10 Shy Guy Behavior & Crush Signs Explained!

Shy Guy Behavior Crush

It can be tough to figure out if a shy guy has a crush on you – or someone else – as shy guys are not good at showing their emotions.

But if you suspect a shy guy does have a crush on someone, the signs are always there if you look hard enough!

To help you out, here are 10 shy guy behaviors to look for when they have a crush on someone:

10 Shy Guy Behaviors when they have a Crush on you

1. He Smiles at You and Looks Away when You Lock Eyes

This is classic shy guy behavior: they want to gaze at you and enjoy your beauty, but if you catch them looking they’ll feel embarrassed.

You can usually tell if a shy guy has a crush on you if he smiles at you when you look at him and then quickly looks away.

At the very least, it shows he likes you.

It’s actually a big deal for a shy guy to lock eyes with someone they like and smile at them, so take it as a huge compliment!

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2. He’s Nervous Around You

Another common sign that a guy is shy is that they’re nervous, and it’s also a sign that someone has a crush.

So, take into account that a guy is shy and also has a crush and you can guarantee he’s going to be nervous around you.

Look for signs that he’s shaking, fidgeting, irregular breathing, sweating, and so on.

3. He Leaves You Notes But Doesn’t Speak with You

Shy guys find it difficult to speak to their crush as they’re almost certainly going to stumble over their words and risk embarrassing themselves.

It’s a lot easier to leave a note or send a text or email.

This gives them time to think about what they’re going to say and deliver it without having to be confrontational.

This is a really sweet gesture, and if you’re on the receiving end of it you should feel special!

4. He Blushes When You Talk to Him

Blushing is one of those physical signs that betray shy guys (or girls).

He might get the courage together to speak with you and feel like he’s doing a good job, but if he’s blushing it’s clear that he likes you.

Even if a guy is shy, if he’s not crushing on you he should be nervous without blushing, so it’s something to look out for.

5. He Seems to Be Avoiding You At Times

Conventional wisdom would tell you that if a guy likes you and has a crush on you, he would want to see you.

But this isn’t always the case, especially if a guy is particularly shy.

He might actually avoid you as he’s too embarrassed to talk to you and doesn’t want to be a nervous, trembling mess.

So, if you catch him turning the other way and speeding up when you approach, don’t be offended or think you’ve done something to upset him!

6. He Listens Attentively to You

Shy guys find it a lot easier to listen than they do talk.

This is actually a good thing most of the time as there are few things more frustrating than a guy who wants to talk about himself all the time!

If you suspect a guy has a crush on you and he’s always keen to listen to you talk and find out more about you, it as good as confirms it.

7. He Jumps at The Chance to Help You

Another way a guy who is too shy to talk to you will try and get close to you is by offering to help you out.

If it’s something you want to take advantage of you could almost have your own personal assistant!

Jokes aside, if a guy is willing to drop what he’s doing and make himself available to help you out it’s a huge sign that he has a crush on you.

8. He Asks Other People About You

Asking other people, like your friends and coworkers about you is another good way for a shy guy to find out more about you without having to talk to you.

If he asks people who know you what your interests are, the types of things you’re into, if you’re single, etc he’s got eyes for you.

It’ll be interesting to see how he uses this information to get closer to you.

9. He’s Suddenly Interested in The Same Things as You Are

On the back of finding out more about you, if this guy suddenly has an interest in the same things as you, it’s a sign that he has a crush on you.

Having common interests and things to talk about is a great way to get to know someone better and break down those awkward barriers.

For a shy guy, in particular, this will make him feel so much more confident about striking up a conversation.

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10. He’s Starting to Come out Of His Shell a Bit!

Ultimately, shy or not if a guy has a crush on you and wants to start getting to know you better, he needs to come out of his shell.

This is going to be extremely difficult for him and it could take weeks, months, or even longer, but if you can tell he’s trying it’s a huge sign.

He might not be comfortable speaking to you one-on-one yet, but if he’s making an effort in group settings or is happy to text or email you and do some of the other things on this list, it’s a great start!

If you like him too, you could make it a lot easier on him by meeting him halfway and doing other things to try and stop him from feeling so intimidated or embarrassed!

Image credits – Photo by Lethicia Matos on Unsplash

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