Do Guys Notice Nails? (What It Means if He Does!)

Do Guys Notice Nails

Painting nails is fun to do with the girls, but do guys notice nails? Is it worth the effort to impress your guy?

Unfortunately, I have to say that most guys are not going to notice if you’ve painted your nails or had some fake nails put on.

A guy is more likely to notice if you have dirty or broken nails, however.

So, if you want to impress your guy you should always have clean nails that are well kept and tidy, and most importantly not sharp!

Do Men Notice When Your Nails Are Done?

When girls spend time having their nails done and they feel great about it – it’s not a lot to ask that a guy notices, right?

Especially if we’re talking about a boyfriend or a partner.

Unfortunately, your girlfriends are more likely to notice you’ve had your nails done than a guy is.

Why? Because it’s a girl thing.

This isn’t to say that all guys will not notice you’ve had your nails done.

Some guys are very attentive to detail, and on the plus side, it’s a strong sign that they’re paying attention to you if they do notice.

Next time you get your nails done, without waving them in front of your guy, why not see how long it takes him to notice?

What Does It Mean When a Guy Compliments Your Nail Polish?

If a guy compliments your nail polish, you can certainly consider yourself lucky!

Not many guys notice when a woman has changed her nail polish, and an even fewer number of guys are going to say something if they do notice.

It’s common for a guy to notice when you change your nail polish or if you’ve done something special with their nail when you’re in a new relationship.

Only to notice less often over time as many of those cute attentive things guys tend to do become less frequent.

If a guy who you’re not close to compliments you for your nail polish, this always feels good, doesn’t it?

The reason why a guy will mention your nails ranges from being polite or finding something to say, to being a clue that he secretly likes you.

You can’t take a guy complimenting your nails as a sign that he likes you on its own.

If you think – or hope – a guy likes you, it’s certainly a sign that he’s paying attention to you. But you’ll need to look for more signs that he likes you in that way.

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What Nails Do Guys Like?

I’ve seen a number of opinion polls and research into what type of nails guys like best.

There are all kinds of answers, of course, so you can’t rule anything out. But generally speaking, guys like short, well-kept nails, and red is the most popular color.

Long acrylic nails do seem to keep coming into the limelight, usually, after a celebrity is seen wearing them.

But the truth is, long acrylic or fake nails are more popular with women than they are with men.

Do Guys Like Long Nails?

Obviously, the answer to this is going to come down to individual preference, so you should always check with a guy before spending a lot of money on fake nails.

That said, generally speaking, most guys do not like long nails and it’s often listed as a turn-off for guys.

Long nails just come across as cumbersome. It’s not a good look when a nail breaks or is missing, or if a girl is complaining she can’t hold things in case she breaks a nail.

Then there is the issue of nails getting in the way or even harming a man while getting intimate.

Long nails are something women find more attractive than men. Painting nails is a very girly thing to do, but if you want to impress a man you should consider shorter natural nails.

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Should You Be Upset if Your Guy Doesn’t Notice Your Nails?

It would be nice if guys noticed the little things women do – especially when you’re doing some of these things to look better for them.

But the fact of the matter is that most guys are just not that observant when it comes to noticing many of the things women pay attention to.

And guess what?

Women aren’t always the most observant when it comes to noticing things guys do that they would like to be noticed.

Admittedly, most guys aren’t looking for their partners to notice their nails or things that relate to their appearance.

It’s probably going to be more like appreciating something they’ve bought or some kind of sporting feat.

But it’s the same principle. 

Don’t be disappointed or upset if your guy doesn’t notice your nails. It doesn’t mean he cares any less about you – but it does reinforce that he’s not the most observant person!

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