Online Dating: Guy Doesn’t Ask Questions? (What It Means)

Online Dating Guy Doesn’t Ask Questions

If you’re in the online dating scene and you’ve met a guy who doesn’t ask any questions, you’re not alone.

Some guys are not good at asking questions, but does it mean they aren’t interested in you?

It can mean a few different things when a guy doesn’t ask anything about you, here is a look at what it means and what you should do:

Why Do Some Guys on Online Dating Sites Not Ask Questions?

There could be a few reasons why the guy you’re talking to doesn’t ask any questions.

The main reasons are likely to be:

He’s Not Interested in Getting to Know You

Unfortunately, this is the most likely reason why a guy doesn’t ask any questions. If he’s not interested in you, he’s not going to bother getting to know you.

A guy might be polite enough to answer any questions you ask, and might even seem to be enjoying some small talk.

But if he doesn’t ask you questions to find out more about you, it’s a strong sign that he’s just not interested.

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He’s Just Really Bad at Small Talk or Maybe He’s Shy

Some guys are just really bad at small talk and are socially awkward. They might want to know more about you but just don’t know how to ask.

If a guy is this bad at communicating online, you have to see it as a red flag as to how shy and awkward he’s going to be in person.

I’m not trying to talk you out of meeting him though. If you like him and you think he’s just shy, don’t let that stop you from trying to get to know him better!

He’s Too Busy and Not Giving You His Full Attention

Another possibility is that the guy you’re talking to is just really busy.

He might be juggling a lot of different things in his life and he might not have the time to ask you questions.

Although, this is a really poor excuse, to be honest. It’s more likely that he’s too busy and distracted texting multiple women online than it is that he’s too busy in real life.

It only takes a few seconds to ask someone a question online, if being too busy is his excuse – he’s also too busy to see you so you should probably pass on him.

How to Help the Online Dating Guy Who Doesn’t Ask Questions

If the guy you’re talking to seems interested in getting to know you but doesn’t ask any questions, try asking him some about himself.

This will help get the conversation flowing and he’ll start to open up.

If the guy is really bad at small talk, try breaking the ice by asking him about his favorite things or what he’s been up to lately.

If he’s too busy, try to find out what he does for a living and how long he’s been doing it.

Any of these questions should help get the conversation going.

If the guy still doesn’t ask any questions after you’ve asked him some about himself, it might be time to move on.

There are plenty of other guys out there who will be interested in getting to know you.

The biggest giveaway here as to whether or not the guy is interested in you will come after you stop messaging him.

If he doesn’t bother to ask why you’ve stopped messaging him, you made the right decision.

On the flip side, any guy who’s genuinely interested in you will miss talking to you – even if he wasn’t asking you any questions – and will reach out to you.

Why Do Some Guys Never Ask Questions on Dates?

If you’ve got to the actual date and not just messaging online and the guy still isn’t asking you any questions, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons:

If the guy is really interested in you, he’ll loosen up over time. But if he’s just not that interested, he’ll likely remain quiet and reserved.

You can help the guy on a date loosen up by asking him questions about himself and giving him time to answer.

Try not to be overpowering and dominate the conversation.

The more space and time you give him to talk, the more likely it is he’ll open up and start asking about you.

Remember, you might have nerves of steel, but going on first dates (or even subsequent dates) is a nerve-racking experience for most guys.

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Wrapping Up

There are a few different reasons why some guys never ask questions on dates, but before jumping to conclusions it’s best that you give him a chance.

Some guys are just nervous, shy, and outright bad at communicating online – and in-person – but they still might be really into you.

It’s worth giving the guy some leeway, being patient, and helping him open up a bit.

If he still doesn’t show that he’s interested, you can walk away knowing you gave him a chance and it’s just not meant to be!

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