11 Signs Your Sister Likes Your Boyfriend! (& What To Do)

Signs Your Sister Likes Your Boyfriend

Do you get that nagging feeling that your sister likes your boyfriend a little more than just as friends?

If she does, this can cause some serious issues between you, her, and your boyfriend, and the last thing you want is to have to choose between them.

Before taking any drastic action or accusing her of anything, you need to be sure she’s not just being friendly.

To help you out, here are 11 signs your sister likes your boyfriend – how many are true for you?

11 Signs Your Sister Likes Your Boyfriend

1.  She’s Always Hanging Around with The Two of You

Does it feel like your sister is constantly hanging around when you’re with your boyfriend?

Whether she’s coming over to your place, or the three of you are going out together, she’s always there.

It could just be that she likes spending time with you both, but if this isn’t normal behavior for her it’s a sign that she wants to spend time with your boyfriend.

2. She’s Obviously Flirting with Him

If your sister is constantly flirting with your boyfriend, it’s a pretty big sign she likes him.

This can be anything from touching his arm to making suggestive comments.

It might not be serious to her, but if you’re not okay with it then you need to say something.

Flirting is a clear sign of interest and she’s only going to get more daring and suggestive the longer she’s allowed to get away with it.

3. They Are Texting Each Other

If your sister and your boyfriend are texting each other, it’s a sign they’re talking more than just as friends.

Texting is a very personal way to communicate and if they’re doing it all the time, it means they have a lot to say to each other.

This could be anything from planning meet-ups to just sending each other funny memes.

Either way, it’s not ‘normal’ for your sister to be talking to your boyfriend a lot without involving you.

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4. She Invites Him to Hang out With Her Alone

If your sister is inviting your boyfriend to hang out with her alone, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a sign she likes him.

This is especially true if she’s never done this with previous boyfriends of yours, or even your friends.

It could be innocent and maybe she just wants to get to know him better, but it could also be that she’s interested in him romantically.

5. She Is Always Talking to You About Your Boyfriend

It’s one thing to talk about your boyfriend with your sister, but if she’s always talking about him and asking you about him – it could be a sign she has feelings for him.

This is especially true if she brings up things that you haven’t even talked to her about.

For example, asking how serious the two of you are, what he likes or doesn’t like, or what his intentions are aren’t natural questions to ask unless she has a special interest of some sort in him.

6. She’s Talking to Her Friends About Your Boyfriend

If you’ve overheard your sister talking to her friends about your boyfriend, it’s a sign she has more than just friendly feelings for him.

This is especially true if she’s talking about things that are personal or private between the two of you.

For example, talking about how she thinks your relationship is going or what he’s been saying to you is overstepping a boundary.

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7. She Asks You to Invite Him to Stuff Where She’ll Be

Does it feel like your sister is always asking you to invite your boyfriend to things where she’ll be?

Whether it’s a party, a night out, or even just coffee – if she’s constantly wanting the two of you to include her, it’s a sign she likes him.

It would be interesting to know what your boyfriend thinks about her doing this, that’s a conversation you should have.

8. She Compliments Your Boyfriend… a Lot

If your sister is always complimenting your boyfriend, it’s definitely a sign she has feelings for him.

This can be anything from saying he’s handsome to talking about how great of a catch he is.

She might not even realize she’s doing it, but if you’ve noticed her doing this more than usual it’s not a good sign for you.

9. She’s Started Telling You He’s Not Right for You

If your sister has started telling you that she doesn’t think your boyfriend is right for you, she might be trying to split the two of you up so she has a chance!

She might say things like he’s not good enough for you or that you deserve better.

Of course, if there are legitimate concerns she has then you should listen to her.

But you have to explore the fact that she might be scheming and trying to drive a wedge in between the two of you to make room for herself.

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10. Your Sister Is Trying to Find a Boyfriend Similar to Yours

If your sister has started trying to find a boyfriend that is similar to yours in looks or personality, it’s definitely a sign that she thinks your man is pretty special.

She might vocalize this by saying things like “I wish I could find someone like him” or “Why can’t all guys be more like him?”.

You could take this as a compliment, I’m sure your boyfriend does, but it’s also a red flag.

11. She Dresses up When He’s Around

If your sister starts to dress up more when your boyfriend is around, she is clearly trying to impress him.

This is especially true if she’s never really cared about her appearance before or if she starts wearing outfits that are more revealing.

It might not mean anything, but it could be that she wants to look good and is competing with you for his attention.

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