Surprising Reasons You Feel Sleepy Around Your Boyfriend

Why Do I Feel Sleepy Around My Boyfriend

There’s something truly magical about being in the presence of your loved one. It’s as if their touch or even just their proximity triggers a wave of tranquility that washes over you. This is actually due to the release of a hormone known as oxytocin, which my doctor refers to as the “love hormone”. It’s fascinating how this hormone not only fosters feelings of affection but also promotes sleep, often leaving you feeling pleasantly drowsy.

The sense of safety and security that comes with being with your partner is unparalleled. It’s a comfort that encompasses both the emotional and physical aspects of your being. This feeling of security and relaxation makes it so much easier to surrender to the pull of sleep.

Whether you’re just hanging out watching a movie, or spending longer in bed, here some other reasons other than oxytocin that might explain these sleepy feelings:

1. You’re Bored When You’re With Him

I hope it’s not this, but I have to get the most obvious explanation out of the way first. Do you feel bored when you’re with him?

Maybe you don’t even feel bored, but if you’re not doing activities and things that excite you, your brain might be switching into sleep mode.

There are some ways you can test this. Are you less sleeping when you’re doing something you enjoy with him there? Less sleepy in general when you’re not hanging out with him?

2. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Another obvious explanation to tick off the list, what’s your sleeping schedule like right now?

A lot of people finally get to hang out with their boyfriends at the end of the day after being at work, doing some personal stuff, errands, etc.

If you’re not getting a solid 8 hours of sleep, or whatever works best for you, it’s no surprise when you finally see your boyfriend and get a chance to relax that you drift off.

3. You’re in That Comfortable Zone (It’s a Good Thing)

If you’re not bored or overly tired, it could be that you’re in that super-comfy zone where you’re perfectly happy and relaxed with them.

There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s good to recharge the batteries sometimes. If it’s starting to get in the way of doing fun stuff, however, you need to stop sleeping so much.

I know this is often the case for me. I love meditating and taking time to just breathe and gather my thoughts when I can.

If I’m with my partner, I can easily drift off to sleep while taking a few minutes to do some mindfulness exercises or think about what I’m going to do the next day, etc.

4. You’re Chemically Bonded to Your Partner

This is one of the more interesting explanations, and it has some solid science to back it up.

When two people are in love, and in particular when they sleep together, the body releases hormones that make you more sleepy.

There are a number of feel-good hormones produced. Serotonin and dopamine are two that can cause you to feel way more sleepy than normal, and this might explain why you feel sleepy around your boyfriend.

If you’re all loved up right now, and you’re getting the flutters, that rollercoaster of emotions, and so on, this might be the cause.

I wish I could also provide a solution, but I can’t. Plus, this is the best possible reasoning as it means you’re deeply happy, in love with your partner, and sharing a chemical bond that goes beyond what you see and feel on the surface.

It’s a beautiful thing!

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5. Reduction In Stress

Relationships can often serve as a support system where each person in the relationship uses their own unique abilities and strengths to help the other. This support system can serve to reduce stress which can lead to a sense of relief or comfort manifesting itself as a feeling of sleepiness.

If the worries and stress of the world seem to melt away when you spend time with your boyfriend this may be the reason you’re feeling sleepy and that is a good thing!

How You Can Stop Feeling so Sleepy Around Boyfriend

If falling asleep or feeling drowsy is becoming a problem, there are some things you can do to try and stop it.

The main things are:

If it’s due to boredom – If you’ve realized its boredom that’s making you sleepy, you need to start doing more interesting and stimulating things when you’re with them!

The first thing to do is to communicate with them about it. Tell them how you feel, while being tactful, and start planning things to do that you’ll both enjoy.

If it’s because you’re too tired – If you’re not getting enough sleep, you need to make some lifestyle changes.

Your health will suffer in the long term if not, as well as your relationship. If this means skipping a night seeing them so you can catch an early night and be more awake the next day – do that.

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If it’s a comfort thing – If it’s because you’re just comfortable relaxing around them as I explained above, stop relaxing so much.

It’s nothing like the feeling of being bored, but it requires a similar solution. Don’t lay with your head in their lap watching a film. Instead, go out and do something fun.

Chemical bonding – If it’s because you’re in the midst of hormones, crazy feelings, and that chemical bonding I explained above – it’s hard not to recommend you enjoy it!

On a serious note, if it’s becoming a problem because you’re sleeping in, oversleeping, or feeling so tired you’re demotivated, stop being so intense.

Say you have an important exam or job interview coming up that you need to prepare for. You need to fight the urge to see them so you can keep a clear head. It’s not easy, but sometimes it’s necessary.

In Summary

I hope I’ve helped you understand that it’s perfectly normal to feel sleepy around a boyfriend or girlfriend, and there are a few possible reasons to explain it.

I hope I’ve helped you narrow down why it is you’re feeling this way around your partner. As well as helping you find a solution if that’s what you’re looking for.


Image credits – Header image by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

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