What It Means When a Guy Keeps Asking What You Are Doing

When a Guy Keeps Asking What You Are Doing

If a guy keeps asking you about what you’re doing or “WYD” for short, it’s usually a sign that he likes you.

At the very least, he’s interested to know what you’re up to, or he wouldn’t bother asking!

If you’re trying to understand what a guy who keeps asking you this is after, I’m going to decode this behavior.

Here is what it means when a guy keeps asking what you are doing:

What It Means When a Guy Keeps Asking What You Are Doing – 10 Explanations!

1. He Wants to Get Into a Conversation With You

When a guy asks what you’re doing or simply texts ‘WYD‘ he’s usually looking to get into a text conversation with you.

It’s a classic text opener, but it doesn’t always give away much about what’s on his mind until you text him back.

He could be interested in getting to know you better or he might just want to talk to you because he enjoys your company.

At the very least, this behavior shows that he’s interested in you as a friend, and maybe more. Only you can find out by texting him back!

2. He Has Some Things to Get Off His Chest

If a guy keeps asking you about your day or what you’re up to, it might be because he’s looking for someone to talk to.

He might have something on his mind that he wants to get off his chest and is hoping that you’ll ask him about it or he might just start offloading.

It could be something as simple as a problem at work, relationship problems, or something a lot heavier!

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3. He’s Looking for A Hookup

If you’ve just met a guy and he’s already asking about your plans for the night or what you’re up to later, he might be looking for a hookup.

It’s not always the case, but this is often one of the first things guys will ask when they’re only interested in getting physical.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that he’s just interested in you and wants to know if you’re available for a date!

But it’s something to keep in mind as some guys will absolutely use this as a lead-in to meeting up.

4. He Fancies You and Wants to Get to Know You Better

Depending on how well you know this guy, there is a chance that he fancies or likes you and is trying to break the ice.

Asking what you’re doing is a great way to start a conversation and get to know someone better without being too forward.

Look out for follow-up questions about whether you’re single, how available you are, and what you look for in a guy (he’s hoping it’s along the lines of what he looks like!)

5. He’s Scared To Talk To You Directly

If you see the guy who’s texting you in person but he’s not so chatty, then it’s likely he finds it easier to text you than he does talk to you in person.

This is normal for guys who are shy or feel embarrassed to talk to girls in public. Or, maybe you’re always surrounded by your friends?

Whatever the reason, if a guy doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you in person he’ll find it a lot easier to text you and ask what you’re up to.

6. He Misses You and Wants to Spend Time with You

If you used to spend a lot of time together but now you’re not seeing each other as often, he might start texting you more frequently to see how you’re doing.

He might even feel like he doesn’t want to come across as needy or get in the way if you always seem to have other plans.

So, he might simply ask what you are doing to try and gauge how busy you are with the hope of getting to the point where you two can hang out.

7. He Likes You – But It’s Hard to Tell How Much

When a guy asks what you are doing it may be nothing more than curiosity, but more often than not it means he likes you.

It’s just hard to tell how much he likes you without going back and forth and talking to him some more.

Also, don’t be surprised if you never imagined the guy asking you what you’re doing would like you in that way – he’s probably good at hiding it!

8. He’s Bored and Wants Some Entertainment

Texting is a great way to pass the time when you’re bored, and some people are better at it than others.

If this guy always seems to be online and he’s suddenly started asking you what you’re up to, there’s a chance he’s just looking for someone to talk to because he’s bored.

Still, it’s a great way to have some fun and get to know him a bit better if you’ve got some time on your hands.

9. He Wants to Hang Out

If a guy is asking you what you are doing, he might be fishing to find out if you’re busy because he wants to hang out.

Depending on how you reply and what you say, he may ask if you’re free and want to hang out or schedule something for another time.

If he’s interested, he’ll want to make plans to see you as soon as possible!

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10. He’s Genuinely Interested in What You’re Up To!

Of course, it’s always possible that he’s just genuinely interested in what you’re up to and he wants to know more about you.

It might have nothing to do with liking you, wanting to get closer to you….he might just be curious as to what you get up to.

Still, it’s a conversation opener and if the guy is cool and fun to talk with, then who knows where this may lead.

At the very least, you might make a new friend, get closer to someone who is already a friend, or something more.

Either way, the guy is being nice so you should always reply in kind.

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