17 Signs a Guy Likes You But Is Intimidated!

Signs a Guy Likes You but Is Intimidated

Getting mixed signals from a guy? Does it seem like he likes you, but won’t approach or tell you?

It’s likely that he’s either shy or more so intimidated by you in some way.

Want to know how you can tell and what you should do about it?

Here are X signs a guy likes you but is intimidated – see how many ring true for you!

17 Signs a Guy Likes You but Is Intimidated

He’s Always Around When You’re Around

If a guy is always around when you’re around, it’s likely because he’s interested in you and wants to spend time with you.

If he’s shy or intimidated, he may not know how to take the next step so he’ll stick close by until he gets up the courage – if that ever happens!

He Constantly Compliments You, but In a Shy Way

If a guy is constantly complimenting you, but in a shy way, it’s likely because he’s intimidated.

He may not want to come across as too forward or seem like he’s trying too hard, so he’ll give you compliments in a way that won’t make you uncomfortable.

He Never Makes Any Moves, Even When It’s Clear that You’re Interested

This is a frustrating one – you’re making it clear you like a guy, you know he likes you, but he just won’t make a move.

It’s likely that he’s shy or intimidated and doesn’t want to screw things up by making a mistake, so he’s going to need a little help!

He Avoids Eye Contact

If he looks away when you’re trying to make eye contact this is a sign that he feels embarrassed and/or intimidated by you.

Try looking back after you look away – I bet you often find he’s back catching a look at you!

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When He Talks to You, He Always Looks Down or Away

This ties in with not being able to make good eye contact, and it will be even more obvious when you’re speaking with him.

Look for him to look down and smile at you, this is a common way guys relieve the pressure of eye contact but show they’re listening and interested!

He Always Seems Very Nervous and Jumpy when He’s Near You

Does this guy ever jump or look surprised when he sees you or you talk to him? That’s not the actions of someone who is completely comfortable around you.

He may not want to mess up or say something wrong, so he’s going to be very jittery around you.

He Tries to Make Small Talk with You, but It’s Obvious that He Doesn’t Know What to Say

This is kinda cute because it shows you that he’s trying to get over his nervousness and make an effort to talk to you.

But if he’s so nervous that he can’t hold a normal conversation, it might backfire and make him even more hesitant to approach you again!

He’s Always Fidgeting

When a guy is fidgeting, it’s often because he’s feeling uncomfortable or shy in your presence.

If he likes you but is too nervous to make a move, his hand will nervously fidget and he will probably have sweaty palms.

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He Always Finds Ways to Touch You – Even if It’s Accidental

If he’s always finding ways to touch you, whether it’s an accidental brush of the arm or hand, or if he stands too close to you, it’s because he’s attracted to you.

Touching is a way for people to show comfort and intimacy, so if he’s touching you a lot, it’s because he wants to get closer to you!

When Other Guys Are Around, He Gets Really Competitive and Protective of You

If a guy starts getting really competitive and protective of you around other guys, it’s a strong sign that he secretly (or not so secretly) likes you.

He may not be ready to admit it to himself or to you, but he’s definitely into you!

He Invokes Jealousy in Others by Being Near You or Talking About You

When a guy is around you or talking about you to other people, and it causes jealousy in others, they can sense that he has feelings for you.

If you’re in demand and there are other guys competing for your attention, a little jealousy might bubble up!

He Always Tries to Find out About Your Personal Life

Has he been asking you – or others – about your personal life? Such as if you’re single, what kind of things you like, etc.

A guy who digs for personal information only does so because he’s interested in you, so take it as a compliment.

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He’s Always Asking You to Do Things One on One

If a guy is always asking you to do things one on one, it’s because he wants to get to know you better.

He may not be ready to ask you out on a date yet, but he’s definitely working up to it!

He Never Misses an Opportunity to Talk to You, Even if It Means Interrupting You

It might come across as rude if a guy keeps butting in and trying to get your attention, but it’s also a sign that he likes you.

He might be competing with the person you’re speaking to, or just so excited to talk to you he can’t help himself!

If There’s Something Wrong, You’re the First Person You Go to For Comfort

If a guy is always turning to you for comfort, it’s because he trusts and feels comfortable with you.

He may see you as a close friend, that’s possible. But it’s also possible he likes you in that way but can’t tell you.

You’ve Caught Him Staring at You Intensely a Few Times

Have you ever caught him staring at you intensely? It’s hard to deny that the reason he’s doing this is because he likes what he sees!

If you want to be the one to make the next move, let him know that you know he checks you out and see what he says.

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He’s Trying to Get Closer to Your Friends and Family

If a guy is trying to get closer to your friends and family, it’s because he wants to get closer to you but is too intimidated to approach you directly.

Friends are also a safe in-road. He knows they will be reporting back to you what he’s saying and how he feels, too.

In Summary

If most of these signs sound like what you’re experiencing with that certain guy, then it’s likely he likes you but is just too intimidated by you to make a move!

Don’t despair though – there are plenty of things you can do to help encourage him.

For starters, try being more approachable and relaxed around him. And, if you want to make the first move, let him know that you know he checks you out – oh, and tell him you’re really not that scary!

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