25 Signs a Shy Man Is Attracted to You!

Signs a Shy Man Is Attracted to You

It can be difficult enough knowing if a guy is attracted to you – but it’s almost impossible when a guy is really shy.

Unless you know what subtle signs and body language cues shy guys give off, that is!

If you think a guy likes you but is really shy, to help you out here are 25 signs a shy man is attracted to you:

25 Signs a Shy Man Is Attracted to You

1. He’s Always Blushing when You Talk to Him

When a guy is attracted to you he will often blush around you, that’s just classic magnetism.

This can be hard to spot with a shy guy since they are already prone to blushing, but if you notice that he’s especially red around you then it’s likely that he likes you.

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2. He Finds It Hard to Keep Strong Eye Contact when You Look at Him

When you look at a shy guy and he finds it hard to keep eye contact with you, it’s another sure sign that he likes you.

This is because when we like someone we tend to get nervous and we don’t want our eyes to give away what we’re thinking or feeling.

If a guy can’t hold your gaze for more than a few seconds it’s almost guaranteed he likes you.

3. He’s Nervous Around You

If a guy is attracted to you he will definitely get nervous around you, and for a shy guy, this usually means being super nervous.

He might start fidgeting, playing with his hands or he might even start sweating!

This is because when we like someone we tend to get anxious and our bodies release hormones and activate our sweat glands!

4. He Listens Intently to You

When we like someone we tend to hang on their every word, and this is especially true for shy guys.

If you notice a guy is really listening to you when you talk and he’s hanging onto your every word, it’s a good sign that he likes you and wants you to notice that he’s interested in you.

5. He Asks Your Friends Questions About You

This is a sneaky but effective way for a shy guy to find out more about you without having to ask you directly.

If he’s asking your friends questions about you it means he’s interested in you and wants to know more about you.

This is also a good way for him to gauge whether or not you’re interested in him too, so be careful what you tell them to tell him.

6. You Catch Him Looking at You a Lot

When we like someone we can’t help but stare at them, even if we don’t mean to.

If you catch a guy looking at you a lot it’s because he really likes you and he can’t help but steal glances at you whenever he gets the chance.

It might make you feel a little uneasy being stared at, but understand he doesn’t mean anything bad by it.

7. He Follows You on Social Media

This is a 21st-century way of showing someone you’re interested in them.

If a guy is shy around you in person, he’ll find it easier to follow you on social media and like all your posts, even if they don’t seem that interesting.

It’s just his way of trying to get closer to you and get to know you better without actually putting himself out there.

8. His Friends Are Telling You He Likes You

This is a classic way of finding out if someone likes you, but it’s especially effective with shy guys.

If his friends are telling you that he likes you then it means he’s too shy to tell you himself, but he definitely wants you to know.

Take this as a good sign and maybe take the opportunity to ask him out – directly not through his friends, if you like him!

9. He Defends You to Other People

If a guy is attracted to you he will definitely defend you if anyone says anything bad about you.

This is because he wants to protect you – and let you know – that he doesn’t want anyone else to hurt you or say anything that would upset you.

It’s a sweet gesture and it shows that he really cares about you.

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10. He Makes an Effort in His Appearance when He’s Going to See You

When we like someone we want to make a good impression on them, and this is especially true for shy guys.

If you notice that he’s making more of an effort in his appearance when he knows he’s going to see you it means he likes you and wants to look his best for you.

Sometimes actions speak louder than words, especially if he’s short of words because he is shy!

11. He’s Suddenly Into All the Same Things as You

If you notice that he’s suddenly into all the same things as you it means he’s trying to find common ground with you so that he can have something to talk to you about.

It’s a way of building rapport and getting closer to you, and it shows that he’s interested in what you’re interested in.

Even if he’s not really interested in what you’re interested in if you know what I mean.

12. He Goes out Of His Comfort Zone for You

If a guy is willing to go out of his comfort zone for you it means he really likes you and wants to make an effort to get to know you better.

This might mean he’s doing things he wouldn’t normally do, or even saying yes to things he would usually say no to.

