Shy Guy Texting Habits Explained! (How to Tell if He Likes You)

Shy Guy Texting Habits

Shy guys are hard to read and it’s frustrating at times.

If you like a guy and know he’s shy, he’s much more likely to text you than he is to talk to you in person.

So texting is a great way to move your relationship forward.

You just need to know how to text him and the signs that he likes you, which is something I can help with!

Here is a look at shy guy texting habits and how you can tell if he really likes you or not:

Shy Guy Texting Habits Explained!

If you want to get to know a guy better and you know he’s shy, texting is a great way to get through to him.

A shy guy is much more likely to open up via text message as it saves them an awkward (to them) social encounter.

Still, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to get through to him!

Some of the texting habits of a shy guy you can expect are:

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He Doesn’t Initiate Conversations

This is the number one rule when it comes to a shy guy and texting.

You have to be prepared to take the lead and initiate conversations as he’s not often going to be the one who texts first.

This can be frustrating, but try to remember that it’s not personal and it doesn’t mean he’s not into you – he just finds it difficult to contact you first.

He Will Dry Text You at Times

Dry texting” is when a guy sends you a text message that doesn’t really say anything or is so short you think he’s disinterested.

It’s just a way of him trying to keep the conversation going without knowing how to really say anything that will make him feel vulnerable.

If you’re getting a lot of dry texts, it can be frustrating but try to understand that he’s trying!

He Might Take Ages to Reply Sometimes

This one is tough as it can make you feel like he’s not interested, but often a shy guy just takes a long time to text back as he’s overthinking everything he wants to say.

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, so try not to get too frustrated when you don’t get a reply straight away.

When he does reply, it will be worth the wait (I hope)!

He Will Apologize for Silly Things

Shy guys tend to overthink things and this can lead to them apologizing for the silliest of things.

For example, he might apologize for taking too long to text you back or for not being very interesting, or for saying something that wasn’t even that silly.

This is their insecurities coming through, it’s actually very endearing and shows that they’re pushing themselves to open up with you.

He Might Get Embarrassed

Shy guys get embarrassed in person when they’re in difficult social situations like trying to talk to a girl (you) they like.

They also get embarrassed over text, but it’s a lot harder to tell if they’re blushing, of course, so keep an eye out for signs like him apologizing a lot or not really knowing what to say.

If he’s embarrassed, it means he likes you!

It Will Take Him Ages – if Ever – to Open Up

This is by far the most frustrating thing about texting a shy guy – he might never open up.

At the very best, a shy guy is only going to open up to you when he feels comfortable doing so, and there is no telling how long that’ll take.

If you like him, I want to tell you that it’s going to be worth all the effort, waiting, and uncertainty!

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How Do You Know if A Shy Guy Likes You Through Text?

If you’ve been texting a guy through text, this is the burning question; how do you know if he likes you if he’s shy about sharing his feelings?

Well, there are a few signs to look for such as:

  • He always replies to your texts (even if he takes a while!)
  • He sends you long text messages that he clearly took some time over
  • He starts conversations with you sometimes!
  • He asks you personal questions about yourself and is genuinely interested in you
  • He shares things about himself with you and starts to open up about how he feels
  • He texts you late at night and uses your name when talking to you (this means he’s thinking about you)
  • He uses emojis and other forms of flirting in his texts

All of these are signs that a shy guy likes you and is trying to get to know you better!

Ultimately, you’re probably going to be able to just tell by how he’s talking to you compared to how he talks to other girls and what you know about him.

You could always just come right out and ask him, too.

It’s better you ask a shy guy if he likes you over text than in person, you miss out on his reaction but it’s going to make it a lot easier for him.

There you have it, I’ve explained some of the typical shy guy texting habits and behaviors to expect – good luck!

Image credits – Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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