How to Ask a Guy for His Instagram (3 Scenarios + Tips)

How to Ask a Guy for His Instagram

Want to know how to ask a guy for his Instagram handle?

Instagram is the social media platform most 18-30 year olds are using these days, and Instagram DMs is where all the action is.

Plus, you get to see a guy’s pictures and follow him once you know his Instagram, which is cool.

Here are the best ways to ask a guy for his Instagram:

How to Ask a Guy for His Instagram While on a Date

If you’re on a date with a guy, and you want to get his Instagram, the easiest way to do it is to ask him directly.

Chances are, he’s already thinking about getting your Instagram too, so it won’t be weird or anything.

Just say something like, “Hey, I’d really enjoy following you on Instagram. May I ask for your handle?”

Most guys will be flattered that you asked and will give you their handle right away.

If he says ‘no’, he’s either hiding something and has something on his account he doesn’t want you to see, or he’s not that interested in you.

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How to Ask a Guy for His Instagram if You’re Friends

If you’re friends with a guy, the best way to ask for his Instagram is to use social media.

Post a picture of you and him on your Instagram and send him your handle so he can follow you.

Write something like, “Hey, can I also get your Instagram handle? I’d love to follow you there.”

Since he’s going to be following you on Instagram, he’ll be more likely to give you his handle than if you asked him outright.

To be honest, when you’re friends with someone there really shouldn’t be any issues asking for or getting someone’s Instagram.

How to Ask a Guy for His Instagram if You Just Met

If you just met a guy and want his Instagram, the best way to do it is through texting if you can get his number first.

Send him a text that says something like, “Hey! I really enjoyed meeting you tonight. May I have your Instagram handle?”

If you’re friends with a guy, but don’t have his phone number yet, don’t despair, you still have some options.

If you have friends in common, you can ask them if they know his name on Instagram.

You could also work with what information you have on the guy and try to find his Instagram account.

Don’t worry, it’s not stalkerish, it’s actually quite normal and most guys will find it cute that you’ve gone through the effort to find them.

Remember, at the end of the day, most guys want more followers – it boosts their profile and ego.

Is It Weird to Ask a Guy for His Instagram?

No, it’s not weird to ask a guy for his Instagram.

In fact, most guys will be flattered that you asked and will give you their handle right away.

If he says ‘no’, he’s likely hiding something that he doesn’t want you to see on his account, or he doesn’t want to get to know you better.

If you think about it, all you’re doing is asking him to share his social media account. If he doesn’t want it to be social, why does he have an account?

Should You DM a Guy on Instagram?

If you like a guy and want to contact him, you should DM him on Instagram.

Most guys check their DMs often, so it’s the perfect way to get in touch with him.

Plus, it means he can easily send you a message back without you having to give out your number.

A few tips when sliding into a guy’s DMs are:

  • Make sure your profile is public so he can see your pictures and bio
  • Keep your messages short and sweet
  • Start the conversation with a question or comment about one of his pictures
  • Make sure he knows who you are

If you can keep these things in mind, you’ll have no problem getting into a DM with a guy and having him reply.

What Does ‘Slide Into DMs’ Mean on Instagram?

Just to clear up some slang that some of you reading this might not be 100% clear on:

“Slide Into DMs” is a term used when someone sends a message to another person on Instagram.

This is because DM means Direct Message. This is the messaging facility Instagram has that allows people to talk directly to one another.

Sliding into someone’s DMs is usually a good way to start a conversation with someone who uses Instagram a lot if you don’t have their phone number.

How to Ask a Guy Out on Instagram

If you’ve decided to ask a guy out on Instagram, keep in mind that there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Just the same as asking a guy out via text, in-person, or over the phone, there are endless ways of asking – and every guy is going to respond differently.

Start by saying, “Hey, how’s it going?”, or “Hi, can I ask you something?”.

When they respond, lead in with your favorite lines for asking a guy out. I’m not going to list things you can say to ask a guy out, that’s a topic for another post.

Just go with what you think will work best with the guy you’re messaging.

The best advice is to make it personal to him, using canned chat up lines is a bit cheesy in this day and age.

Whatever you say, as long as it’s clear that you want to meet up with him, if he likes you he’s going to respond by agreeing to go out with you as soon as he can reply!

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