This is a big deal when a guy is shy as it means he has more anxieties and insecurities than someone who is not shy, so it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

13. He’s Started to Confide in You

If a guy is starting to confide in you it means he trusts you and feels comfortable enough around you to tell you things about himself that he wouldn’t normally share with anyone.

This is a really good sign as it means he’s opening up to you and maybe even starting to fall for you.

14. He’s Always Volunteering to Help You

If a guy is always volunteering to help you it means he’s interested in you and wants to do anything he can to make your life easier and get closer to you.

This might mean offering to help you with something you’re struggling with, or just doing things for you that he knows you would appreciate.

It’s his way of showing you that he cares and involves himself with you.

15. He Always Seems to Turn Up Where You Are

If a guy is always turning up where you are it’s probably not a coincidence, he wants to see you.

It might be that he’s following you on social media so he knows where you are, or maybe he’s just coincidentally turning up at the same places as you.

Either way, it’s a sign that he’s making an effort to bump into you and he’s probably too shy to be upfront about it.

16. He’s the Last Person to Leave the Room when You’re There

If a guy is the last person to leave the room when you’re there it means he doesn’t want to leave your company and wants to spend as much time with you as possible.

This is a really good sign that he likes you, even if he’s too shy to say it directly.

17. He’s Interested in Your Dating Life

If a guy is interested in your dating life it means he’s interested in you and wants to know if you’re available or not.

This might seem like a strange way of showing interest but for shy guys, it gives them a lot of comfort to know if you’re single or how things are going in your private life.

18. He Does Cute Little Things for You

If a guy is doing cute little things for you it’s a sure sign he likes you and wants to impress you.

This might be things like leaving you notes, bringing you coffee, or picking up your favorite snacks.

Whatever it is, it’s his way of showing you that he cares about you and wants to impress you.

19. He Texts or Messages You Online a Lot

If a guy is texting or messaging you online a lot it means he’s thinking about you and wants to keep in touch.

This is a really good sign, especially if he’s shy, as it means he’s making an effort to communicate with you when he’s not brave enough to approach you in person.

He might need some help to open up via text, but he’ll find it a lot easier than in person.

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20. He Laughs at Your (Bad) Jokes

I’m not trying to suggest that you’re not funny or that you make bad jokes, but I think you know what I mean here.

If a guy is laughing more than anyone else at all of your jokes, it means he has some special feelings for you.

21. He Remembers Little Things About You

If a guy is remembering little things about you it means he’s paying attention to you and takes notice of the things you like and don’t like.

This is a really good sign as it means he cares about what you have to say and is interested in getting to know you better.

It might not seem like a lot, but it means a lot to him.

22. He Notices Any Small Changes with You

If a guy notices any small changes with you it means he’s paying close attention to you and cares about how you look and feel.

This might be something as simple as noticing that you’ve changed your hair, had your nails done, or that you’re wearing a new dress.

Whatever it is, it shows he’s paying attention to you and takes any opportunity to compliment you.

23. You Can Tell He’s Struggling to Say What He’s Thinking

If you can tell that a guy is struggling to say what he’s thinking it means he really wants to let you know something but he’s finding it hard to express himself.

This is often the case with shy guys, as they find it difficult to open up and be vulnerable around someone they like.

It might take some time, but if you can help him to feel comfortable around you he’ll eventually be able to tell you how he feels.

24. He Does Anything You Ask of Him

If you ask a guy to do something for you and he does it without hesitation it means he’s happy to do anything to make you happy.

This is another way shy guys will make themselves useful and get close to someone they like without having to make their feelings obvious and put themselves in a vulnerable position.

25. You Can Feel It!

There is one sign that is usually more reliable than all of the other signs – and it’s one that you can’t even see.

If you feel like a guy – shy or not – likes you, like really feel that energy when he’s near, it’s probably because he does!

You should always listen to your gut, that doesn’t mean you have to act on it if you’re not sure, but you should at least listen.

If you can feel it, look for other signs. I bet you’ll start to see signs he likes you that you didn’t notice before.

Image credits – Photo by Kyle Smith on Unsplash

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