List of Math Words That Start With A

Looking for math words that start with A?

From an Abacus, one of those old devices where you slide beads across, to Algebra, the subject I most feared at school – there are some awesome math-related words beginning with the letter A.

Here is a list of some of the best words that start with A:

Math Words That Start With A

AA (Angle-Angle) Similarity – In two triangles, if two pairs of corresponding angles are congruent, then the triangles are similar.

AAS (Angle-Angle-Side Postulate) Congruence – Angle-Angle-Side Postulate (AAS) tells us that if two angles and a non-included side of one triangle are congruent to two angles and the corresponding non-included side of another triangle, then the two triangles are congruent.

Abacus – a simple device for calculating, consisting of a frame with rows of wires or grooves along which beads are slid.

Abscissa – (in a system of coordinates) the distance from a point to the vertical or y -axis, measured parallel to the horizontal or x -axis; the x -coordinate.

Absolute – a value or principle which is regarded as universally valid or which may be viewed without relation to other things.

Absolute Convergence – means a series will converge even when you take the absolute value of each term, while “Conditional convergence” means the series converges but not absolutely.

Absolute Maximum – the largest value that a mathematical function can have over its entire curve.

Absolute Minimum – the smallest value that a mathematical function can have over its entire curve.

Absolute Value – the magnitude of a real number without regard to its sign.

Absolute Value Of A Complex Number – the absolute value of a complex number is the distance between that number and the origin (0) on the complex plane.

Absolute Value Rules – a nonnegative number equal in numerical value to a given real number.

Absolutely Convergent – an infinite series of numbers is said to converge absolutely (or to be absolutely convergent) if the sum of the absolute values of the summands is finite.

Acceleration – Acceleration is the rate at which velocity (speed) is changing.

Accuracy – the closeness of a measured value to a standard or known value.

Acre – a standard Imperial or customary unit used to measure large areas.

Acute Angle – Acute angles measure less than 90 degrees.

Acute Triangle – An acute triangle (or acute-angled triangle) is a triangle with three acute angles (less than 90°).

Add – add, addition; to join two or more numbers or quantities to get. one number called the sum or total.

Addend – can be defined as the numbers or terms added together to form the sum.

Addition – the process of finding the total, or sum, by combining two or more numbers. 

Addition Rule – The addition law of probability (sometimes referred to as the addition rule or sum rule).

Additive – having the property that the function of the union or sum of two quantities is equal to the sum of the functional values of each quantity; linear.

Additive Inverse – the additive inverse of a number is the number which when added to it, yields zero.

Additive Property Of Equality – states that if the same amount is added to both sides of an equation, then the equality is still true.

Adjacent – next to or adjoining something else.

Adjacent Angles – Adjacent angles are two angles that have a common side and a common vertex (corner point) but do not overlap in any way.

Adjoint – relating to or denoting a function or quantity related to a given function or quantity by a particular process of transposition.

Adjugate – the mathematical transpose of a matrix in which each element is replaced by its cofactor O.

Affine Transformation – An affine transformation is any transformation that preserves collinearity

Aleph Null – symbolizes the cardinality of any set that can be matched with the integers.

Algebra – the part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations.

Algebraic Numbers – all numbers that can be defined explicitly or implicitly in terms of polynomials, starting from the rational numbers.

Algorithm – a procedure for solving a mathematical problem.

Alpha – used to denote the area underneath a normal curve in statistics to denote significance level when proving null and alternative hypotheses.

Alternate Angles – one of a pair of angles with different vertices and on opposite sides of a transversal at its intersection with two other lines.

Alternate Exterior Angles – formed by a transversal intersecting two parallel lines.

Altitude – An altitude of a triangle is the perpendicular segment from a vertex of a triangle to the opposite side (or the line containing the opposite side).

Amplitude – the angle between the real axis of an Argand diagram and a vector representing a complex number.

Analog – also called an extension or generalization, is a mathematical expression parameterized by a quantity that generalizes a known expression and reduces to the known expression in the limit.

Analogy – A way of thinking about something by comparing it to something else.

Angle – defined as the figure formed by two rays meeting at a common end point.

Asset – an item of property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, or legacies.

Attribute – a trait about something.

Average – the sum of the numbers divided by how many numbers are in the list.

Axis – a line with respect to which a curve or figure is drawn, measured, rotated, etc.

I hope you found the words you were looking for from the list above.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, if there are any math words starting with the letter A that you would like added to the list, please leave me a comment below.

If you’d like to explore more math words starting with different letters of the alphabet, click any of the letters below to go to the list for that letter:


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