10 Signs He’s NOT Cheating On You!

Signs He’s Not Cheating On You

There are loads of lists of signs a guy or girl is cheating, but what about those who just want reassurance that their partner is not cheating?

That’s what I decided to cover in this post, because being positive is healthier than thinking the worst.

If you want to check your guy – here are 10 signs he’s not cheating on you and loves you dearly!

10 Signs He’s Not Cheating on You

1. He’s Always Available When You Need Him

If someone is able to always make themselves available, this is a pretty good sign that he’s not cheating or doesn’t have another woman to see.

When a guy is cheating, the most difficult part is balancing both women and this can cause quite the scheduling issues at times!

I’m not suggesting you test your partner by asking him to suddenly come home or change plans, but knowing he’s never ‘off the grid’ is a big deal.

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2. He Doesn’t Spend Time on His Phone When You’re Together

Another red flag that your guy is up to something that he doesn’t want you to know about is if he’s on his phone – and hiding it from you – a lot when you’re together.

This also goes for if he’s spending a lot of time on his laptop or tablet when you’re in the same room.

Don’t jump to any crazy conclusions if he is being secretive about his phone – but if he’s not, it’s a good sign.

3. He’s Very Present in The Relationship and Attentive

When a guy is cheating, he’s not going to be as attentive as he should be or as present in the relationship because his focus is divided.

It weighs heavily on the mind cheating and balancing two lives – or at least he should – and this often shows if you know what to look for.

Having an attentive boyfriend or husband is a sign he’s not cheating, and it’s also something to enjoy as it’s great for your relationship.

4. You Can Feel the Chemistry when You’re Together

Romantic chemistry is something that’s pretty hard to fake, so if you feel a strong connection with your partner – it’s likely he feels the same.

When a guy is cheating, it’s pretty difficult to maintain that ‘spark’ because he’s thinking about the other woman and his feelings will betray him.

It’s also like a gut feeling or intuition when something isn’t right in a relationship.

This is how many women first get that feeling that their guy is cheating, and it starts to unravel from that first ‘feeling’ that something is off.

5. He Shows You and Your Relationship Off on Social Media

If your guy is always happy to post photos of you two on social media and includes you in his posts often, this is a good sign!

When a guy is cheating or wants to keep his options open, one of the most obvious signs is that he’s getting all secretive on social media.

So, if pictures of the two of you all loved up are filling his timeline, it’s a strong sign he’s committed to you.

6. His Friends Are Reliable and Trustworthy

You can tell a lot about a guy by the friends he keeps. This actually applies to all aspects of his life.

If your man hangs out with decent, moral, and respectful friends, it’s more likely he’s also going to act like that.

On the flip side, if your guy is hanging out with players and cheaters, this is a huge red flag.

7. He Never Lets You Down

Cheating leaves clues, and one of those clues is that a guy will keep letting you down because he’s running around cheating on you.

If your man is loyal, reliable, and never lets you down, this is a good sign that he’s not cheating you.

In part, it’s because he doesn’t have time or will be making up too many excuses so that he can’t let you down.

8. He Shows You Affection in Public

Some guys aren’t comfortable showing affection in public and some are, but it’s a great sign if your guy does.

Unless he’s cold-hearted, it’s hard for a guy to be affectionate when he knows he’s cheating.

Whether it means he’s faithful or not, I’m sure you enjoy being doted on in public and I hope it stays that way for you.

9. All of His Friends Say He’s Crazy About You

Sometimes guys are hard to read or just don’t tell you how they’re feeling, but their friends might be able to give you more insights.

If your guy’s friends – and they’re good friends – are always telling you how much he’s into you, that’s a good sign he’s not cheating on you!

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10. He Does Cute Little Things Like Surprises

When a guy is cheating, he’s much less likely to bother with little surprises and treats because his focus is elsewhere.

If your guy is still surprising you, giving you gifts, treating you with the respect you deserve, and showing you how much he loves you – don’t doubt him.

He’s probably not cheating on you!

If your guy is exhibiting any or all of these signs, then there’s a good chance he’s not cheating.

At the end of the day, no matter how sly someone is they need the time and circumstances to be able to cheat.

If your guy is attentive, always available or you know where he is, and treats you in a loving and respectful way – it’s almost not possible he’s cheating!

If you have doubts or insecurities and are always questioning him or just keeping these feelings to yourself, I hope you can start to trust your guy more.

The last thing you want to do is accuse him of anything or doubt him, it’s only going to have a negative effect on your relationship in the long run!

Image credits – Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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