How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Tired of You: 15 Clear Signs

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Tired of You

Do you get the feeling – or have evidence – that your girlfriend is tired of you and the relationship?

If so, you owe it to yourself to do something about it. If she’s over you, it’s time to let go so you can both move on and find happiness.

If you need further convincing, look for some of these classic signs that women display when they’re over their partners and wanting to move on.

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Tired of You: 15 Signs

She No Longer Wants to Be Intimate

Lack of intimacy – and this can mean any kind of physical contact – is usually one of the first signs that a woman has mentally checked out on a relationship.

This may mean she’s getting her physical needs met elsewhere. Or it might just mean she’s tired of you and doesn’t have feelings or an attraction to you any longer.

You’re Suspicious That She’s Cheating

You shouldn’t get the feeling that your girlfriend is cheating on you when you’re in a happy and healthy relationship.

If those feelings have started creeping in, there might be something to it. Even if there isn’t if they are acting as they’ve moved on it’s a clear sign they’re ready to.

They Take Ages to Reply to Your Calls and Text Messages

Let’s be honest. In this digital age we live in, we can tell a lot about someone by how quickly and how often they text, as well as what they’re saying when they text you.

You’ll know how quickly your girlfriend typically responds to your messages. If they are taking longer and longer to respond or even not responding at all, they’re tired of you bothering them.

Nothing Seems to Bother Her Anymore

There are two ways someone who is over a relationship can go; they will either move on mentally and not be bothered by anything, or they’ll get irritated by everything and keep picking on things you do.

If nothing you do seems to bother her any longer, that might be how your girlfriend deals with being tired of you.

Every Little Thing You Do Bothers Her

As I mentioned, the other way it can go is your girlfriend getting bothered by every little thing you do.

This is a horrible way to live. It feels like you have to tread on eggshells and can’t do anything right. It’s not a productive way to coexist, and will often escalate to the point of arguing and fighting.

Her Friends Come First Now

Has she made the switch from putting you before her friends to her friends before you? In a perfect world, there would be a balance between you and her friends, but it rarely works out like this.

If your gf has started going out with her friends over spending time with you, it’s a clear shift in her priorities and how she views the relationship between the two of you.

She’s Making More Effort – But Not for You

When a woman starts taking more effort in her appearance, the most likely explanation is that she’s trying to impress someone or attract other men.

If she’s getting her hair done, buying new outfits, working out more, etc and spending more time going out with friends, it’s a sure sign she’s wanting to explore more options.

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She’s Depressed or Having Mood Swings

Depression is a serious illness and can be caused by a number of things, I’m not playing that down.

However, if it’s clear that the relationship, or more directly you are the cause of her mood swings and feeling down it’s time for crisis talks.

You’ve Caught Her Cheating

A lot of couples get past an incident of cheating, it doesn’t always mean it’s the end of the relationship. But it might mean she’s over you, and that’s something you need to face up to.

Have a serious talk with her. No matter how much you don’t want the relationship to end, give her an out if she needs it. It’s better for both of you if you part ways if she’s done and willing to start cheating.

She Jokes About Breaking up or Mentions It Often

Has your girlfriend been mentioning what it would be like to break up, or joking about leaving? Does it give you that sinking feeling in your stomach that she means it?

Most people find it hard to talk about ending a relationship. But it’s very easy to joke about it. It’s like testing the waters, to see what you say. She wants you to help by agreeing or reassuring her that it’s what you want to.

You’re Not Longer a Priority

We all have a lot of things to balance, and when it comes to people’s emotions and feelings it can get difficult.

I’m not saying if your girlfriend puts going out or seeing her parents first sometimes it’s a sign she’s over you. If you’ve seen a big shift in her priorities, however, such as putting painting her nails in front of you, it’s a red flag.

Your Fights Are Escalating

Are you fighting more often and are the fights getting worse? There’s nothing worse than not getting along, and if this is the case the root cause may be because she’s tired of you and airing her frustrations.

Instead of staying in a relationship where the arguments are escalating, you need to talk it out.

You’re No Longer Communicating

You may have noticed a theme reading through this post, a lot of relationship issues stem from poor communication. Whether this is because you’ve never had a good communication, or because one person is pulling back.

Women can become withdrawn and closed up emotionally when they’re tired of a partner. This is opposed to men being more physical by nature.

Money Is Becoming an Issue

When one party in a relationship isn’t fully committed, money often becomes a sticking point.

If your girlfriend no longer wants to spend money on joint things or on you, it’s a clear sign she’s shifted her priorities elsewhere.

Arguing about money is one of the worst things. Don’t let the stress go in that direction, talk about what the issues are and see what she’s willing to say.

You Just “Know”

You will know your girlfriend better than anyone. Sometimes a person just knows when their partner is tired of them, you know?

Whether it’s their gut telling them, a feeling, or a combination of the signs discussed above. I don’t advise acting or doing anything crazy on gut instinct. But don’t ignore it either, it’s time to talk to her if you’re getting strong feelings she’s tired of you.


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  1. Thomas Schneider

    I’ve been with my lady for 4 years just last oct she stopped wanting to have s with me ? She has said its because of her beliefs and she now wants to wait till we get married . sge has 3 kids and they are in there 20s when i come over to see her she always comes outside since oct ive been in her house 4 times in 10 months ? when we first met there was never this issue ? I have tried talking to her about things and she says she dosnt know how to ANSWER ? She seems very distant in this relationship ? My patients are REALLY wearing thin in this ! I don’t know what to do anymore ? I want to break off THE ENGAGEMENT ? And walk away

  2. I can definitely relate to this post, my girlfriend is seemingly tired of me as this post suggests. thanks for phil for the advices, i have been with her 10 years and she stopped popping her pussy to me everytime i get home from work.

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