27 Signs He Cares More Than He Says He Does!

Signs He Cares More Than He Says

Some guys are terrible at showing their feelings and communicating – if you’re looking for signs he cares more than he says this article is for you!

If your boyfriend, husband – even just a good guy friend – doesn’t tell you how much he cares about you, it can be confusing at times.

The fact is; a lot of guys are not good at communicating their feelings.

But sometimes actions reveal more than words ever can.

We need the reassurance that our partners really do care deeply about us, you deserve to know that – and it feels good!

To help you read between the lines, here are 27 signs to look for that proves your man cares about you than he says:

27 Signs He Cares More Than He Says

1. He Surprises You (In a Good Way)

We all love surprises. If your guy randomly surprises you, it shows that he’s thinking about you, cares, and it’s an action that speaks louder than words.

2. He Really Listens to You

There is a difference between listening to someone, and really listening to them. Look for signs that your boyfriend is attentive and cares about what you have to say.

3. He Cares About Your Family and Friends

Guys can pick their partners, but they can’t pick the friends and family of their partners. If he goes out of his way to accept your friends and family, he’s a keeper!

4. He Talks About Your Future Together

If your partner talks about the future and includes you in the plans, it’s a sign that he either consciously or subconsciously cares about you more than he’s saying.

5. He Takes Good Care of You

This is an obvious one. You will know if your man is taking good care of you or not. If he is, you need to stop questioning if he cares about you.

6. He Uses Your Name

This is a small subtle habit that some guys have, and some don’t. If your man uses your name when talking to you, it’s a sign that he’s attentive, caring, and likes you.

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7. He’s Willing to Work on Himself

There are few things more frustrating than someone not willing to improve. On the flip side, when a man is willing to work on himself, he clearly values the relationship and you.

8. He Is Attentive to You

We all live busy lives and have a phone or some other gadget in our hands almost non-stop. If you have a guy who is more attentive to you than those distractions, that’s awesome.

9. He Is Willing to Go Out of His Way for You

If your man is willing to go out of his way for you, no matter how difficult he finds it to talk to you about how much he cares, this proves he does.

10. He Is Truthful With You

Truth and trust are the foundation of any relationship. If you’re sure your partner is always truthful with you, this is an exceptional quality to have in a partner.

11. He Notices the Small Things

From changing your hairstyle to painting your nails, it feels great to have your guy notice, doesn’t it? It’s a clear indication he cares when he does notice the small things.

12. He’s Man Enough to Admit When He Messes Up

A lot of guys find it hard to put their hands up and admit when they’ve done wrong. Most will only really do it if they care deeply about how you feel.

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13. He Treats Your Relationship as a Team Effort

Having a selfless partner who sees the two of you as a team is reassuring. It shows that he values you and your options.

14. He Doesn’t Let You Down

We all make mistakes, it’s possible that your man has let you down. But if he learns from those mistakes and tries not to let you down he clearly cares about you.

15. He Just Smiles at You Sometimes

You know that feeling inside when someone you like smiles at you. It’s awesome, isn’t it? When it’s someone you care about, it gives you that fuzzy feeling inside.

16. He’s Affectionate Towards You

We all want affection. Some guys are good at showing it, some aren’t. If your guy does, it’s safe to say that he cares about you!

17. He’s Protective Over You

There is a line between being overly protective, and lovingly protective. As long as he’s trending that line in the right place, being protective is a reassuring sign he cares.

18. He’s Proactive at Peacemaking

Arguments and tiffs happen in relationships, it’s how they’re handled that matters. If a guy wants to smooth things over quickly, and in the right way, he has a lot of love for you.

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19. He’s Generous

This isn’t measured by a strict monetary value. Even if you guy has very little, if he’s willing to give a lot, that’s often more assuring than someone who is rich giving a little.

20. He Laughs at Your Jokes

Do you still make your partner laugh? When the laughing stops, that’s when there really are signs of cracks appearing in the relationship.

21. He’s Always Checking in and Asking How You Are

Again, there is a line between checking in on a partner and being overbearing – when a guy is on the right side of the line he’s demonstrating that he cares about you.

22. He’s Is Interested in Your Hobbies

It’s nice when our partners show an interest in the hobbies and things we enjoy, even if they don’t enjoy them. It shows they care about the things that are important to us.

23. He Respects Your Privacy

Being in a relationship and showing your partner you care about them is as much about respecting our partner’s privacy as it is making sure they’re ok and checking in on them.

24. He Talks About You With His Friends

Does your partner talk about you with his friends? (In a good way, of course). That’s a sure-fire way of knowing he likes you, even if he doesn’t talk to you much about the two of you.

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25. He Involves You in His Plans

There are few worse feelings than being left out of plans with someone you care about. It rarely happens with someone who does care though.

26. He Puts You First

It feels great when a guy puts you and your needs first, doesn’t it? It’s not something to take for granted, there aren’t enough guys that do this.

27. He’s Not Glued to His Phone in Your Company

Let’s be honest here, too many people are glued to their phones and not paying enough attention to their partners. In fact, it’s estimated that as much as one-third of the population put their phones first.

If your partner puts his phone down and gives you 100% attention while you’re with him – you can certainly be sure that he cares for you, a lot!

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