11 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

Are you noticing changes with your husband and your relationship? Do you think you’re starting to spot signs your husband has a crush on another woman?

If you are, it can stir up some horrible feelings, cause you a lot of stress and anxiety, and put added pressure on your relationship.

You should never jump to any conclusions. Often, there is a simple explanation for certain things you’re seeing – or perceiving.

It doesn’t hurt to pay a little more attention to either put your mind at ease or find out if your husband really does have a secret crush though.

Here are 11 of the most common signs to look out for that your husband is pointing his affections in a direction he shouldn’t be!

11 Signs Your Husband Has a Crush on Another Woman

He’s Being Less Intimate

There can be a number of reasons for a man being less intimate, or even less romantic and affection in general. So, it’s not something to jump to conclusions over.

One of those reasons could be because he’s constantly thinking about another woman though. More so if he’s getting deeper into an emotional connection with another woman.

He Keeps on Mentioning “Her”

Even though it would be in an innocent and friendly way when a man has a crush on another woman he usually can’t help accidentally talking about her.

If he’s mentioning someone to the point where it’s getting weird, this is cause to take a closer look at how much time they’re spending talking or hanging out.

He’s Taking More Pride in His Appearance

When a man suddenly starts putting more effort into his appearance, and it’s not for you, it’s to attract or impress other women.

You might even spot when and where he’s going when he’s making effort and narrow down who he’s seeing. It sounds an alarm though, and often means he has a crush.

He’s Jumpy Around You

When someone is generally up to no good, they’ll be jumpier. Maybe it’s because he’s sending secret messages, expecting a message, or just thinking about her.

You’ll know your husband better than anyone. If he’s being more jumpy, you can assume he’s up to something. It’s just a matter of finding out what.

He’s Making Less Effort With You

This is one of the more painful realizations that your partner, husband, or significant other is interested in someone else.

If they start putting in less effort with you, not paying you as much attention, and becoming less interested in what you’re doing – their interest is going elsewhere.

He’s Making More Effort With You

I know I just said showing less interest is a sign they have a crush on someone else. For some people, they react in the opposite way and show their partner more interest.

It’s a way they balance out spending more time and effort on another woman. It almost feels bad to be suspicious if your husband is being loving, but no harm in doing some digging.

He’s Started Comparing You

On the surface level, men start to compare their partners to other women they’re interested in to see what they are or aren’t missing out on.

On a deeper level, they may even be trying to imagine you’re more like their crush or even are their crush.

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He’s Trying to Change You

The next step is to start changing you to be more like his crush. This can be really upsetting for some women, being compared is bad enough, but realizing your man wants you to actually be more like her isn’t nice.

If he’s trying to get you to change how you dress, your appearance, hobbies, activities, and so on, this is a huge red flag.

He’s Being Secretive About His Phone Messages

Most of us spend a lot of time on our phones, but we rarely have to be secretive about it, right?

If it’s obvious he’s trying to make sure you can’t see who he’s talking to, you should ask and see what he says. If he has nothing to hide he’ll tell you, and he won’t hesitate to think up a lie.

You’ve Noticed He’s “Liking” “Her” Stuff on Social Media

There are certain things he can be secretive about in his online life, then there is the stuff you can see. Like his social media activity.

If it’s becoming obvious that he is continually “liking” and commenting on another woman’s social profile, it’s a sign that he’s showing them a lot of interest – and possibly has a crush on her.

He Feels Absent at Times

Does he ever act or feel distant when you’re trying to talk to him? This is a classic sign that he has a lot on his mind. This could mean anything, of course. Such as work, stress, homelife things, etc.

But if you’re spotting some of the other signs that he’s showing affection to another woman, his distant demeanor could be because it’s consuming a lot of his thoughts.

What Should You Do?

As I’ve mentioned, these behaviors do not automatically mean your husband has a crush on another woman, is cheating, or doing anything else along these lines.

Don’t confront him or do anything drastic.

Instead, pay more attention to how he’s acting and make sure these are all signs that he has a crush on someone else and see if you can figure out who it is.

Then you can confront him and talk it out. Where it goes from there depends on both of you, the strength of your relationship, and how serious he is about this crush.


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