My Crush Drives By My House! (What This Means)

Crush Drives by My House

Does your crush drive past your house?

Like, often?

There is a fine line between being a bit stalkerish and creepy – and not being able to resist trying to get a glimpse of someone you like!

I’m sure you like them, that’s why they’re your crush, so if your crush drives past your house on a regular basis it’s a positive sign.

Here’s how to handle this situation, what it means, and what you should do:

Does Your Crush Drive by Your House?

If you keep seeing your crush drive past your house, before jumping to conclusions you should ask yourself the following questions:

Is It Part of Their Usual Route?

First, you should find out if your crush’s drive by is part of their usual route. If it is, then it’s not that big of a deal.

I know how badly you want to believe that they’re driving past with the hope of seeing you, but it might not be the case.

It’s possible that they’re just going about their day and just happen to pass by your house.

On the other hand, if you know for sure that their route doesn’t usually include driving by your house, then it’s definitely worth paying attention to.

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How Often Are They Driving Past Your House?

You also have to ask yourself how often you’re really seeing them drive past.

Take into account that you’re probably on high alert for seeing their car as you have a crush on them and want to see them.

So, if you see them once or maybe twice in a week, it’s probably not that big of a deal.

But, if you find yourself seeing their car almost every day, then it might be time to start considering that they’re purposely driving by your house!

Do They Slow Down When They Pass Your House?

This is a pretty big tell that your crush may be purposely driving by your house.

If you see them driving past and they suddenly slow down, it’s definitely a sign that they’re trying to get your attention!

It might even be a sign that they’re trying to muster up the courage to stop, get out and talk to you.

Do They Know Where You Live For Sure?

Another question you should ask yourself is whether or not your crush knows where you live.

If they do, then fair enough, it’s likely that they’re purposely driving by your house in an effort to see you.

But, if they don’t know where you live for sure, it might just be a coincidence that they keep driving past!

If You Wave at Them Do They Wave Back?

You may not have tried this yet, but you should wave at them while they’re driving past and seeing how they react.

If they smile and wave back, it’s a good sign that they definitely know who you are and are happy to see you too!

However, if they don’t react or look away quickly, it might be an indication that they’re a bit embarrassed and didn’t intend on being caught!

Have You Mentioned It to Them?

Have you ever mentioned to your crush that you’ve seen them driving past your house?

If you have, what was their reaction?

Did they seem surprised or did they play it off like it was no big deal?

If you haven’t mentioned it to them yet, maybe now is the time!

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What Does It Mean If Your Crush Drives Past Your House?

If you find yourself in a situation where your crush is driving past your house often, it could mean a few different things.

They might be trying to get your attention or they might just be coincidentally driving past on their usual route.

I would say that if you see them driving by more than once, it’s definitely worth considering that they might be doing it on purpose.

Also, I’m sure you’re not spending all day looking out of the window so consider how often they drive past and you don’t even notice!

Most crushes are between two people where at least one is unattainable or one person doesn’t even know about the crush, so it never amounts to anything.

So, if you’re seeing your crush drive past and make such a positive step and display that they’re aware that you have a crush on them and they’re interested in you, that’s huge!

If you want to take your relationship to the next stage, this is the perfect opportunity.

Is It Stalking if Your Crush Keeps Driving Past Your House?

I want to also address the elephant in the room;

I can see how some people might say it’s stalking if someone keeps deliberately driving past where someone lives, but it’s about context.

If their intentions are honest and good and the two of you like each other, then it’s not stalking.

Stalking is an aggressive form of harassment. It means the stalker is obsessed with the person they’re targeting, and the victim doesn’t want anything to do with them.

This isn’t the case when you have a crush on each other.

However, if you do find it creepy or annoying in any way, you should speak to your crush and let them know.

If they care about you, which I’m sure they do, they’ll be embarrassed and stop driving past immediately as they now know it’s making you uncomfortable.

As the saying goes, ‘love makes us do crazy things’ and for some people, that means driving by their crush’s house to get a look at them!

Image credits – Photo by ISABEL PEREZ on Unsplash

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