10 Signs She Is Jealous of Your Relationship (+How to Act)

Signs She Is Jealous of Your Relationship

In this article, I’m looking at 10 signs she is jealous of your relationship – if you think someone you know is jealous of your relationship, see how many of the signs below ring true.

Jealousy is one of the more toxic emotions, it can drive normal people to do some pretty crazy things.

When someone is jealous of someone else, it’s often the sign of some kind of childhood trauma or a psychological problem.

People who are jealous typically feel insecure, inadequate, left out, and even victimized – and it often causes them to show some frustration or anger towards the person they are jealous of.

However, it’s important to know that it’s not your problem, and it’s not a result of something you’re doing.

If someone is single and they have low self-esteem or have had negative relationships and they see someone else in what they perceive to be a perfect relationship, this can often spark the jealousy monster to come out.

If one of your female friends is acting strange (which you think might be jealousy) around you, it may be because of this reason.

Below you’ll find 10 of the most common and obvious signs that someone is jealous of your relationship, as well as some tips as to what you should do about it:

10 Signs She Is Jealous of Your Relationship

She Wants to Hear Every Little Detail About Your Relationship

Is this person a little too keen to hear every little detail about your relationship?

When a woman is jealous of another woman’s relationship, she typically wants to know every little detail of what she’s missing out on.

This can become very uncomfortable, not just because you’re revealing personal intimate details but because you know they’re using it to fuel their jealousy. 

She Can’t Stand to Hear You Talk About Your Man

On the flipside, some women simply can’t handle hearing about how much fun you’re having with your man when they want him themselves.

If your friend changes the subject, cringes, or avoids talking about your relationship then this is clearly a sign that something is bothering her.

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You’re Being Left Out of Social Events

For women that find hearing details about your relationship hard enough, seeing the two of you together is a lot more painful.

If female friends are leaving you and your man out of social events then you have to question why they’re avoiding you both, and why.

She Is Starting Rumours About You or Your Man

Jealousy over relationships often manifests in that person wanting to sabotage the relationship so you can feel as miserable as they do.

Spreading nasty rumors is one of the most effective ways to cause rest within a relationship. If someone is spreading untrue rumors about you, they clearly have a hidden motive. 

Friends Are Telling You She Keeps Asking Them About Him

Have your friends been telling you that this woman keeps asking questions about your relationship and your man?

If so, this is her way of trying to find out more about the two of you without having to ask you directly and reveal that she has An unhealthy interest in your relationship.

She Is Acting Passive Aggressively Towards You

Passive aggression is one of the most upsetting and difficult things to confront most of the time.

It’s almost always obvious when someone is being passive aggressive, but the nature of this means that they’re avoiding confrontation and being direct with you.

If this person is avoiding you, criticizing you, making rude comments, and generally being negative, it almost always means that she is jealous. 

She Hates Seeing You and Your Man Be Affectionate

Taking ‘not wanting to hear about your relationship or see the two of you together’ one step further is finding it difficult to see you being affectionate with your man in front of her.

A real friend would be happy for you when you’re making public displays of affection for your man. A jealous friend is going to hate it as she wishes it was her in your place. 

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You Can Tell Her Compliments Are Insincere

Some jealous women are able to be around the people that they’re jealous of, and they might even be great at acting like they’re happy to see the two of you together. 

One thing that is always a lot more difficult to fake, however, is being sincere when paying compliments.

There’s something about looking someone in the eye and paying them a compliment. It’s incredibly difficult to lie and make an insincere compliment unless you are some kind of sociopath. 

She Tries To Find a Similar Boyfriend

One of the ways some women deal with their jealousy when they know there is no chance of them interfering with your relationship is to try and replicate your man.

I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve seen it several times. The jealous woman will try and find a man – or even change their existing partner – that looks, acts, and behaves like your man. 

She Thinks She Can Make You Jealous in Some Way

Feeling jealous of someone can feel very isolating. It also makes a person feel like they’re doing all the chasing (which they are), and like you’re the one with control over them. 

A way around this is for them to try and make the other person jealous of them. This puts them back in control or at least makes them think although they’re in control.

It really works though. Jealousy is not an emotion that can be easily inflicted on someone else, so you’re more likely to be aware that someone is trying to do this (such as bragging about their own relationship) than you are to fall foul of it.

What to Do When You Have a Jealous Friend

Dealing with a Jealous friend isn’t easy, because remember, it’s not your fault they’re jealous.

It’s due to them lacking self-esteem, dealing with their own issues, and other psychological reasons that you most likely can’t have a direct, positive impact on.

There are some things you can do to lessen the impact it is having on you and your relationship, however, which should be your first priority.

In turn, by being mindful of the situation, you may also be able to help them deal with their jealousy a little bit better.

Here are some of the best tips for dealing with someone who is jealous of your relationship:

Don’t Take It Personally

This is often easier said than done, especially when someone is jealous of you and your relationship personally.

But when you come to terms with the fact that it really has nothing to do with you, it will not bother you as much.

Don’t change anything to try and work around this person. It’s up to them to find a way to deal with their jealousy that isn’t eating them up inside.

Reduce Your Negative Interactions With Her

If the jealous person is a good friend, it’s normal to want to help them and to feel bad about excluding them from your life.

But unfortunately, this is something you’re going to have to do. If her jealousy is causing negative interactions between the two of you and/or your partner, it’s within everyone’s best interests if you start seeing her less.

This may actually help her come to terms but the fact that you can’t have what you do. It gives her fewer reminders of what she’s jealous of, and of course, time is a good healer of all things.

Let Her Know How You Feel – Without Being Emotionally Driven

It’s important you’re able to talk about how her behavior is making you feel – without being angry, confrontational, or doing anything to escalate the issue.

It’s one of those situations where you need to be the bigger person, no matter how negative or offensive they’re being.

Simply state that you know what they’re doing, let them know how it’s making you feel, and tell them you’re not going to be around them while they’re behaving in the jealous way they are.

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