My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship on Facebook (What You Should Do)

My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship on Facebook

Should you be concerned if your boyfriend hides your relationship status on Facebook?

In a word; probably.

It really depends on how much effort your boyfriend puts into his Facebook though.

If he’s active on his Facebook – and let’s be honest, most of us run our lives through Facebook these days – then you’re right to question why he’s ‘hiding’ you.

I don’t know what your relationship is like, and I don’t want you to jump to any conclusions before talking to your boyfriend, but that said:

4 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Might Be Hiding Your Relationship on Facebook

He’s Not Sure About the Relationship Yet

Changing one’s relationship status on Facebook is a big deal. For a lot of guys, it’s going to spark loads of questions from their mates and family members.

It’s not something you want to jump into too soon, so if you’re asking this question and you’ve only been in a relationship a few days, cut him some slack.

Outside of needing the ‘honeymoon’ period to pass, some guys will want to wait until they’re sure you’re going to stay an official item.

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He’s Already in a Relationship/Keeping His Options Open

Depending on the age bracket, it’s estimated that around 20-25% of men cheat on their partners.

While social media has made it a little more difficult for a lot of guys to keep their affairs quiet, it’s still possible if they simply don’t mention their relationships online.

If your boyfriend refuses to acknowledge he’s in a relationship online is a huge warning sign that he’s either hiding something or doesn’t want people to know he’s not single.

He Knows His Family Will Not Approve of You

It can create an incredibly difficult dynamic in any relationship when family members do not approve of the relationship.

I’ve known people to hide relationships online to avoid clashing with family members if they know they will – or do – not approve.

If he reveals that this is the reason why he’s hiding his status, it’s going to take some careful navigation.

You’ll have to start out being patient and understanding, but at the same time, he needs to plan for the day when he tells his family about it.

He’s Embarrassed by You

This is a tough one to handle, and I’ve seen how damaging this can be to a close friend of mine who found herself being hidden by her boyfriend for this reason.

Unfortunately, some guys are after different things from a relationship than their partners.

It’s possible he’s happy to get what he wants from the relationship when he sees you but has no interest in opening up his life to you and giving you what you want.

Serious crisis talk is needed if you think – or know – this is the case.

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How Can I Tell if My Boyfriend Is Hiding His Relationship Status on Facebook?

Facebook gives users the ability to hide their relationship status and you can tell if someone has opted to do so.

If your boyfriend is choosing to hide his status instead of putting “In a relationship” and linking to you, you’re right to be suspicious.

Start by clicking the ‘About’ button on his profile. Then look in the relationship part and see if you can see anything.

If you can’t see a relationship status, it sounds like your boyfriend has opted to hide his.

This is easily done by clicking the ‘settings’ button next to the relationship part of the About profile (in case he wants to know, wink, wink).

Why Does He Hide Our Relationship on Facebook?

If your boyfriend is hiding your relationship on Facebook, I know how you feel.

It feels like he’s embarrassed, ashamed, and is hiding you from his friends, family, and the entire world – when he should be proud to say he’s with you, right?

Before you jump to any conclusions, one question you have to ask yourself is; “did he have his status hidden before you two were in a relationship?”

If he did, he might not be aware that it’s hidden, and more so, how it’s making you feel.

If this is the case, talking to him might prompt him to add his status and proudly announce he is in a relationship with you.

On the other hand, if your boyfriend has decided to hide his relationship status since he started dating you, that’s a red flag.

As is not changing his relationship status to reflect that he’s in a relationship with you. Or worse, not posting pictures of the two of you or tagging you in posts.

If this is happening, you need to have a serious chat with him to find out why he doesn’t want to make your relationship public online.

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1 thought on “My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship on Facebook (What You Should Do)”

  1. My bf of 6 years has never posted pics of us on his social media. He also won’t add me as a friend or accept my friend request. I gave up long ago asking him to add me because he tells me, “I’m barely ever on there and I’m just going to delete my account anyway” but he never does. He also won’t put that he’s in a relationship or with me. It’s hidden so I’m not sure why he won’t put that we’re in a relationship when we’ve been together for 6 years. He wants me to move in with him though and wants to get married to me and we went to pick wedding rings out recently but I’m just not sure about all of this. He also flirts, says inappropriate things online to married women and single women. Mostly on FB. He even tells them he doesn’t have a GF and gave one of them his home address! I definitely confronted him about it and he told me I’m the only one he wants and that he was just playing games with these women. He looked very upset when I was about to break up with him over this a few days ago but we didn’t break up. I don’t know what to do but I’m tired of him making excuses to not add me as a friend, not posting pics of us and acting like a player online. It’s very heartbreaking and not a good thing in our relationship.

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