7 Signs a Woman Is Nervous Around You

Signs a Woman Is Nervous Around You

Wondering what the signs a woman is nervous around you are? Trying to better understand a friend’s or date’s body language? I can help….

Picking up on other people’s body language is important. It helps you better understand how they’re feeling, how you’re making them feel, and what you can do to help put them at ease.

It’s pretty important when you’re on a date or spending time with someone you like – or think likes you – to help you get a better idea of whether or not they like you, right?

One of the most obvious signs a woman likes you is that you make her nervous. In a good way, of course.

It’s usually easy to tell if a woman is nervous. Here are X of the most common signs a woman is nervous in your company:

7 Signs a Woman Is Nervous Around You

She Keeps Fidgeting

Fidgeting is one of the most obvious giveaways a woman is nervous around you. I bet you’ve found yourself fidgeting when you’ve been nervous too at some point, right?

Most women play with their hair, adjust their clothes, or play with something in their hands, like their phone.

The best is that they’re usually not even aware that they’re doing it. Or, at least they can’t stop fidgeting as it’s a natural nervous response.

She Stutters or Stumbles Over Her Words

This is another nervous trait that has hit most of us at some point. When our brains are a bit scrambled because we’re anxious or nervous, it’s hard to get the words out fluidly.

If a woman is stumbling over a sentence or stuttering on a word here and there, something is flustering her.

Just be sure not to make a joke about it (unless done very tactfully), it’s often a source of embarrassment.

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She Laughs at Everything (Even Stuff That Really Isn’t Funny)

Nervous laughter is a real condition. I’m sure you’re funny and you have some great jokes, but let’s be honest, if a woman is laughing at everything you say it might be more nervous laughter than anything else.

There have been a number of studies into why people laugh when they’re nervous. According to Healthline, for some people it.s a cognitive defense mechanism. A way of reassuring themselves that whatever is making them feel uncomfortable isn’t a big deal.

Let’s just hope that when she’s a lot more comfortable around you she still finds you funny, eh!

She Keeps Popping to the Bathroom

Women are known to ‘powder their noses’ more often than necessary, and a huge trigger for these bathroom stops is feeling nervous or anxious.

According to the HuffingtonPost, the main theory as to why is because when we’re anxious, we enter into fight-or-flight mode. In doing so, our bodies contract our bladder muscles, and signals from our brains get a little scrambled.

The result; the need to pee more often. Of course, another explanation is that she might be running off and texting her friends about you!

She Doesn’t Hold Good Eye Contact

It’s hard to look someone in the eye when you’re nervous around them. You find yourself over-analyzing everything; am I staring too long? Does he think I’m staring? Am I blinking enough?

Remember I explained how signals from your brain are scrambled? It makes you behave anything but natural. You don’t even think about how/if you’re staring at someone usually, do you?

She Blushes or Is Visibly Flustered

Blushing and getting a little hot under the collar are always dead giveaways when someone has feelings for someone else. This is usually the reason why a woman is nervous around a guy.

Women are great at hiding when they’re blushing. Look for signs that she’s feeling flushed, such as mentioning hot warm it is – when it’s really not.

She Talks Too Much –  or Too Little

Nervousness can make some people almost giddy and excessively chatty. While some people clam up and can’t say anything at all.

If you know this girl well and you’ve seen her around friends, you’ll know how chatty she is. If she’s completely different around you – either chatting too much or not at all – it’s a sure sign of nerves.

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When a Girl Is Nervous Around You What Does It Mean

How Do You Tell If a Girl Is Nervous Around You?

Just lookout for any of the signs I covered above. When someone is nervous, there are loads of body language signals to pick up on.

Some girls also do some things specific to them. Such as blushing, getting too chatty, saying something silly before thinking – generally acting in a more manic way than they would normally.

When a Girl Is Nervous Around You What Does It Mean?

It really comes down to two main things; she either really likes you, or is scared of you.

More often than not it’s going to be a sign that she has a crush on you or strong feelings. If she’s scared in any way, it’s likely to be obvious. She won’t have the giggly, happy types of signs, it’ll be more anxious and fearful.

What Should You Do if a Woman Is Nervous Around You?

Well, as cute as it is, you should try not to make fun of her or make her any more uncomfortable than she already is.

It’s ok to pick up on little things, like saying, “it’s cute how you blush”, or “I love how chatty you are”. This makes it obvious you can tell she’s a little flustered but does not come across like you’re poking fun.

The sooner you address it, the sooner she’ll become more comfortable in your company though. It’s always a good idea to talk about her nervousness in some form.

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