31 Physical Signs Your Crush Likes You!

Physical Signs Your Crush Likes You

It can be tough – and confusing – trying to figure out if your crush really likes you or not.

But when you know what you’re looking for, there are always subtle physical and body language cues that reveal what they’re really thinking.

To help you out, here are 31 physical signs your crush likes you to pay attention to!

31 Physical Signs Your Crush Likes You

1. They Brush Past You

One of the most common (and easiest to miss) signs that someone likes you is if they accidentally brush past you when walking.

This is a chance for them to smell you (in a non-creepy way) and feel your presence and energy.

2. They Make Strong Eye Contact With You

When someone likes you, they’ll want to stare into your eyes as much as possible.

They may not even realize they’re doing it most of the time and they simply enjoy the moment.

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3. They Focus When Talking To You

When you’re talking to your crush, if they’re fully focused on the conversation – no matter who else is around, it’s a strong sign they like you.

This suggests they don’t seem to think about anyone else at that moment and want to know more about you.

4. They Use Any Excuse to Touch You

Whether it’s a light touch on the arm or an accidental bump, if your crush is finding any excuse to touch you, they like you.

There is science to this, too. Touch releases oxytocin, which is the “cuddle hormone” that makes people feel bonded and connected to others.

5. Their Hugs Last Longer Than It Should

Following on from getting an oxytocin hit from coming into contact with you, this also explains why your crush will hold on to a cuddle for a little longer than expected.

Seeing as they’re your crush and you like them too, this is a great opportunity for you to enjoy that moment, too!

6. Their Facial Expressions Are Always Positive

If your crush likes you, they’ll light up when they see you – even if it’s just for a brief second.

When you’re talking to them, look for positive facial expressions and body language that you don’t see when they talk to other people.

7. They Focus On You Among a Group of People

If you’re in a group setting and your crush is making sure to talk to you and only you, it’s a sign they like you.

This goes hand-in-hand with them wanting to know more about you and wanting your attention.

8. You See Them Taking Deep Breaths Before Talking to You

When we like someone, we get nervous around them – it happens to the best of us!

One of the physical signs of this is if you see your crush taking deep breaths to compose themselves before talking to you.

9. They Nod Their Head a Lot When Talking To You

This is a subconscious body language cue that someone likes you and is interested in what you’re saying.

Nodding their head is also their way of encouraging you to keep talking and showing you that they agree with you.

10. They Fidget When Talking To You 

Fidgeting is another tell-tale sign that someone likes you and is nervous around you.

This could manifest in them playing with their hair, fidgeting with their clothing, or even just tapping their foot.

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11. You Make Them Blush

When someone likes you, anything you say or do that’s remotely flattering will make them blush.

Watch out for the tell-tale signs of blushing, like a flushed face or red ears.

12. They Get In Your Personal Space

When someone likes you, they’ll naturally want to get in your personal space and be close to you.

This could mean standing close to you, invading your personal bubble, or even just sitting close to you.

13. They Lean in Close When Talking To You

Similar to getting in your personal space, if someone likes you they’ll also lean in close when talking to you.

This is their way of getting closer to you and trying to engage with you on a more intimate level.

14. They Hold a Strong Posture When You’re Around

When someone likes you, they’ll want to make a good impression on you – and that includes their body language.

This means they’ll hold a strong posture and avoid slouching when they’re around you. A guy might even puff out his chest in an attempt to look bigger!

15. They Are Making More Effort in Their Physical Appearance

If your crush is making an effort to improve their physical appearance, it’s a sign they’re trying to impress you.

This could mean they’re dressing nicer, wearing makeup, or even working out more.

16. They Mirror Some of Your Actions

We all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So, if your crush is mirroring some of your actions, it’s a sign they like you.

This could be anything from the way you’re standing to the way you’re talking.

17. You Can Tell They’re Anxious Around You

If someone likes you, they’ll naturally be anxious around you and this will show in their body language.

Look for physical signs of anxiety, like fidgeting, sweating, stumbling over words, or even shaking.

18. They Always Try to Sit Near You

When someone likes you, they’ll want to be near you as much as possible.

One of the ways they’ll do this, and is particularly true in the office environment, is by trying to sit near you.

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19. They Ask What You Think of How They Look

If your crush is constantly asking for your opinion on their outfit or physical appearance, it’s a sign they care about what you think of them.

This is your cue to say something cute and escalate your situation, or do the opposite and put some distance between the two of you!

20. They Butt in When You’re Talking With Other People

When someone likes you, they’ll want your attention and will feel jealous when you’re talking with other people.

This could manifest in them interrupting you when you’re talking or trying to one-up the other person – both by chipping in or forcing their way in physically.

21. You Can Tell They’re Jealous When You’re With Other People

Jealousy is often a sign that someone likes you, or it may mean that they want something you have.

If they get jealous when you’re talking to or even just looking at other people, however, this means they like you and are jealous of other people being close to you.

22. They Act a Little Goofy Around You

If someone likes you, they’ll act a little differently around you than they do with other people.

This could be anything from acting silly and goofy to being more serious and reserved. Just keep in mind that this isn’t how they’ll act normally!

23. They Do Things to Try and Impress You

If someone likes you, they’ll likely try to impress you. That’s just basic flirting and the influence of chemistry.

This could be anything from bragging about their accomplishments to trying to make you laugh or doing something silly – my advice is to let them show off.

24. They Hand You Gifts

If someone likes you, they’ll want to do things to make you happy – and that includes giving you gifts.

It could be anything from a small trinket to something more expensive, but the thought and sentiment will be there either way.

25. They Get Excited When You’re Around

When someone likes you, they’ll get excited when you’re around. This is especially true if they’ve been thinking about you!

You might see this in the form of a physical reaction like nervous energy or acting crazy, it depends on the person.

26. They Laugh at the Smallest Things You Say

When someone likes you, they’ll laugh at almost anything you say – even if it’s not that funny (that’s right, I’m sorry to say you might not be the funniest person in the room).

This is just a symptom of being attracted to someone and wanting to please them.

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27. They Are Always Trying to Make You Laugh

Similar to the last point, if someone likes you they’ll want to make you laugh.

This could be in the form of telling jokes or stories, teasing you, or even just making funny faces.

28. They Openly Flirt With You

If someone likes you, they’ll flirt with you – it’s as simple as that.

Everyone flirts differently, so it might not always be obvious. But keep an eye out for how they behave towards you versus how they behave towards other people.

29. They Secretly Flirt With You!

This one’s a little more subtle, but your crush may have to flirt with you secretly (at least they think they’re being secret) if they want to keep it on the d-low.

That might mean they try to catch your eye from across the room, text you, or even try to avoid you thinking it will make others think they’re not interested in you.

30. They Make Excuses to Be Alone With You

When someone likes you, they’ll look for any excuse to be alone with you.

This could be anything from “accidentally” bumping into you to asking for help with something.

31. They Tilt Their Head When They Speak With You

One of the body language cues that reveal someone likes the person they’re talking to is when they tilt their heads.

This is a subconscious way of trying to get closer to the person they’re interested in and shows they’re really trying to listen and being attentive.

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