How to Respond to a Flirty Text From a Guy (50+ Examples!)

How to Respond to a Flirty Text From a Guy

If you’ve received a flirty text from a guy and you like him, you need to be careful what you text him back.

Maybe you want to play hard to get, make it obvious you like him, or somewhere in between.

As long as you reply in the correct way, you can escalate the conversation to a place where you want it to go!

Here is a how to respond to a flirty text from a guy with a long list of examples you can use:

How to Respond to A Flirty Text from A Guy – 50+ Examples You Can Use!

“Hey gorgeous! You look great today :)”

  • Thank you! I was thinking the same thing about you 😉
  • Aww thank you, stop making me blush!
  • I wish I could take all the credit but my momma raised me right 😉

“You’re always so funny and witty, I love talking to you.”

  • I love talking to you too! You always make me laugh.
  • Thank you! I try my best to be funny, but sometimes I’m just a big dork.
  • Well you definitely succeeded in making me laugh! 🙂

“You’re so different from any other girl I’ve talked to.”

  • In a good way or a bad way? haha
  • I’ll take that as a compliment! Thank you.
  • Different can be good or bad, depending on the person. But I’m glad you think I’m different in a good way! 🙂

“Hey cutie, what are you up to today?”

  • Just hanging out with some friends, nothing too exciting. You?
  • I’m actually pretty bored, do you have any suggestions on what I can do?
  • I’m about to go for a run, but other than that I’m just relaxing.

“You’re always so busy! What are you up to this weekend?”

  • I’m actually free this weekend! I’m looking forward to just relaxing. You?
  • I’m pretty busy this weekend, but I’ll try to make some time for fun. You?
  • I have a few things planned, but nothing too exciting. I’m mostly just looking forward to catching up on sleep! lol

“Hey you! How’s your day going?”

  • It’s going good! I just finished up work and I’m about to head home. You?
  • It’s been a long day, but it’s almost over. Thank god! You?
  • So far so good! I’m just getting started on my to-do list for today. You?

“I’m just lying in bed, scrolling through social media. I’m bored out of my mind!”

  • Haha same! I need to find something to do.
  • Ugh, that sounds so boring. I feel you.
  • I hope you’re checking out my social media pages and liking my pictures!

“Hey, I was thinking about you earlier and wanted to text you :)”

  • I’m glad you were thinking about me! I was thinking about you too.
  • Aww, that’s so sweet! I hope you’re doing well!
  • What made you think of me? 🙂 

“I don’t know, I just woke up and your name popped into my head.”

  • That’s so cute! I love hearing that.
  • Aww, thank you! I hope you have a great day.
  • That definitely made my day! Thanks for thinking of me. 🙂

“Hey there! How are you?”

  • I’m doing well, thanks for asking! How about you?
  • Doing great, it’s better now I’ve heard from you!
  • I’m awesome, I was hoping I’d hear from you today. 

“Hey! I wanted to ask if you’re free this weekend. My friend is having a party and I thought you might want to come with me.”

  • I’m actually free this weekend! I would love to go with you.
  • Well, I did have plans…but I’d cancel to hang out with you.
  • Well, that depends on how much fun we’re going to have? 

“I’m listening to a song that reminds me of you and I wanted to share it with you.”

  • Oh, I would love to hear it! Send it my way.
  • What kind of song is it? Is it a good reminder or a bad reminder? haha 
  • That sounds really sweet, thank you for thinking of me. 🙂

“Guess what I’m thinking about and you win a prize ;)”

  • Is it something dirty? haha
  • I give up, what are you thinking about?
  • Hmm let me see if I can guess. Is it something to do with food? lol

“I had a dream about you last night….”

  • Oh, tell me about it!
  • What kind of dream was it? A good dream or a bad dream?
  • That sounds really interesting, I’m curious to hear more! 🙂

“I’m trying to work, but I can’t stop thinking about you!”

  • Aww, that’s so sweet. I’m thinking about you too!
  • I hope you’re able to get some work done despite thinking about me. haha
  • I can’t focus either when I’m thinking about you! 🙂

“What perfume were you wearing last time I saw you? I can’t stop thinking about it…”

  • I was wearing Chanel Chance, I’ll make sure I’m wearing it next time.
  • I’m glad you like it! I was hoping you’d notice.
  • Did it put you under a trance for me?

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What to Reply if You Don’t Want to Flirt?

If you’re not interested in the guy and you actually don’t want to flirt back or give him the impression you’re interested, it’s best that you make that clear.

Depending on what he texts you, you could say something like:

  • “I’m flattered, but I’m not interested in dating right now.”
  • “Thanks for thinking of me, but I’m cool.”
  • “I appreciate your interest, but I’m not looking to date right now.”
  • “I think you’re great, but I value how good of friends we are.”
  • “Are you really flirting with me? Haha, that’s so cool, but I’m not available right now.”

If you want to be more blunt, you could always just say “no” or “stop.”

But if you want to be a little nicer about it, the phrases above should do the trick. Remember, it’s okay to let a guy down easily. He’ll get over it and there are plenty of other fish in the sea for him.

Image credits – Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

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