Here’s What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Tired of You

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Tired of You

If you’re looking for answers as to what to do when your boyfriend is tired of you, I can help.

I might not tell you exactly what you want to hear, but I’ve coached, consulted, and helped a number of people through this tough situation in their relationship before.

There are two parts to this;

Understanding and properly interpreting the signs that your boyfriend really is tired of you, and

Dealing with the situation in a mature and sensible manner, while accepting the outcome

Let’s look at the first part;

Classic Signs Your Boyfriend Is Tired of You

If you’ve noticed any of the following, there is cause for concern:

He’s Always Annoyed With You, Especially When You’re Being Nice or Affectionate

There are few worse feelings than being into someone and doing something affectionate, only to be pushed away. Or worse, have that person be annoyed at your efforts.

If you’ve noticed a change in his behavior over time, this is always one of the classic signs someone is tired of another person.

Communication Has Come to a Halt

If he can’t be bothered to communicate and talk through whatever is going on with him, that’s a sign he’s too tired with the relationship to expend that time and energy.

If you’re comfortable talking to him about it, try doing so. He might reveal how he feels, or he might shut down either further. If he does, you can take this as a sign he’s giving up.

He Doesn’t Show Concern or Ask How You’re Doing

You know someone is tired of you when they don’t remember, or even care to ask about how you’re doing.

If he’s forgetting important events or showing a lack of interest in things that mean a lot to you, this is also a sign.

He Gets Angry With or at You Over Little Things

Has your boyfriend been getting more annoyed or angry about little things as time has gone on?

It may be due to some other problems he is experiencing, so don’t jump to conclusions. But take a deeper look at why he’s getting angry with you. It might be due to a lack of patience.

He’s Stopped Including You in Social Events

One of the most obvious signs is one a partner starts excluding, or just not inviting their partner to social events they’re going to.

Even worse, if he makes excuses as to why you can’t go or you’re being ghosted by his friends, these are all bad signs.

You’re Spending Less Time Together

Whatever the reasons are, have you been spending less and less time together? If so, this is a sign cracks are starting to show in the relationship.

I’m not suggesting you should still be spending as much time together as when the relationship was new. It’ll be obvious if you’re drifting apart though, and if it’s down to him you need to address the reasons why.

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What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Tired of You?

So, you’ve identified one or more of the signs above. Or maybe even some signs unique to you that helps to confirm your boyfriend is tired of the relationship.

What should you do?

Well, I’m assuming you want to repair or save the relationship if you’re here. So, going on that assumption, here are some of the things you can do to 

Talk Openly to Him

This is one of the hardest things for couples facing relationship struggles to do, yet good communication can resolve almost any problem.

Even if that resolution is parting ways. By talking about it openly and understanding your partner’s needs it’ll feel so much better.

Make More Effort

A successful relationship takes two, I’m not suggesting this is all on you. However, at the same time, it doesn’t always have to be split 50/50 on effort.

Maybe your bf – and you – are at a place where you need to do something special to put the spark back or remind each other what drew you together.

Try surprising him with something. You know him better than anyone, so I’ll leave it down to you to figure out what you’ll do.

Be Honest With Yourself

You’ll find out a lot about what you want from this relationship, how you feel about your boyfriend, and what it really means to you that he’s tired of you.

Maybe you’re just as tired as him?

It’s normal for most people to go into “fight” mode to save their relationship. But, if you can have an honest discussion with yourself and not find the want or the reason to fight, you should consider walking away.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Too many couples hit problems in their relationship and don’t reach out for help. There’s no shame, defeat, or anything wrong with looking for help.

This can be either professional help, or you can simply reach out to friends and family. Almost everyone has trusted friends in their inner circle with more experience than them.

Don’t be too proud or shy to ask for help. If you have had that honest talk with yourself, and spoken openly with your boyfriend and realized you both want to make things work. It’s worth it.

In Summary

Remember, if your boyfriend is tired of you or the relationship, it doesn’t mean it’s over.

These kinds of feelings are often one of many relationships struggles couples go through over the years they are together.

By recognizing the signs and being able to talk about it, it’s likely you’ll find a solution if you want to save the relationship.

There’s certainly a lot you can do to save your relationship. I’ve covered all the things you need to know in this article.


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11 thoughts on “Here’s What to Do When Your Boyfriend Is Tired of You”

  1. Ohhh i needed this pretty bad he he gets annoied over little things he tells excuses oftenly i just need to do something coz i feel he is worth

  2. My boyfriend doesn’t spend time with me anymore. He’s changed and he isn’t the same as before and I’m emotionally not ok

  3. He seldom call, no visit,, no text for days. He said u should look for things that will make me happy, I think he is tired of the relationship, I want to fight for what we sheared but I don’t know where to start.

  4. He doesn’t want to communicate he gets tired of me when i speak to him,he doesn’t even ask how i feel how was my day and all the staff he gets back to work and press his phone

  5. He changed alot and still telling it’s bc of i’m busy.I always text him alot more than him even tho we’re in ltrs so i don’t sleep at nights to talk to him.He don’t ask me how’s my day or how i feel anymore.No replies and if i try to talk abt it he seem all easy for him but sometime changed the topic.

  6. My boyfriend said I’m noisy because I asked him to visit n I need more time with it but he always busy

  7. He is stressed tired , perzzled and tired of the relationship but I started the argument du to my challenges that I see in him will he break up with me any help please

  8. i notice lately he got angry at me often over stupid things or sth i do, wanna fight and yet once its getting heat up he finish the talk like cut the call or walk away… not like him… he is getting distance, short text replies, calling to ask about sth then hang off before finishing my sentence, no love u back, no intimate desire…etc.
    yesterday, we went to beach he was sleeping at his sister’s summer house and i came after to go beach together, we made a plan to go back home together (60km away) but my brother reach out to go with me he needs some help, so the plan changed at the last min, so he stayed the night with his family and i came back with my brother, we talked later when i went home i sense he is upset, then he said like he feels nothing about this things anymore and he got tired of me lately, after i asked he said i started to be negative and very pending on him and i like to get my stuff easly with no efforts and thats started to annoy him and he kept ignoring that feelings long time.. anyway we are having “the talk” this night to fix the problem and really needed this to know how to communicate with him without snapping or making things worst (am very sensitive i get angry very easely). i hope this is gonna work smoothly.

  9. My boyfriend doesn’t text me like before and he said he wants to be doing things on his own from now am emotionally damage 😣

  10. My boyfriend said he doesnt want to save our relationship and cheated on me few times and now has a new girl what , every day he tells me for how sorry he is and sometimes wants to get back together, he also calls me ugly names, every time he gets back with me he ends up breaking up with me againg and all over again, he said things between us are over PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO DO😭

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