Professor Crush on Student: 10 Signs to Look For!

Professor Crush on Student Signs

Do you like your professor and think they also like you but are keeping things professional?

Even if your professor is being professional there will always be some subtle signs to look out for that they like you!

Here are 10 classic signs a professor has a crush on one of their students:

Professor Crush on Student 20 Signs To Look Out For

1. They Always Give You a Warm Greeting

Of course, it’s just common courtesy and good manners for a professor to greet all of their students when they enter the room.

But there is a difference between a normal greeting, and greeting someone you have a crush on.

If you can tell you – or another student – is getting a very warm greeting, it’s a sign that your professor has some special feelings for that student.

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2. They Are Being Generous in Grading Your Work

If you’ve suddenly found that your grades have been going up and you know you don’t deserve it, it might be because your professor has a crush on you.

They may be being more lenient when grading your work, or giving you better grades than what you deserve.

Either way, it’s a sure sign that they’ve got their eye on you and one of the ways they can abuse their power and do something to impress you!

3. You Catch Them Glancing at You and Smiling

This is definitely something that professors do – or should – not be doing with all their students.

If you find that your professor is constantly glancing at you and smiling, it’s a sign they may have a crush on you.

It’s certainly a sign that they like you, if not in the way of a crush then you might be their star student!

4. They Offer to Give You 1-On-1 Tuition

Another way to know if your professor has a crush on you is if they offer to give you some extra tuition, or help you with your work – especially if you don’t really need it.

This is a way for them to spend more time with you, and it’s also a way to try and impress you.

After all, if you’re getting good grades and doing well in their class, they’ll want to take some credit for it!

5. They Check on You More than Other Students

If you find that your professor is always asking how you are, or what’s going on in your life, it’s a sign they care about you more than other students.

They might be trying to get to know you better, or they might be interested in your personal life.

Either way, it’s a sign they have a bit of a crush on you if they’re giving you special treatment.

6. They Find Excuses to Chat with You Outside Of Class

Another way to know if your professor has a crush on you is if they find excuses to chat with you outside of class.

Whether it’s in the hallway, or in their office, if they’re taking time out of their day to talk to you, it’s a sure sign they’ve got a special place for you.

It’s also a way for them to try and get to know you better, so they can find out more about you.

7. They Make Physical Contact in Friendly Ways

This is a more obvious sign that your professor has a crush on you – if they’re making physical contact in friendly ways.

Whether it’s a pat on the back, or a light touch on the arm, if they’re making any kind of physical contact it’s a sure sign they like you.

It’s a tough line to cross as they’re risking getting themselves into trouble, but sometimes the pull is too strong.

8. They Ask Personal Questions

Anyone with a crush on someone will jump at the chance to find out more about their crush.

So, if your professor is asking you personal questions – like about your family, your hobbies or your life outside of school – it’s a sign they’re interested in you.

They might be trying to get to know you better and build a strong connection, or they might just be fishing for information so they can find out if you’re available.

9. They Follow You on Social Media

Social media is one way your professor can follow you and communicate with you without crossing any boundaries while teaching you with the professor-student relationship.

If you find that your professor is following you on social media, liking your posts, and even commenting on your updates, this is a big sign they’re thinking of you.

10. You Can Feel the Energy when You’re Around Them

This is one of the most telling signs that your professor has a crush on you yet it isn’t something you can see.

When someone has a strong crush on you, you’ll often be able to feel the energy when you’re around them and it feels electric.

If you find yourself getting butterflies in your stomach or feeling a bit lightheaded when you’re around your professor, you should listen to your gut.

The more of the other points from this list you can check off, the more likely it is that your professor has a crush on you.

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Should You Act if Your Professor Has a Crush on You?

If it’s obvious that your professor has a crush on you and you like them, you have to be very careful about acting on it.

First and foremost, they’re your professor and there’s a big power imbalance between you.

They have the ability to give you good or bad grades and other students might feel there is some kind of favoritism going on if they know the two of you are involved.

However, if you’re similar ages, have a lot in common, and everything else lines up you could make a move and see how they react.

Do keep in mind as well that crushes are usually short-lived infatuations and if you start a relationship with your professor it may not last.

Only you can decide whether or not acting on a crush is worth the potential consequences, but don’t do anything without thinking about all the possible scenarios.

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