14 Clear Signs a Man Is Done With the Relationship

Signs a Man Is Done With the Relationship

Being in a one-sided relationship with someone who has mentally – or physically – checked out is horrible.

You owe it to yourself to do something about it if you find yourself in this situation. Even if this means doing the breaking up on behalf of your man because he can’t man up and do it himself.

Here are some of the telltale signs that a man is done with the relationship and wants out – but probably hasn’t found the right time or courage to leave.

14 Signs Your Partner Is Done With You and Your Relationship

The Physical Contact Has Stopped

Men are physical creatures if your man has stopped showing an interest in physical contact such as being intimate it’s a strong sign he’s moving on.

He may have already moved on and is getting his physical needs met elsewhere. Or, he may have lost those feelings that used to attract him to you.

He’s Always Picking on Small Things You Do

This is one of the worst feelings, isn’t it? Having every little thing you do picked on or criticized, even though you’re doing your best.

It’s usually a sign that the person is frustrated and tired of the relationship. If he’s always done it, it may be a personality thing. But if it’s increased recently it’s a bad sign for the future of your relationship.

He’s Not Bringing up Anything That Bothers Him

This is the opposite of the point above but is still the same signal that a man is done with the relationship.

If he doesn’t care enough to point out things that annoy him, he’s moved on mentally. It’s a personality thing, some people will get annoyed at everything, while others will no longer care.

You Get the “Feeling” He’s Cheating

This is another of those sinking feelings that can cause stress on a relationship. Have you been noticing your man has started staying out late, texting other people more than you, seeing you less…

It doesn’t mean he’s cheating for sure. But these are all flags that he’s becoming less interested in you, and more interested in other people.

He’s Taking Longer and Longer to Respond to Your Messages

Remember those feelings when you used to wait just to receive a message from your partner?

It’s normal for that initial excitement to drop off, but if he’s barely responding it’s more a sign that he doesn’t care. If he’s not responding at all and you have to keep bugging him – huge red flag.

He Has a History of Cheating

No one wants to catch or find out about their partner cheating. It’s not always the end of the relationship, however, and it doesn’t always mean your man doesn’t love you anymore.

If it happens again, and even another time or as many times as you stick around for, it does mean they don’t respect you or the relationship. If there’s a history of cheating, it’s time to part ways.

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He’s Making Way More Effort on Himself

Has your man started taking a lot more pride in his appearance? Buying new clothes, smelling good, working out… but not spending more time with you?

We both know what this means. He’s trying to improve his appearance to attract other women and play the field.

He’s Down or Depressed

There can be a number of reasons for someone feeling down. If you can tie it into some of the other cues in this article and clearly see he’s not happy at home, it’s to do with the relationship.

A lot of people can’t find the courage to break up a relationship and will spiral into depression and destructive behavior instead. This is way worse, be the bigger person and help him talk it out.

He’s Prioritizing Other Things Over You

You should be his number one, as I’m sure he’s yours. He should drop everything for you, and always have your best interests at the forefront of his mind.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean canceling important engagements, etc but if your man is literally prioritizing taking a bath over going to dinner with you, it’s time to have that talk.

You’re Getting Into Fights More Often

A little spat here and there is normal. At least for most couples, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If your arguments are escalating and getting worse, however, you will probably have noticed the increasing stress on the relationship too. Do something before it hits boiling point and something happens you’ll both regret.

Communication Has Broken Down

Good communication is the key to a healthy and enjoyable relationship. On the flip side, bad communication is almost always the cause or one of the causes of the breakdown of a relationship.

If your man is no longer opening up to you and communicating like he used to, it’s a sign that he’s done with the relationship. Or at least going through some serious doubts. 

He Talks About Leaving

If your man wants out of the relationship but doesn’t have the strength to walk away, he might start talking about leaving to test how you react.

It’s not a nice way to get onto the topic, but I see it all the time. He wants you to tell him it’s ok, or that you want out, that it’s for the best, etc.

You Can Just Tell

Don’t underestimate your gut feelings. I’m saying you should always act on a gut feeling, but you know your boyfriend, husband, partner, better than anyone else.

If you get that sinking feeling in your stomach that he doesn’t want to be in the relationship any longer, it’s worth looking into it. 

He Begrudges Spending on You

One of the first resources outside of love and affection that’ll get pulled with someone is no longer interested in another person is money.

If he’s started moaning or complaining about buying things for you or joint spending, his mind is elsewhere. Maybe he wants his money for an escape fund, another woman, it’s something to find out.


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  1. i hey i been with my bf 4 years one min he say he need space a break to his self the next he try to say to family and friends that he dont want be with me but hasnt told me that but once and recently switches saying he love me im his everything he not going anywhere all lovey dovey but seen the messages he say opposite that he ready split on me trying to plan his escape like guntanamo bay type i dont know what to believe

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