8 Signs Another Woman Is Intimidated by You (+ How to Act)

Signs Another Woman Is Intimidated by You

Do you get the feeling that another woman is intimidated by you? 

Sometimes it’s a gut feeling, sometimes it’s an accumulation of different behaviors, and sometimes it’s just fairly obvious when someone is feeling intimidated by you. 

Either way, unless you set out to make another woman intimidated of you (which I’m sure you haven’t) it’s not a nice feeling, is it? 

There is a thin line between having a healthy respect for someone, being jealous over certain things, and being outright scared. 

In this article, I’m going to outline the most obvious signs to look for that another woman is intimidated by you. As well as some of the reasons why she may feel like this, and what you can do about it.

8 Signs Another Woman Is Intimidated by You

They Don’t Ask You Any Direct Questions About Yourself 

Sure, some people are just self-centered and are not interested in what people are doing. But someone who is intimidated will find it difficult to ask you any questions directly. 

You can try and test this by asking them a question and about something that you clearly have an interest in or knowledge in and seeing if they respond by asking your opinion. 

They Find It Hard to Make Eye Contact 

Eye contact is one of the body language cues that give away a lot about someone. Someone who cannot make eye contact is typically shy, lacking confidence, anxious about something, or intimidated. 

Take notice of where this woman is looking when they’re talking to you or how long they’re holding eye contact for. If it feels and looks unnatural, something is making her uncomfortable.

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They Put Distance in Between the Two of You 

If she is backing away from you or not even getting close to you in the first place, this is clearly showing you that she feels more comfortable with some distance between the two of you.

It’s often a sign that somebody wants to disengage from the conversation, that they feel threatened, and that they just don’t feel comfortable sharing the same space.

They Are Timid or Quiet Around You 

Even if she is showing you positive body language, there are some vocal cues that may back up your suspicion that she is intimidated by you. 

Two of the most obvious are being timid or quiet. This is especially true if this person is usually loud around other people. Stumbling over words, mumbling, and even speaking in a higher pitch than normal are also vocal cues of feeling intimidated. 

They Nervously Fidget 

If she is nervous around you but not typically nervous around other people, then there’s something about you that’s making her nervous. 

Look for small things like fidgeting with her hair, rubbing her hands, shaking her leg, anything that is out of the ‘norm’ for a person who is relaxed and comfortable.

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They Are Passive or Indecisive 

For me, it’s always frustrating when I know someone has the answer or has something to say but they just can’t come out and say it to me for some reason. 

If someone is avoiding your questions, being indecisive, or just going with whatever you say to make the situation easier, you have to question why they don’t feel as if they can speak up.

They Keep Asking Other People About You 

If she wants to know something about you but doesn’t have enough to ask herself, she’s going to have to ask someone else. 

Keep your ear to the ground. If people are telling you that she’s asking a lot of questions about you, you have to wonder why she’s not able to ask you these questions for yourself.

You Get the Feeling They Are Avoiding You 

Let’s be honest, no one likes feeling like they’re being avoided, right? But if someone is intimidated or afraid of someone, they’re going to go out their way to avoid them. 

Just think about some of the awkward social cues I’ve covered above. No one likes feeling intimidated, and the easy way out is to avoid the situation.

If the woman in question is avoiding crossing paths with you, think about why and how she interacts when you do see her.

Why Is Another Woman Intimidated by You?

Seeing, knowing, and realizing that another woman is intimidated by you is one thing. Understanding why they’re intimidated is the important thing, especially if you want to do something about it. 

It’s hard to say exactly why someone is intimidated of you without knowing the exact circumstances. However, some of the most common reasons why a woman is intimidated by another woman are because: 

  • You are in a higher position of power at work, and it’s somewhere she wishes to be 
  • You are bigger and an imposing physical figure to her 
  • She is jealous of you; might be to do with how you look, your financial status, partner, etc.
  • She has a thing for your partner and finds it difficult to be around you

All of these are assuming that you’re not trying to be intimidating, of course.

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How Can You Be Less Intimidating? 

More often than not, it’s not your fault another woman feels intimidated by you or when they’re around you. 

As I pointed out above, it’s usually due to their personality, the way they see you, or something else to do with you that isn’t within your control. 

That said, there are some things you can do to help them feel less intimidated. 

Two of the best ways are to speak with them about why you think they’re feeling like this, or do something to demonstrate that you’re not that scary! 

You have to be careful not to be too direct or come across as confrontational in any way though. 

For example, if it’s a work-related thing, slowly work your way into getting to know them better on a personal level. Show them you have a soft, human side and you’re not all business. 

If you think it’s because she is jealous of you for some reason, this is a tough hurdle to get over. All you can do is treat her with a little more sensitivity and not flaunt whatever she’s jealous of.

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2 thoughts on “8 Signs Another Woman Is Intimidated by You (+ How to Act)”

  1. I feel this way when I get really dolled up with makeup, lipstick, and eye lashes which, is what I sometimes like to do just to feel better about myself. Nevertheless some women make me feel uncomfortable as if I’ve done something wrong. At first I thought it was my imagination but after dealing with it for so long of a time I know it’s very real. I use to try to downplay myself in order to fit in and I was felt like I was the one who had to make it my job to make others feel good about themselves in order to be liked or not ignored or mistreated. But now at 59 years of age I’m tired of doing that. It’s not my responsibility to make you feel good about yourself. I’m not your personal cheerleader. Sometimes I get mad about the way I’ve been treated. I’m not saying I’m the most prettiest woman out there but I know I’m not ugly and I am attractive. So now I’m glad I see it for what it is and I will ask Jehovah to help me to proceed and not to have hurt feelings. But I cannot play myself down to make others feel good.


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