11 Signs She Doesn’t See a Future With You (And What To Do About It)

Signs She Doesn't See a Future With You

Looking for telltale signs that she doesn’t see a future with you? Worried about the state of your relationship right now?

If you’re feeling insecure about your relationship and what the future holds, all the signs and answers are usually there if you know what to look for.

Here are some of the common signs that indicate a woman doesn’t see a future for the two of you:

Physical Intimacy Isn’t the Same 

A lack of physical intimacy or drastic change in this aspect of the relationship is often the first sign a woman has mentally checked out.

It’s easy to make excuses; too tired, not enough time, not feeling it, etc. But the reality is that if she’s not into you physically, there isn’t a future ahead.

She Doesn’t Respond To Messages Quickly

We’re all aware of how easy it is to quickly reply to a text message nowadays. If your girlfriend or partner is taking longer and longer to respond, it might seem like a small thing but it’s a huge red flag.

It’s really just a sign that she’s not thinking about you first. If you and the relationship is not a priority, you have some issues to work out before thinking about the future.

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You’re Starting To Suspect She’s Cheating

I’m not trying to say that there’s never suspicions or doubts in a healthy relationship. However, if it’s starting to become more than doubts, you need to figure out why you feel like this.

If you find out that she has in fact been cheating, it’s crisis talks time. You need to resolve the issues you’re going through right now before looking towards the future together.

She Puts Her Friends Before You

Remember when the relationship was new and you always put each other first? Naturally, things change over time, but if your partner is strictly putting her friends before you it’s a sign she’s not into you anymore.

It might just be a passing phase. Talk to her about it and tell her how it makes you feel. If she still doesn’t change, it’s a huge red flag.

There’s Never Any Talk About the Future

A lot of people in a happy relationship – and I think this applies to women in particular – love talking about the future and painting a picture of what it would look like.

If there’s never any talk about the future, and this could be anything from weeks to years, then the reality is she probably doesn’t see or want a future with you in it.

She’s Stopped Making Effort for You

One of the most obvious signs that a relationship is on the slide is when a woman stops making an effort when spending time with you.

Worse still, if she starts making more effort when she’s going out with friends and doing stuff without you, trouble is ahead.

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She Keeps Asking You If You See a Future for the Relationship

If your partner keeps throwing out questions like, “ where do you see our relationship in x years?” ”Or, are you happy with how things are going between us?” They’re fishing for your response to give them an out.

It’s pretty much the opposite of them voluntarily telling you how they see the future for the two of you.

It Seems Like You Annoy or Bother Her

There are few worse feelings in a relationship than feeling like your existence or presence just annoys your partner.

Most of us have been there. Those cute little things we once loved, like the way our partners smile, watching them sleep, the cute things they say, etc.

When all of those things plus many other things now annoy the other person, it’s a bad sign.

You’re Always Fighting Over Small Things

Are you always bickering and fighting over small things? It’s not always an indication that there’s no future or no hope for the relationship, but it’s certainly a kink in the armor.

The real test is whether or not you can reverse the tide by making some changes. Because I’m sure you’ll agree, you don’t want a future full of fighting and falling out.

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She Won’t Commit To Long-Term Plans 

If trying to plan vacations or events one, or even two years in the future is met with resistance, it sounds like her future doesn’t involve you, doesn’t it?

This is always a good way to test how someone’s feeling about the future. Suggest making plans and see what she says.

She Won’t Introduce You To Members of Her Family 

This is more important to some people than others. If your partner is close to her family, being introduced to those she’s close with is a positive sign that she sees a future with you.

If she’s constantly making excuses and leaving you out of family gatherings, I’d question why she doesn’t want to integrate you into her family.

What Should You Do Next?

Whether you found evidence that your partner doesn’t see a future for you or you just have your suspicions, you have to talk openly about it with her.

Keeping these feelings and emotions inside isn’t healthy for your relationship. Take it from me, even if it’s bad news, it’s better that you talk it out now than later down the road.

I can’t tell you what she has in store, only you and your partner can figure that out based on how you both feel.

But bringing it up in conversation and talking openly about how you feel is the only way to find out.


Image credits – Photo by Dương Hữu on Unsplash

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