures and progression opportunities before you accept an offer.

If there aren’t opportunities to progress, you’ll eventually get bored in a role that was exciting at first, let alone one that you were not fired up about.

Con #4 – The Company Has a Bad Reputation with Employees And/Or Customers

Before working with a company in any context, either as an employee, contractor, or consultant, I always look into a company’s reputation.

There are various platforms online where current and ex-employees can leave reviews for companies they’ve worked at.

There are also a bunch of platforms where customers can leave reviews, so it’s not hard to get a good feeling for a company’s reputation.

If the reviews aren’t great, it might be worth giving this job offer a miss so you don’t get involved in a toxic or unprofessional environment.

Con #5 – You Know Your Value Is Higher

At the end of the day, you know what your personal value is and if you feel like that’s not being met, especially with a job that you’re not going to be challenged or excited about, then that’s a major con.

It doesn’t mean you need to immediately reject the offer, but it does mean that you should think carefully about what you’re getting out of the job and if that’s enough for you.

If you’re stuck in a bind and need a job, I totally understand that.

However, if you’re not desperate then you shouldn’t accept a job that is not giving you the challenges and financial compensation you deserve for your skill set.

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In Summary

Whether or not you should take a job that you’re not excited about is a very personal decision and one that you have to make for yourself.

It’s not a decision to take lightly though, writing down all the possible pros and cons and thinking it over for a few days can go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

It’s easy for me to say, but at the end of the day, if you know your value and want to strive for something better, then don’t settle for a job that you’re not excited about.

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