10 Signs There Will Be No Second Date! (& How To Handle It)

Signs There Will Be No Second Date

Going on a first date is one of the most exciting (and nerve-racking) things most of us will ever do.

Figuring out if there will be a second date, especially if you had an awesome time and are into your date is just as nerve-racking!

There will be signs during and after the date that hold the answers, you just need to know what to look out for.

To help you out, here are 15 signs there will be no second date!

10 Signs There Will Be No Second Date

1. It Was Obvious They Weren’t that Interested During the Date

First date nerves are one thing, but if you can tell that your date is not interested during your date it’s likely they’re just not feeling it.

This is hard to take, especially if you’re into your date and enjoying their company.

You have to remember that it’s not personal, this is dating.

You go on a date to find out if you’re compatible with someone, and more often than not it’s just not going to be electric.

If your date isn’t feeling any spark at all and is visibly disinterested during your first date I think it’s safe to say there might not be a second date!

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2. They Didn’t Ask You Many Questions

Again, this could just be first date jitters or their personality, but if your date isn’t asking you questions it might be a sign that they’re not interested.

If they’re not interested in finding out more about you then why would they want to go on a second date?

It’s not always easy to come up with questions on the spot, but if they don’t make any effort at all and you can tell they’re not as engaged as they were pre-date over text, it’s not a good sign.

3. They Didn’t Suggest Going for A Second Date After the First Date

It’s not easy to ask for a second date outright, but most people will suggest something along the lines of meeting up again if they had a great time.

You’d expect your date to say something like, “Wow, I had an awesome time tonight, we should do it again sometime.”

Or, “That was fun, I’m free next weekend if you are.”

If they don’t say anything at all about the future after your date, it’s a sign that there might not be a second date.

4. They Didn’t Text You when You Got Home After the Date

It’s good first date etiquette to check in via text after the date or later in the evening.

Checking your date got home safely is just a polite thing to do, as is letting them know you had a good time (if you did).

If you didn’t hear anything after your date, even if you gave them a courtesy text, that’s a sign that they don’t want to lead you on and see you again.

5. They’re Not Initiating Conversations Like They Did Before Your First Date

If you were talking back and forth a lot before you went on a date but it’s been radio silence since you had a date, that’s a red flag.

First dates can be awkward and sometimes people do need time to process how they feel after a date, but if your date was into you before the date and now they’re not talking to you, it’s probably because they’re just not feeling it.

It’s a shame when this happens, but it’s best to just move on!

6. They Didn’t Seem Keen to Hug After the Date

Giving your date a hug is a great way to show them you had a good night and also a way to make a stronger connection.

On the flip side, if your date doesn’t give you a hug or seems hesitant to get close to you it’s a sign that they don’t want to give you the wrong impression.

It might seem like a small thing, but if your date isn’t keen to hug you it’s likely they don’t want to lead you on or give you false hope for a second date.

7. They Avoid Answering or Tell You They’re Busy when You Suggest a Second Date

When you suggest a second date and your date gives you a vague answer or tells you they’re “busy”, it’s not a good sign.

If they wanted to see you again, they would make time for you, as I’m sure you would for them.

It’s not always easy to schedule a second date, but if someone is interested they will try to make it work and wouldn’t say things like they’re busy to throw you off.

If you’ve had a similar interaction, it doesn’t sound like a second date is likely.

8. They Haven’t Replied to Your Last Message and Left You ‘On Read’

If your date has seen your message and decided not to reply, that’s a sign that they’re not interested.

It might be hard to take, but it’s better to know that they’re not interested than to think there might be a second date when there isn’t.

You may be telling yourself that they haven’t seen your message or they’ve forgotten to reply, but if you’re honest with yourself you know they’d reply if they were interested.

9. They Unfollowed You on Social Media

This is one of the rudest ways you can let someone know that you don’t want to go on a second date, but I know it happens.

If your date has unfollowed you on social media since going out with you, it’s a sign that they’re not interested and don’t want to see what you’re up to.

It’s a shame they don’t have the courage to tell you how they’re feeling, but it’s a clear sign that they’re not interested and the best thing you can do is move on.

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10. They Have Told You They Don’t Want to Go on A Second Date

This sounds like it would be 100% obvious that there isn’t going to be a second date.

But I wanted to include this as some people just don’t want to hear – or believe – it when they’re told there will not be a second date.

You might convince yourself that they’re playing hard to get, making a quick decision, or that you can change their minds – but you need to ask yourself if it’s worth it.

I know people make mistakes when it comes to dating, I’ve done it myself.

But if that’s the case, it’s still better to wait for them to realize they’ve let you slip and come chasing you than to try to change their mind.

I hope these signs there will be no second date have helped put your mind at ease, even if it’s heartbreaking to realize you’re not going to get a second date with someone you like!

Remember, there are always plenty more fish in the sea, and it’s fun and exciting to meet new people.

Don’t let a bad experience or not seeing someone you thought you hit it off with for a second-time damper your spirits!

Image credits – Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

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