You Attract What you Put Out There (Law of Attraction)

You Attract What you Put Out There

Do you keep attracting the wrong types of partners and friends?

Is it getting you down that you either end up in a toxic relationship, with your heartbroken or betrayed and let down by friends and loved ones?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And there are things you can change to stop this happening.

You need to learn about the law of attraction, which in short means that you attract what you put out there or what you’re focusing on.

What Is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is incredibly powerful, yet it’s not something you can see or touch, and most people aren’t aware of it.

Simply put, it means that if you’re deliberate about what you focus on in your life, you will attract that energy and have an outcome to match your desires.

Explaining it like that, it all sounds a bit like a higher power. But it’s really not, it just means that if you put out that you’re a healthy, confident, and strong person – you’ll attract health, confident and strong people.

How To Attract Better Friends

If you have a bad track record of making reliable friends that have your best interests at heart, you can use the law of attraction to attract the right kinds of friends.

The basic principles to make this happen are:

Be yourself – Never try to be something you’re not, and don’t try to please friends by being more like them.

Real friends who care about you will be interested in you for who you are. If they’re not, then they aren’t a compatible match, and that’s fine.

Engage in self-improvement – I’m not saying there is anything wrong with you, don’t worry!

Everyone should always be doing something to improve themselves and be the best person they can.

When you do this, not only will you benefit from improving in various areas in your life, you’ll attract people with a similar mindset of improving themselves.

Remove negativity – If there is one thing that drags most people down, it’s negativity. Whether this is directed at themselves, at others, or you’re allowing negative people to be around you.

It all results in negative energy, which takes a toll on your emotional and mental strength. Be strong enough to push negative people away to make room or positive people in your life.

How To Attract Better Partners and Healthier Relationships

There are few things more rewarding in life and a truly meaningful and healthy relationship with someone you love, and they love you back.

After all, this is what most people want. Yet, some people spend their lives looking for this type of relationship, and some spend their lives going through a cycle of destructive, unhealthy, bad relationships.

Here are some of the key principles of using the law of attraction to attract the right partner for you:

Know what you want from a relationship – You have to start by knowing what you want from a partner and a relationship. Otherwise, how you are supposed to attract what you want and know when you’ve got it.

Write down what your perfect partner would be. What you have to offer the relationship, and how you see yourself in the future.

Be strong enough not to settle – One of the main reasons why some people don’t find the right type of partner is because they are always with the wrong kind of partner.

You have to make room in your life for good things to happen. Start saying no to bad relationships and unhealthy friendships.

Related Signs to look for that someone wants to finish the relationship.

Give as much as you receive – It’s not supposed to be a one-sided thing, as I’m sure you’re aware. You have to do all the right things yourself for the right things to come into your life.

Don’t try to be too nice or give too much though. Some people will try and take advantage. When someone gives back, you’ll know they care about you the way you care for them.

You attract what you put out there – Remember, the bottom line and the core of the law of attraction is that you will attract the same kind of energy and person as the energy you’re putting out into the universe.

In Summary

The law of attraction may sound far fetched or crazy at first, but it REALLY does work.

Just look around you. You see people together with similar interests, outlooks, and goals in life, it’s not a coincidence.

They were basically “advertising” who they were and what they wanted. When they crossed paths, forces beyond what we can see and understand bought them together.

If you’re tired of unfulfilling, bad relationships, put forward your best self, follow the principles I’ve covered in this article, and you’ll attract the right kinds of people.

Trust me. It happened to me. It happens for lots of people I work with, friends and family, and I see it all around me.

You just need to get yourself into the right mental mindset.

Let me know what you think or how you get on. I’m always interested to hear how the law of attraction works out for people.

It’s amazing how many people it takes by complete surprise, then they’re like “Oh my gosh, yes, I just had to put out the best me and exactly what I wanted.”


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