What Does It Mean When Someone Looks Down and Smiles? (Body Language Explained)

What Does It Mean When Someone Looks Down and Smiles

Making a read based on someone’s body language can be difficult, but when you do it right it can give you powerful insights into what they’re thinking.

For example, if you’re wondering what it means when someone looks down and smiles – this typically means that person is flirting, trying to get your attention, and probably likes you.

In this article, I’m taking a closer look at why some people look down and smile and what you should do about it:

Looking Down and Smiling Body Language Explained

You do have to be careful when you’re deciphering someone’s body language, as small cues and changes in their behavior can mean different things.

For example, there are a few reasons why someone might look down and break eye contact with you, they might:

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If looking down is accompanied by a smile, this changes the dynamic of what their body language is telling us.

It’s more likely to mean:

  • They really like you
  • You’re making them nervous (because they like you)
  • They want you to know that you make them happy

As you can see, smiling as well as looking down makes a big difference.

It doesn’t just mean someone is shy or a bit nervous, it’s a strong sign that you’re making them a little uneasy in a good way.

So, the main question people ask is, “does it mean someone likes me if they look down and smile?”

The answer is going to be “yes”, more often than not.

As to how much they like you, I can’t answer that without knowing more about you, them, and the relationship you both have.

What Does It Mean if a Guy Looks Down and Smiles After Eye Contact?

If a guy looks down and smiles after making eye contact with you, it’s a strong sign that he likes you.

Most girls find this cute as it shows that the guy is shy or a little embarrassed and probably isn’t going to approach you.

It’s their subtle way of letting you know that they like you though. I’m sure it got your attention, right?

The best part is that the smile often creeps out subconsciously. I’m sure it’s happened to you before.

If you want to make the guy really uncomfortable and have a little fun, you should approach them and start chatting.

Open with something like telling them you noticed they smiled and it was nice of them and see where the conversation goes from there.

What Does It Mean if a Girl Looks Down and Smiles After Eye Contact?

It means the same thing when a girl looks down and smiles at a guy as it means when a guy does it.

If a girl behaves like this around you, there is a good chance they like you.

Well, in fact, you can be almost certain that they like you – otherwise, they wouldn’t be smiling.

It’s just figuring out how much they like you and in what way that you need to find out. It could be anything from thinking you’re ‘nice’, to really liking you.

The interesting thing about a girl behaving like this is that it’s more of a social norm than a guy doing it.

There is a general belief (not how I see it, by the way) that guys shouldn’t be as shy as girls. But we all know that there are plenty of shy guys, and most girls think it’s cute.

As a girl, however, it’s much more ‘acceptable’ for you to give off this body language if you like a guy – so use it to your advantage.

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How Should You React When Someone Smiles at You and Looks Away?

When someone smiles at you, if you can catch their eye you should smile back at them.

If they looked away or looked down at the same time, just lock eyes for a brief moment. I’m almost certain they will look back up to see if you noticed them smiling.

That’s the perfect time to smile back, just as your eyes are both locked on each other.

Even if you’re not interested in them in that way, it’s polite to smile back and it’s going to make them feel a lot better.

Remember, someone who looks away and can’t make eye contact while smiling probably (certainly) feels nervous or shy.

It’s going to be a huge boost to their confidence to see you making eye contact and smiling back at them.

It’s always nice to make someone’s day. Who knows, maybe they just made your day smiling at you.

Image credits – Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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  1. Thanks for the advise. I’ve meet a girl that I am really attracted to. She works at the local liquor store. Whenever I go in there I am always friendly to her and make her smile by talking to her. Tonight I made her smile, then she looked down. I think she likes me by her body language. Like anything in life, go for it, I say. Don’t regret the things you did, regret the opportunities missed.

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