15 Signs He Thinks You’re Too Good for Him (& Overcoming This)

Signs He Thinks You’re Too Good for Him

Whether it’s social class, your background, how well you’re doing, or a guy’s own self-esteem.

Sometimes, a guy will think you’re too good for him and this can seriously harm your relationship.

It’s important you’re able to identify the signs that a guy feels this way so you can do something to reassure him that you don’t feel the same.

Here Are 15 Signs He Thinks You’re Too Good for Him!

1. You Come from A Wealthy Background

This is a classic way one person in a relationship feels like they’re not good enough for their partner.

If you come from money and your guy doesn’t, it’s likely he’ll feel like he can’t provide for you the way he wants to and it’ll hurt his pride.

This can be a tough barrier to overcome from his side, even if you’re reassuring him that it doesn’t make a difference to you.

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2. You’re Much Higher Educated Than He Is

If you have a Masters degree and he only has a GED, it’s likely he’ll feel like an idiot around you – even if it’s not the case.

This feeling of inadequacy can make him withdraw from you and the relationship, as he doesn’t want to feel embarrassed in front of you.

It’s also a common reason why a guy wouldn’t approach a girl in the first place, which is a shame.

3. He Thinks You’re More Attractive than He Is

It’s not just looks, it’s also charm, charisma and confidence.

If a guy feels like he doesn’t measure up to you in these departments, he’ll feel like you’re too good for him.

It can make him insecure and feel like you’ll leave him for someone better looking and often comes down to his own insecurities and low self-esteem.

4. Other Guys Are Always Asking You Out

If other guys are interested in you and hitting on you, this is going to chip away at your partner if he isn’t confident.

It’ll make him feel like he’s not respected if the other guys know he’s going out with you and will leave him feeling like he’s not on your level.

5. He’s Shy and You’re Confident

This is a big one and it is often the cause of issues in a relationship.

If you’re confident and outgoing and your guy is reserved and shy, you’re going to keep running into awkward social situations.

If you’re the life of the party and the center of attention, it’s going to isolate your guy and make him feel like you’re too good for him.

6. You’re Doing Better Professionally than He Is

This is another one that comes down to pride and self-esteem.

If you’re doing well in your career and making more money than him there is a good chance he’s going to feel like you’re too good for him and you deserve better.

This is especially true if he’s run into hard times and things are spiraling down for him right now.

It’s a good time to offer him some emotional support and remind him that things will get better and also that professional accomplishments shouldn’t make him feel inferior.

7. You’re More Independent than He Is

If you’re independent and don’t need a man to take care of you, it’s likely your guy will feel like he’s not good enough for you.

This is because it’s still seen as the social norm or the traditional role where the man is the provider and able to take care of his woman.

Even if you don’t want those roles, knowing it’s not an option can bruise a man’s ego.

8. You’re Willing to Go out Of Your Comfort Zone and He Isn’t

If you’re willing to try new things and he’s not, it can make him feel like he’s not able to keep up with you and make you happy.

This is likely because he’s not willing to push himself as he doesn’t have the confidence.

It’ll leave him feeling like he has to try harder and do more to make you happy, which can be tough if he doesn’t have the energy or motivation.

9. You’re Doing Much Better Financially than He Is

Finances are one of the major causes of arguments in relationships, and it often stems from who is making the most.

If you’re in a good financial situation and he’s not, it can make him feel like he can’t provide for you the way he wants and also comes back to his male ego.

This is a difficult one to make him feel better about as he’ll only start to feel like he’s on your level if he can increase his income.

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10. He’s Lacking Self-Esteem

This is the core reason behind a lot of a guy’s reasons when he feels like he’s not good enough for you, like you’re too good for him, you’re out of his league, etc.

He’s going to need to work on his self-esteem if he wants to believe – and know – that you’re good enough for each other.

This is something he needs to do for himself, but some encouragement and support from you is going to go a long way.

11. Your Parents Think He’s Not Good Enough for You

If your parents don’t approve of him or think he’s not good enough for you, there is a good chance it’s going to make him question himself.

Especially if he’s looking forward to the future and seeking their approval for marriage etc.

Having family members not approve of a partner is a tough bridge to repair, it’s something you try and resolve instead of pushing back.

12. He’s Finding It Difficult to Get on With Your Friends

If he’s finding it difficult to connect with your friends or they seem to dislike him, it can make him feel like he doesn’t fit in.

Whatever the reason may be, he might convince himself that he’s not fitting in because he’s not good enough for you and your friends don’t approve.

These kinds of feelings can bubble under the surface and get worse over time, not to mention it causes issues with him not being able to hang out with your friends.

13. You Can’t Relate to His Friends

On the other hand, if you can’t relate with his friends or get along with them it can cause just as many issues.

It’s never good when those close to us don’t all get along and it’s a common cause of fractures in a relationship.

Also, he might start to feel like he needs to pick between you and his friends, which is a difficult decision for anyone.

14. He’s Cheated in The Past and You Haven’t

If he’s cheated before – either on you or in a previous relationship – and you haven’t, it can leave him feeling like he’s not good enough for you.

This is because he’s still carrying some guilt or shame about what he did, and it also makes him realize that he’s capable of cheating.

Obviously, this isn’t fair to carry into a new relationship but it’s not that uncommon.

15. People Have Asked What You See in Him

Sometimes we start to create doubts based on what we hear other people saying – even though we know we shouldn’t care what others think.

If people are questioning your relationship, and more so what you see in him, it’s going to make him feel like people are judging him and questioning if he’s good enough for you.

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