How To Make A Guy Want You Over Text (15 Tips that Work!)

How To Make A Guy Want You Over Text

So, you like a guy and you have his number – all you need to know is how to make a guy want you over text.

It’s as simple as that.

Flirting over text is how most communication goes down nowadays.

It’s quick, not that difficult, and when done right, you can rope in just about any guy!

To help you out; here are 15 tips and things to say to make a guy want you over text message:

15 Tips – How To Make a Guy Want You Over Text

1. First and Foremost – Be Yourself

This is the number one tip and it will pay off in the long run, trust me.

You want a guy to like you for who you are – not some persona that you think they might want.

Be confident in yourself and be true to who you are.

A lot of people hide behind texting as a way to try and be something they’re not, but this always comes crashing down.

If there is something you want to say, say it. If you think you’re goofy, great, I bet that’s what he likes about you!

Be yourself, your best self, and he’ll like you – if he doesn’t, it’s just not meant to be anyway.

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2. Make Use of Emojis and Memes

The best thing about texting someone is that you get to make use of thousands of emojis and memes, and these say more than words ever could.

They can also be used to lighten the mood or make a joke, and they show that you’re not taking yourself too seriously – which is always attractive.

Don’t be afraid to use them, and if he doesn’t respond with some of his own, you can always send him a few to get the ball rolling.

It’s a fun way to text, and using the right emojis can be quite flirty without giving too much away!

3. Never Leave Him Hanging or On Read

This is just basic courtesy, and it also shows that you’re interested in him.

If he texts you, make sure to reply as soon as you can – even if it’s just a quick, one-word answer.

You don’t want to leave him hanging or make him think you’re not interested.

There is a thin line between being keen and coming across as too keen, of course, that’s a line you’ll have to walk based on how often you guys are talking.

4. Compliment Him in Unique Ways

Complimenting the guy is a no-brainer, but if you really want to get his attention you need to come up with some unique ways to compliment him.

For example, you could say something like “you always know just what to say” or “you’re different from any other guy I’ve talked to”.

These are the kinds of compliments that will really make him sit up and take notice.

The key is to be sincere – if you lay it on too thick he’ll know you’re not being genuine.

5. Be Funny

This is easier said than done for some people, right?

Well, with text messages you have time to think about your replies, you have emojis, memes, and all sorts of things that will make him laugh.

If you can make him laugh, he’s already halfway there towards liking you!

It’s always good to keep things light and fun when texting, and a little bit of banter never hurt anyone.

Don’t be afraid to poke fun at him or yourself – just make sure you know where the line is and you don’t say anything he might take in bad taste.

6. Don’t Chase Him Too Hard

If you’re constantly texting him and he’s taking his time to reply, or worse – not replying at all – then you might be chasing him a little too hard.

It’s great to be keen, but you don’t want to come across as desperate or clingy.

If he’s taking a while to reply, give him some space and don’t keep pestering him.

He’ll text you when he’s ready, and playing a little hard to get with someone who likes you only makes the heart grow fonder!

7. Send Him Teasing Pictures

This is taking things to the next level, it comes with its own risks and it’s not for everyone.

But if you’re feeling daring and you want to get his attention, sending him a teasing picture can do the trick.

It could be something innocent like a picture of you in a new outfit, or something a little more risque – it all depends on your relationship and how well you know him.

8. Let Him Know You Like Him

This is the big one, and it’s something you should only do if you’re pretty sure he likes you too.

Telling a guy that you like him can be a bit daunting, but if you do it over text it takes away some of the pressure.

You could say something like “I really like talking to you, you make me laugh” or “I think you’re really cute”.

Those are ‘soft’ ways to let him know you like him. Or, you could be a bit more brazen and say something like, “I really like you, we should hang out sometime!”

9. Say Things to Boost His Ego

A guy’s ego is a fragile thing and it’s also a way to his heart, and there are certain things you can say to boost it.

For example, you could tell him he’s a great listener or that he always knows the right thing to say.

You could also tell him he’s handsome, funny, or smart.

Basically, anything that will make him feel good about himself!

Make sure you don’t overdo it though – too much ego-boosting and he might start to get a big head and start becoming annoying.

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10. Ask His Advice on Personal Things

Asking a guy for advice on personal things is a great way to get him to open up and it also shows that you trust him.

It’s also an opportunity to show him your vulnerable side and bring him closer into your world, which is a good thing.

For example, you could ask him for advice on how to deal with your boss at work or family members or confide in him about some personal problems.

Doing this will make him feel valued, good about himself, and he’ll appreciate you for it.

11. Don’t Be Shy About Telling Him You Miss Him

Nothing makes someone feel more appreciated than being told they are missed when you haven’t spoken for a while (even if it is just a few days).

It shows that you think about him even when he’s not around, and it will make him feel special.

It also gives you a chance to see what he says in response, which will give you a good idea of how interested he is in you.

12. Suggest a Time and Place to Meet Up

If you’ve been texting for a while and you want to take things to the next level, suggesting a time and place to meet up is a great way to do it.

It shows that you’re interested in him and you want to meet up in person, which is a good sign.

However, don’t be too pushy about it – if he’s not ready to meet up and he doesn’t jump at the chance, give him some more time.

13. Send Him Cute Goodnight Texts

Sending a guy a cute goodnight text is a great way to show him you’re thinking of him before you go to bed.

It’s also a good way to let him know you’re interested in him and you want to talk to him.

Goodnight texts can be short and sweet, or they can be long and romantic.

It all depends on your relationship and how you feel about him but it’s one of the best times to text someone to make them want you more.

14. Get Your Friends to Text Him Too

If you’re finding it difficult to say the right things to him or feel like you want to try a new angle, you could enlist the help of your friends.

This is even better if you have mutual friends as they’ll already know him, but it will work with just your friends.

Get them to text him and talk to him, kind of like putting in a good word for you and letting him know you like him without risking rejection yourself.

It’s similar to having your wing person go up to a guy in a club for you.

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15. Surprise Him

Everyone loves surprises – so surprising him with random texts, bits of information, and even sending him a small gift is a great way to show him you care.

Everyone wants to be with someone who is thoughtful and capable of springing nice surprises, so it’s definitely setting him up to want more from you.

These are just a few ideas on how to make a guy want you over text – try them out and see what works for you! Good luck!

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